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Dec. 20th, 2015 06:01 pm
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Um, so yeah, I'm still around, hi!

I don't have a terribly appropriate icon at the moment for this. But I need to record my reactions a little. I saw The Force Awakens this morning with my sister and [ profile] iibnf (and many children, it was a 9:30am session, but pretty well-behaved, thankfully). Haven't really read any reviews/discussions yet, so this might be totally repetitive to what everyone is saying. And my thoughts are very scattered, if I try to make them coherent I'll never get around to posting.

Star Wars A Force Awakens - spoilers within, beware! )
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yo, here be massive spoilers for the mid-season finale of Teen Wolf that leaked.

seriously, lots of spoilers )

Iron Man 3

Apr. 25th, 2013 08:41 pm
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These are possibly incoherent thoughts, with all the spoilers in the world. DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE. I'M SERIOUS. Trust me, ok?

Iron Man 3 spoilers )
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So, you know (or those of you have drunk deep of the kool-aid) know there's lots of stories (I'm particularly thinking AUs) where Derek and Stiles meet, and Derek realises (sometimes, EVENTUALLY) that they are mates. Sometimes he pursues Stiles, sometimes he's in denial, sometimes there is pining, sometimes there are mate-finding festivals and so on. But I have a sudden deep need for a story where they meet, in an AU where werewolves are a known thing, and human!Stiles is like BOOM! WE ARE MATES AND I'M GONNA WOO THE SHIT OUT OF YOU. And Derek is like "fuck my life". And Laura, because I like stories where she's around (and maybe the rest of the family) are like lol.

Or am I crazy and just remembering story(ies) I've already read? Ok, those are two not mutually exclusive things.

Also, speaking of mates and Teen Wolf stuff, people who tend to like stuff I like should read this and wait with me for more :D

Meanwhile, both my nice boss and my unpleasant boss have been made redundant, and the CEO has announced retirement. No wonder I'm talking about this other stuff!!!
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Yo, what are some good examples of queerbaiting / slashbaiting fans (eg shows/TPTB try to have their cake and eat it too, by appealing to fans who want to see non-heterosexual characters/couples/storylines, but without actually, you know, making it canon)?

Looking for both specific stuff within narrative or external (interviews/cons/promos etc), any help appreciated :)
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[insert mandatory remarks about how I don't post here nearly often enough, and comments about the rapid passage of time]

So, the beginning of June, all I knew about Teen Wolf (the tv show, I'd seen the 80s movies of course) was that it wasn't very good but the guys were frequently shirtless (this knowledge mostly came from passing references on After Elton, I believe). Since I've never had a particular interest in werewolves, I had no reason to seek it out. Nothing particularly against them, but I rarely even read werewolf AUs in fandoms I like.

But then, [ profile] meelie pimped season 1 at Sinpozium (impression afterwards: still didn't look great, but the shirtless guys were frequently homoerotic with each other, and there were some potentially interesting things about the show). And I was like "hmmm, I dunno, I have many high or medium quality tv shows I should get around to finishing (or starting)." I poked at some fic that she and [ profile] alasen recommended, and then they somehow managed to make me come down sick soon after Sinpozium, and when I was off-work, I somehow decided it was a good idea to download and watch the entire of season 1 and the first two episodes of season 2 in one day (all that had aired thus far). 14 episodes of Teen Wolf in one day. I blame mind control, or possibly drugs. I did make use of the ffwd button for especially tedious Scott/Allison moments.

And my thoughts were becoming more specific: "this show has HUGE pacing problems", "some of this CGI makes Smallville look good", "oh my god, Scott is so boring and/or annoying, no wonder no one talks about him", "wow, Derek's life sucks SO MUCH", "why does Allison put up with Scott anyway?", "how is Lydia so fucking flawless?", "why isn't Danny in this show more?", "Martouf!", and most importantly, "STILES I LOVE YOU! WHY ARE YOU NOT THE MAIN CHARACTER!!1!"

