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Had lunch yesterday over at my friends R and V's place. Corn and coriander soup, rice paper rolls and turkish lamb pizzas, with lots of fruit and pastries. SO GOOD.

I did that random wikipedia links to make a band and album meme, but cheated by skipping most ones that were boring people names etc. I think #14 would sample Message in a Bottle. #8 would be the biggest song off the album, and we'd get pretty sick damn quickly of people mispronouncing #9 and/or asking stupid questions about it. Also, while I kinda love the album title, I'd love it way more if it were Delphic Donkey.

Band name: Ramogen
Album title: Delph Donkey
1. Area code 912
2. The Newberg Graphic
3. VDL SB250
4. Littoraria
5. North American ice storm of 1998
6. Peter Bone
7. Bod Transmitter
8. Nineteen Propositions
9. Hymenochirus curtipes
10. Nottingham Outlaws
11. Emperor Wu of Han
12. The Key
13. The Secret Warning
14. Message in a Cell Phone
15. The 10 Year Limited Edition Anniversary Box Set
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Seriously, I truly thought nothing could have made today (yesterday? Thursday) better, after all the stuff on the way home from Brisbane.

I was so very very wrong.

Because the evening was spent at a club with a large number of AMAZING women (love you guys), and it included a performance from MCR's keyboardist James Dewees, in which he started out in a Santa outfit and ended up in a dress. And had MCR's new temp drummer, the very very hot and tiny Tucker from Thursday, on stage with him. As his slave, apparently. Wearing only underwear. And they were all over each other. I was right near the stage, and we got to grope Tucker a lot (especially during a failed crowdsurf attempt, in which I ended up holding him up by his ass, trying to keep him off the floor). But he was slippery, you see.

Because Ray fucking Toro had been pouring beer on the mostly-naked man, and generally encouraging all the shenanigans, feeding many drinks to them both (and himself), laughing his ass off, dancing to Kylie, possibly getting flashed by Tucker, taking many many many photos of the hijinks, and generally being the cherry on top of a mindblowing evening.

The aforementioned group of fangirls would like to know which deities we should be thanking for our good fortune, cause seriously, we're either dead, mass hallucinating or have slipped into an alternate reality where stuff like this happens!!!

There is a most lolarious picture of me with tiny drunken pixie Tucker, after which he apologised for his hand on my ass. I pointed out I'd hand my hands all over his ass earlier. We spoke to a very drunk James at one point too. Well, mostly his conversation with me was with my breasts, but it was entertaining.

Also, Matt Cortez is tiny, hot, and chatted up every hot blonde in the club. It was hilarious to watch :D Meanwhile, Ray ran away when the blondes tried for him. Quite literally.


Jun. 16th, 2003 12:24 pm
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I know it's only Monday, but who wants to do something this weekend? Felt like I haven't seen some people in ages, which may or may not be an accurate feeling. Of course, I am lacking in both ideas and the will to organise (situation normal for a while now *g*). Anyone else as slack as I am, and stil hasn't seen Matrix Reloaded? Or wants to see it again? Or something?

Edited to add: D'oh! I'm such an idiot! Getting together this weekend will probably be complicated by everyone trying to read Order of the Phoenix *g*.


Jun. 9th, 2003 05:50 pm
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Saturday was spent at [ profile] tboy's, got to catch up with her, [ profile] iibnf, [ profile] luthien67, [ profile] hnix, [ profile] sinbrat, [ profile] jack_danielson, [ profile] lilacdeity, [ profile] ausmac, and meet a friend of [ profile] tboy's who I don't think has an lj. Also watched parts of the rugby test during this gathering *g*. Had a lovely time, showed [ profile] tboy some Sentinel songvids she hadn't seen before, got fed yummy food, and managed to leave my wallet behind! Didn't realise this until I was almost home. Oh, and I got interrogated by [ profile] tboy and [ profile] jack_danielson on Saturday night. If they remember the conversation, I wouldn't put too much weight on my answers as a) I didn't really want to be talking about it, b) I'm not terribly introspective about this and c) my opinions often change. I'm still baffled as to how I come across so differently online to real life (and honestly, I never really got what you guys meant by this) when I feel I've barely been participating online in the last 6 months or more, but whatever *g*. I'll be double-guessing everything I post (or don't) from now on, though!

