Jun. 5th, 2008 06:19 pm
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Barring any disastrous exam-failing, I have done my last lecture and tutorial at university! \o/

All I've got left is three exams! Oh...eeeeeeeep! :(
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Awww, couple of photos from Frank and Jamia's wedding :)

This is totally porn-for-fans: Ray lying on a bed, playing guitar.

Suddenly, my Firefox is not displaying comments threaded properly, some of the time. I'm so confused.

A two page summary of a fourteen page article? I can do it in two sentences - This is an impenetrable, densely written pile of wanky bullshit. Do not want.

Seriously, I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to write two pages on it for Thursday (I've done the other questions for that tute), I could barely stay awake reading it.
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So sleepy. But I worked 12-8pm, and then I was still awake reading after 11, so I decided to stay awake and enrol in classes at midnight when it opened (I want good tutorial times *g*). But all I get are these sad words as I refresh: Due to excessive load eStudent is currently unavailable.

Ack, if it's this busy now, it'll be damn busy in the morning too, so I may as well stay up now and keep trying (I'm not working tomorrow). Perhaps I'll put together a picspam or something to keep myself awake.

ETA: hurray, I got through! Am now dithering whether to have one of my tutorials on Wed or Thurs, despite having been looking at the possible timetable combinations for ages before this. I kinda suck.

Glad I am doing this now, some of the tutorials that are on at my desired times are already full.
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I'm seriously thinking about buying the deluxe edition of Pretty. Odd. Someone come and talk me out of it. Though since the FBR store won't let me access the deluxe edition, I may be saved already. Nope, seems they do want me to take my money. ARGH, decisions. ETA: store still dead. LET ME MAKE AN IMPULSE BUY!

Speaking of Panic, I'm hoping that y'all have as non-stressful and successful ticket-buying experiences as possible. Abusing alcohol will not help - it'll just slow you down when you're trying to buy.

My exam this morning went...adequately. I'll be surprised if I fail, will be surprised if I do better than a pass.

Excuse me while I go listen to Nine in the Afternoon again. And again.
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I haven't been posting much cause I've got nothing to say really. Have an exam on Tuesday for the summer session subject I've been doing for last couple of weeks. Study is only going so-so. Kill me now etc etc.

Thought for the day: in the making of The City is at War video (and photos and other stuff), Gabe is seen licking at the pies. I bet those things aren't vegan. Naughty Gabe.
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A self-portrait at this particular moment in time, through the medium of cat macros.

Anyone want to write me 1-2 pages on the significance, reasoning behind and design of the Simplified Tax System for small businesses? No? Eh, can't blame you.

It's due Monday, but I'm trying to make myself get it done today so I've got tomorrow for general study for this subject.
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Exams are over, woot \o_ (can't manage a two arm salute, things aren't that exciting).

Heroes watched - want more of the song, dammit!!!

Watching new House on tv before having time to download, bizarre...
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My mood-swings (between depressed and apathetic) are so fast it's practically making me dizzy, I'm 95% sure I failed my Accounting 310 exam (the other 5% is stupid naivety), and things are just generally pretty fucked up in my head at the moment. I've got a post half-written going into more detail about this, but a) I'm an emotional coward, don't think I can actually bring myself to post it, and b) depending on my mood, I want to punch myself in the head when I read it.

One more exam to go - corporations law, tomorrow afternoon. At least I don't think I failed micro economics.

The one bright spot this morning - Forever, Now is finished. If you haven't been reading this amazing AU (Brian takes in a couple of kids, Gerard and Mikey, who he finds living on the streets), now is the time to rectify this. I'm so ridiculously in love with this universe and the way [ profile] harriet_vane writes everyone, especially the kids and most especially tiny Frank.


Nov. 23rd, 2002 02:28 pm
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Had my graduation last night, in at the Tatersall's Club in town. Nicer function place than I expected, overlooking Hyde Park. It was a nice evening actually, better than I was expecting. Caught up with some people, spoke to my instructors, got given my diploma.

In some ways, I'm prouder of this one than my bachelor degree, cause I failed there. Failed to get into 4th year, only got a BSc instead of BPsych(Hons) or something more. Eh, bygones.

Got a job interview on Monday! Junior position at a place in Lane Cove.
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I'm doing my last exam for my degree tomorrow.

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Did my second last exam for my course yesterday, Java Programming 2. Thought it didn't go well, as while I put an answer for everything, some of the short programs I wrote weren't complete and didn't work, due to me forgetting stuff I should have known, and being rushed for time. Was hoping for a B (80-85%), by figuring that I'd lose marks here and there, but should get some marks for what I had done for those questions.

Got the results back today.

Got 100% (A+).

In a moment of painful honesty, pointed out to the instructor that I *knew* I'd made mistakes, and that maybe the person who marked it didn't pick up on it (as it was one of the other instructors who isn't very strong on Java). Bob flicked through it and said that Peter would have marked it directly from the marking schema, and that obviously I'd included everything that was worth marks for the questions, even if I didn't get some of them working.

Am very happy with this, if stunned :)

Now I only have one subject left, Java Programming 3, and the group project from hell (which I really should be working on at the moment!)


Jun. 21st, 2002 04:06 pm
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The group project from hell has officially gotten worse.

I will not being getting any work done on my current module this weekend, as I will be re-writing our feasibility study.

Kill. Me. Now.
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I'm apologising in advance if, over the next ten weeks, I'm slow to reply to emails, reluctant to go out very much, and don't post anywhere often.

I have to finish my course by the end of July, and there's a lot to do by then, including the group project from hell and my elective.

The deadline is to a) finish on time and b) I'm going skiing the first week of August which makes running over a little rather messy. But deadlines and pressure are good, they make me work (and probably get attacked by voracious plot bunnies from hell, if I'm true to form *g*)


Apr. 9th, 2002 10:11 am
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Got my lowest mark so far for my Intro to Java exam. This means, out of the 4 languages I've done the introductory modules on, my performance was best in Visual Basic, then COBOL, then C, then Java. And what am I considering for my elective? Java, then C, then VB, then COBOL.


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