But despite the fact that many of those are complaints, the season had ended strongly, and there was stuff I was intrigued by, and not just so I could keep up with show references in fanfic. Plus, I'd fallen for some of the characters (most especially Stiles (and his dad), Derek and Lydia). And the guys really are shirtless more often than not (except, tragically, Stiles).

The show is also very easy to just keep watching, despite the flaws, because it's basically all one on-going storyline. Episodes often pick up right where the last one left off (or cliffhangered), and the entire show has actually only taken place over a couple of months (when full moons are a plot point, its noticeable).

So I've kept watching, and 2x09 airs tomorrow. And now I'm fairly hooked on this show, in that I care about the characters and am genuinely interested in the plot. I'm...still not sure how that happened - I was just here for the porn!. But season 2 is just so much better than season 1, in terms of making the main character and his relationship sympathetic, in terms of plot and pacing, they've expanded the cast (it's still pretty damn white, but improvements are improvements), and I think their budget is bigger. I can't think of another show that I've seen improve so much, addresssing many of the major legit criticisms of itself. It's still not Buffy, but damn, it'd really like to be some of the time. Plus, there's canonical undercover-in-a-gay-bar.

And at this point, I'm just sitting back and enjoying the crazy ride that is the show's interaction with fandom. Because they not only acknowledge the major slash pairing, Derek/Stiles (it gets asked about it a lot by fans), they are now using videos of the actors cuddling to bribe fandom into voting for the show at the Teen Choice Awards - and it worked! And the out showrunner claims he is considering it within the show. I don't care, they can keep messing with us, so far, it doesn't make me uncomfortable the way show/fan interaction often does.

who is the damn Teen Wolf anyway, why is Beacon Hills obsessed with lacrosse, and other assorted illustrated factoids )

So, who else is watching it? I see you on twitter and/or tumblr (or at least I see it spreading amongst the Aucklanders like a plague). Talk to me about the wonder that is Stiles, or Lydia, or Derek's pecs, or whatever. (ps - am spending more time on my tumblr lately, but mostly just reblogging amusing Teen Wolf, Marvel-verse and Glee (plus misc assorted other) stuff that I want to keep.)

In conclusion:

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One of the many reasons I try to avoid spoilers - when you inadvertantly learn something interesting, that you can't wait to see, and your anticipation builds throught the week, you might be let down when it doesn't turn out as you thought.

Or you might be distracted from an otherwise good episode because you're waiting for something to happen WHICH NEVER DOES. And you realise it must be a spoiler from a future episode and you have to wait longer!!! >:(

Though it could be worse...the Glee alternative is to be let down when even after something gets used in promos, it gets left on the cutting room floor and isn't in the episode, and you only ever find out the context because fans raise thousands of dollars and buy the script at a charity auction. Glee >:(
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yay, I'm going to the last preview performance (day before the "real" performances begin, so they better have their shit worked out *g*) of Legally Blonde the Musical, with [ profile] alasen, [ profile] meelie and [ profile] eponymous. Tickets are only $70 for all seats, all preview performances (the ones I bought would normally be $120).

If it can be of use to anyone, the link to buy preview tickets is here.
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[ profile] labellementeuse asked if the video edits I'd made for Sinpozium were available online.

+ A bit of McKay/Sheppard nostalgia - 128 meg, 15:21 minutes, 16 clips from 8 episodes (from all 5 seasons)
zip password: penguin

+ Brief intro to the Donald Strachey movies and Don/Timmy - 147 meg, 9:41 minutes, 9 clips from all 4 movies
zip password: martini

I have video editing issues on my new computer, so these are collections of clips, numbered for the order they should run in, not 1 complete video.
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It seriously amazes me how quickly time goes between my posts here, it never feels like its been weeks (or months).

Not-so-new-anymore job is proceeding well, though we'll have to see once they double my responsibilites.