Luckily, was heading out that way again on Sunday, to visit [ profile] alasen's place for sparkly fest. Had picked up [ profile] sinbrat and [ profile] hnix, and got random breath tested. At midday. For only the second time in the 8 years I've been driving, and the first time was only a couple of weeks ago. Only nerve-wracking part to this, as I haven't had anything to drink in a week or two, was that I didn't have a current license on me, only an old one that I dug out. But I didn't need it. But we stopped by and picked up my wallet, and pinched some toast, then met up with [ profile] alasen, [ profile] meelie, [ profile] eponymous and [ profile] ammonium. Footage was watched and squeed over, board games were sort of played and mocked, and stories were discussed and read aloud. Fortunately, I'd prepared for the contingency of staying at the HoF, cause we didn't leave until 3am. Then we didn't get to be until 6am, as we puppy-piled on [ profile] hnix's bed and talked and stuff. I crept out at 10am, only disturbing Sin, and came home and veged in front of the Tony Awards, live on cable. Then I got dragged out to look at bathroom tiles, which wasn't as bad as it sounds.

So tired. So very, very tired. However, I am not so tired to thinking how crazy the guys look answering inaudible questions on the Atlantis satellite interviews footage doesn't amuse the hell out of me. And Chris playing with the bobbles on his hat! Justin and JC playing with the bobbles on Chris's hat. Lance chuckling away when Justin declares that "Tim McGraw is married. And we like girls." Our falling off the couch when Justin says that. Justin's compulsive pants fiddling. Joey's inability to speak. JC kicking the back of Chris's chair. It all amuses me. A lot. But Lance's overuse of the word intimate was not amusing. Except when he was talking about Tim McGraw.

And Nick footage was squeed over, and various award shows, and For The Fans, and stuff I can't remember now.


May. 27th, 2003 09:57 pm
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Belated thanks to [ profile] lydia_petze for having us up to her place for a fun get-together last weekend. Hope the cats have recovered!
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There is trackwork on the Newcastle line this weekend - there will be buses between Hornsby and Wyong, so the timetable will be different. For details, see here.
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We should do something this weekend, however, I have no ideas to suggest, and am still coughing all over the place. But I remain optimistic that I will be fit to be sociable this weekend!
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Friday night - House of Fen.
Saturday afternoon and night - [ profile] lilacdeity's place.
Sunday afternoon and night - House of Fen.

Saw many people, watched a variety of stuff (incl heartbreaking anime), ate lots, had a lot of fun, and said goodbye to [ profile] ukcalico, who is heading home today. Gonna miss her :( Hope the trip goes well, hon.

Definitely going to have to invade [ profile] lilacdeity again, she's got a nice setup for gatherings :)
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No wonder I have three substantial story ideas. I'm too fricking busy (between work, job hunting and sundry other stuff) to write!

Please let the phones be quieter at work tomorrow, maybe then I could get started on the sparkly/sg crossover *g*.

Took [ profile] ukcalico out on Pittwater yesterday. It was a gorgeous day, the water was clear, calm and nice temperature, we saw penguins and pelicans, beaches and coves and lagoons, and we went tubing. So of course, since I'm unfit, my shoulders are a little sore today :)
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Ooops, missed it, it was a couple of days ago. 1 year, 273 posts, over 800 comments made and received. This has been a lot of fun :)

As was last night! [ profile] ukcalico, [ profile] calemiri, [ profile] veronamay, [ profile] iibnf, [ profile] alasen, [ profile] meelie, [ profile] eponymous, [ profile] sinbrat and [ profile] hnix came over and much noise and laughter was heard. Entertainment included extended making of TTT, E!News (and the mocking there of), MTV, watching random things with no sound, checking out Paul McGann's immovable buttocks of steel, 80's music videos, and thoroughly confusing ukcalico by watching Best Bits of the Late Show! And this was the first time [ profile] eponymous met most of us, particularly en masse. We are loud, but she seemed to cope well. And at midnight I started pointedly saying subtle things like, "Go away! Don't you people have homes to go to? Leave!" Just to make sure that the ones who had to train it home didn't miss the last one, of course :)

And I now have another plot bunny, which I scribbled down a couple of (very small) pages of notes about before I went to sleep last night :)
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They gutted the bathroom.

Well, they kind of have to, to be able to re-do it completely, but still...this was my childhood bathroom. We haven't done any major renovation in my memory, so I've never seen part of my home looking like this.

Everything is gone, vanity, toilet, shower, bath, tiles, walls...everything!

And oddly, it looks smaller.

But within a few weeks - a new bathroom. With a shower we can use, non-water damaged vanity unit, and a bath large enough for an adult to actually immerse more than 10% of their body at any one time.

Had dinner and much fun conversation with [ profile] eponymous and [ profile] ukcalico last night. I now remember why I don't go out in North Sydney much - the drunk assholes that appear after 10:30pm. Though we got to watch the cops manhandle one away, which was entertaining.

I'm blaming these plotbunnies that attacked me on the way home on them, by the way :)
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Sydneysiders - let's do something this weekend!

Having said that, I'm fresh out of inspiration :( I'd suggest a picnic, but that's so dicey. Maybe just all go to Passionflowers in the city? They don't seem to mind if we sit and yap for hours. It kind of depends on numbers of people interested, too.

If anyone comes up with an idea, I'll post to slasher_in_aus and ASA about it :)


Mar. 17th, 2003 02:33 pm
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Had lunch yesterday with the lovely and generous [ profile] eponymous. Talked her ear off (bad me *g*), and in return, she shared some of the most wonderful sparkly stuff. Thank you :)

And hnix was right - I've upgraded divx and the Angel ep plays!

Read another book at work today - I wish they'd either give me more to do, or that I had net access *yawn*.
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And autumn is here.

Or at least until we have a heatwave again, which could happen. Silly climate.

Had a lovely time this weekend, with (at various times) [ profile] iibnf, [ profile] hnix, [ profile] calemiri, [ profile] sinbrat, [ profile] lilacdeity, [ profile] tboy, [ profile] alasen, [ profile] meelie, and of course our special interstate visitor, [ profile] out_there.

Got to watch Weird Al, Late Show, Goodies, The Olden Days, Young Americans (a small dose) and much other goodness. Really enjoyed Sherrie's anime (though the coke and chocolate had kicked in by a later part, and it was non stop giggles).

It was great to meet [ profile] out_there, and I hope she enjoys the West Wing tapes :)

Hope those who were involved had a great time at the Mardi Gras parade. It's amazing to think how much has been achieved in the 25 years since the first protest march, and sobering to remember that there's still a way to go.

I did love the guys dressed up as Mounties. Always get their man, indeed *g*.


Dec. 20th, 2002 05:52 pm
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Might have to modify plans for lunch on Sunday, and find somewhere inside to eat, since it's gonna be pretty damn hot that day.

On an unrelated note, anyone up for coming over for a swim and hanging out tomorrow afternoon? (I'm in Roseville, and can pick up from the station, for those who haven't been here before *g*).


Dec. 18th, 2002 02:27 pm
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Calico would love to go out for drinks and a bit of a taste of the Sydney club scene. I'm not the best person to ask about stuff like that, but would go along (other stuff permitting). Anyone up for drinks before Christmas?
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There's a Brit slasher, Calico, in town who'd like to meet the Sydney mob (lord only knows why *g*). There's a spot down in Cockle Bay that we went to after having dinner at the mongolian bbq place, where there's a bunch of different takeout places (and a bar) around a courtyard with seating. Anyone know if those places would be open during the day on the weekend? Cause I was thinking that would be a nice place to go, choice of eating places (and a change from yum cha) and we could linger for as long as we liked.

This Sunday or next would work for me. Anyone else? Or next Friday night maybe, if we can't find a convenient day? Of course, will have to find out from Calico when is good for her :)


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