The weekend before last was Sinpozium, the annual (well, that's been 2 years in a row since the hiatus, so I guess its safe to call it that) Sydney slash gathering, which I help organise with [ profile] alasen, and I think it went pretty well. It's a small party of about twenty slashers this time (including a number of Kiwi visitors from across the ditch), hanging out, pimping fandoms and pairings, watching vids, reccing books and tech gadgets (and learning how to use the Tumblr thingy, for those of us a-scared of it) and eating and drinking. I had fun, and things went fairly smoothly (apart from scary adventures in the Carpark From Hell - no seriously, it looks like the setting for tortureporn movies).

Thank you so much to everyone who did pimps and talks and prepared games and participated and made it so great (aka EVERYONE). Thanks to everyone who helped me prepare my last-minute crowdsourced McKay/Sheppard nostalgia presentation. Clips from all 5 seasons, ran for about 15 minutes, and I nearly pimped myself back into rewatching the show making it :) I also did a little pimp on the Don Strachey movies + Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with RDJ and Val Kilmer (if you've never seen it, WHY NOT?)

My apologies to [ profile] arysteia and [ profile] blademistress for enduring my theories on the Sunday night whereby I made many Steve Rogers pairings into surprise!incest. [ profile] arysteia and I almost made it through the weekend without watching any Smallville (a minor miracle, as we always manage to end up watching it together, which generally results in yelling at Clarke and throwing things at the tv). But [ profile] blademistress said something about "at least they weren't soulbonded as babies" (context is unknown) so we just had to force her to watch Lineage from season 2, when wee!Clarke and newlybald!Lex meet for the first time!

I took Monday morning off work, and leaving 6 fans hanging out in my place without me at lunchtime was so hard. Why is being a grownup so sucky?

Last weekend was the long weekend, and Sunday/Monday were pefect staying home weather (cold and very very wet). [ profile] iibnf came over Sunday arvo/evening, and my sister hung out for half of Monday while we watched the first half of season 2 of Game of Thrones (really, my only problem with this show is the boring gratuitous sex - the relevant sex I don't mind, but there is some truly pointless stuff too). Saturday was a glorious winter's day though, sunny and mild. Family birthday lunch at a beach restaurant, where the view looked like this. I ate goat’s milk ricotta ravioli, and then dad and I had roasted suckling pig, with the most divine crackling I've ever had in my life (and I'm normally not a big fan). Afterwards, I vege'd at my parents place in the evening, napping a bit during the NZ/Ireland rugby game (we'd had some excellent Italian wine at lunch), and enjoying watching Australia win over Wales.

Fandom-wise: I've made my declaration that I will not be watching Glee next season, not whole episodes unspoiled. I just can't take being so angry and/or disappointed so often, and friends don't deserve to hear my constant ranting. I adore the cast (I would watch a show about them in a heartbeat) and still have love for some of the characters (and Kurt/Blaine), but no, I just can't do it. So I will wait for fandom to watch the episodes for me, and then check out performances/scenes (if any) that are deemed worthwhile (cause I'd be lying if I said I was leaving the whole fandom cold-turkey at this time). And if I start to feel tempted to actually watch it, simply reading an interview with Ryan Murphy will quickly put me right again.

I've seen Avengers twice, and love it. I'm desperately hoping the rumour about them releasing a director's cut of the film at cinemas in August is true. LET ME GIVE YOU MY MONEY. Reading a bit of fic, especially Tony/Steve, because THEIR LOVE STOPS CIVIL WARS (aka I've been learned in the comics highlights by [ profile] arysteia).

And thanks to the evil wiles of [ profile] meelie, and me having a day off work sick in the week after Sinpozium, and not feeling like watching any of the gazillion shows I need to catch up on, I watched the entire first season of Teen Wolf + first 2 episodes of season two. In a single day. 14 episodes of shirtless guys being frequently homoerotic at each other. It doesn't take as long as it sounds when you ffwd most of the scenes of the lead couple alone together (no one cares!). And now I have feelings about this frequently incoherently written show, which might get their own post! DAMN YOU MEELIE!!!1! And is it next Tuesday yet? There's a certain scene I'm greatly looking forward too...

Pop quiz!

May. 29th, 2012 06:46 pm
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What are your favourite McKay/Sheppard moments from SGA? This is important for science!
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As promised to [ profile] eponymous and [ profile] shinetheway:

+ BSB - 10,000 Promises (from A Night Out with BSB show)
Much better than the album version

(the NKOTBSB concert last night was great! So much fun, as the Boys always are)
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It's really fucking hard to have a conversation with someone who has seriously never heard of Buffy. And I don't think I could ever be friends with them.

Saw Avengers again last weekend. It remains awesome. We had yum cha beforehand, and Jeremy Simms was at the table next to us.

Going to see NKOTBSB tonight. I think I'd recognise about 2 or 3 New Kids songs at most, so this could be interesting.

I need to clean my apartment and figure out Sinpoz stuff. Only 1 week to go!


May. 19th, 2012 11:05 am
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Stayed up til 1am cause I was half-watching a crappy telemovie with Joel Morrow as a widower raising a daughter, who has to battle her wealthy biological father for custody. And I was so let down by the ending, cause BioFather eventually just gave in to RealDad, and I wanted to see him be humiliated in court.

And then I woke up before 6am. It's a weekend, gimme a break, body.

Last weekend was very rugby-heavy. Went out to a Super Rugby (big international comp between state/provincial teams) game on Friday night, and my team lost in a close game :( Then had a lovely Saturday afternoon out at a Sydney club game (crowd in the hundreds rather than 18,000 the night before) where my team won! And then Sunday night we watched an awesome Super Rugby game on tv where the Aussie team I was going for unexpectedly won. So much footy in 3 days.

At the club game, they had to repeat their page to a Robert Frost, asking him to come to the announcers booth. I told my dad "maybe he's taking the road less traveled by, and it's longer" and made my father groan, which is always a victory.

Saturday evening I damaged my car through stupidity, blargh. But turns out I won't lose my no-claim bonus insurance discount, I've just got to pay the excess, so kinda yay?

New job continues ok, though I'm not really looking forward to the office move we're making at the end of June.

My sister and I have been swimming 5 times in last 2 weeks, and we increased our distance swum (by a little) each time.

I need to pick up Adam Lambert's new album, I've only heard the singles. And I'm seeing NKOTBSB next weeked! Though I don't know if I know more than 1 NKOTB song, so that'll be interesting. Better pick up tix this week. I think this will be my 8th time seeing the Boys?

I've done a couple of loads of laundry, cleared out the fridge, watched the season finale of Criminal Minds (best it's been this season, and maybe last season too). And now I'm procrastinating about trying to make something for Sinpozium (only 2 weeks people!). I've got some more video editing software, lets see if this stuff will work.
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These pictures makes me happy :)

That VH1 host is writing fic in her head during the first picture. And it's like Adam's hair is what Chris's hair wants to be when it grows up.

And a gif of the hug.

(Is it normal for the next interviewee to come out during the end of the previous one? Or did the host just want to watch them hug? Hmmm...)


May. 7th, 2012 07:12 pm
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Does anyone have any recommendations for free personal budgeting/cash flow tracking programs?

I've decided I want to be a bit more organised about these things (which is kinda hilariously belated, given my job).

Now, where's my sister? She's supposed to be picking me up for us to go swim laps...
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[ profile] meelie and [ profile] pollymel - this definitely appears to be the original theatrical release of Star Wars on these dvds.
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Supernatural got renewed for an 8th season?

Oh god, it's the new Smallville, isn't it? It will never die a natural death...

(I'm happy for people still watching it, but I was just so thrown, because haven't they totally promised several different times that the current season would be the last one, like starting several seasons ago?)


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