I did it!

May. 17th, 2003 10:36 pm
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It involved a lot of sitting around on my ass, and occasional lapses in interest and concentration, but I've not only finished S4 of Angel, but I'm up to date with Buffy as well.

Word to the wise - anyone who spoils me for the finale is *deadmeat*.

This icon isn't terribly appropriate at this point, but its my only Buffyverse one :)
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Well, up to half way through 4.17 "Inside Out", which is where I am.

Those unfortunates ([livejournal.com profile] hnix, for one) who have heard me rant on and on (and on...) about how much I loathed where S3 of Angel went, and what they did to the characters, knows I had some serious issues with the show. S4 has been ok, but only really started to kick into gear once they started to explain some of my problems, exactly how I wanted them to!

spoilers )

Go team me!

May. 2nd, 2003 10:07 pm
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Have caught up with Australian tv on Angel :) Am still barely ahead on Buffy. Yeah, having cable modem has really enabled me to keep up with the US *g*.

Edit: am now 1 ahead on Angel! Want to watch more, but will be sensible and go get some sleep instead :)


Feb. 26th, 2003 11:25 am
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Just got further spoilt for Buffy. My own fault for reading someone's wishlist for next season on Angel, but still...grrrrrr.
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The S3 dvds of Angel are being released in March, and they've got audio commentary for 'Billy", "Lullaby" and "Waiting in the Wings".

"Billy" is vile, "Waiting in the Wings" is one of the single worst episode of Angel or Buffy ever, and I can't even remember "Lullaby", but it's part of the (yawn) baby-arc.

I mean, if you're gonna try and justify and explain away your crap, try "Tomorrow". Sweet lord, people. I don't know about the other seasons of Angel, but on the Buffy dvds, they tend to do commentarie on the GOOD episodes. I know that's hard with S3, but you could at least try,
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Really enjoyed the last few eps of the season, and overall, I give a thumbs up to S6. Am kinda looking forward to the finale for Angel, it sounds craptacular and mucho worthy for mocking. Came across a brilliant post on TWoP of something Joss Whedon posted about S7 of Buffy (some spoilers for finale).

Why I still love Joss )
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"Buffy" was good this week, Willow and Tara were absolutely adorable (which is possibly without being saccharine, apparently a lesson the "Angel" writers haven't learnt).

"The West Wing" was very good, though I cringed through some of Sam's stuff (painful, but not in a crappy way), but was happy he got screen time.

"Angel" was better than last week. Which is damning with faint praise. My sister is probably going to refuse to watch it with me anymore, due to my stream of abuse directed at most of the characters. Everyone but Wesley and Groo are on my shit list. Even Lilah because )
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(cause no one has done that before, right? *g*)

..."Angel" crap, "Buffy" pretty (good, that it).

Though at least with all the ffwding I did, it didn't take me too long to watch "Double or Nothing".

QAF US...I'll give it a bit of time. Maybe once they stop remaking the UK version and strike out on their own it'll improve. Brian Kinsey is no Stuart Alan Jones though, that's for sure.
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...but I really wish they'd hurry up and have something happen on "Angel".

Loyalty )
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Because I'm very disappointed with Gunn at the moment. Not any of Wesley's business, my ass. The end of the episode was good, the rest was kind of lame.

But I was cheered up, because the West Wing episode rocked! Good use of all the characters, some favourite recurring characters popping up, good characterisation, interesting plots.

Of course, now that WW has gotten good again, there's 4 weeks with no new eps (soccer then tennis). Grrrrr.
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I worship Shrift for making a silk purse out of the sow's ear that is "Angel" lately, with her amazing story "Comfortable".

Some good Smallville rec sites can be found at the links page at the slash archive, as well as lots of other usefl SV sites.

[livejournal.com profile] basingstoke has 2 interesting "Attack of the Clones" snippets up on her livejournal, one serious one about Anakin, and one not so serious Sith Academy-esque piece.

A Smallville WIP called Trousers of Time has got me hooked with it's intriguing premise.

And it turns out Andariel doesn't post all of her SV stuff to the archive.
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Ok, I'm very close to giving up on "Angel". Watching a once-favourite show shouldn't make me disappointed and depressed. Am considering going and reading spoilers to see if there's any reason to stick around.

On the bright side, West Wing was quite enjoyable. My snarkier version of the 4 words - Fitzwallace is a Republican.
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This includes some vague spoilers for both shows.

I was discussing this with [livejournal.com profile] sinbrat last night. Not parallel's so much in terms of specific characters or storylines, but in quality and the lack thereof.

This is all my opinion, and my reactions to them, naturally.

Both shows had a very strong first season (when so often first seasons have teething problems), with a very high number of rewatchable eps.

Both shows ditched a character that was in the S1 opening credits (Doyle and Mandy).

Both shows had mixed success with S2. WW started very strongly (ITSOTG), but got crappy for a while, before coming good. In Angel's case it was a up and down the whole way through. Both have problems in that they build up storylines well, but don't resolve them well/wrap them up too quickly. Angel is particularly bad at this (see Dar.

Both shows have had a marked downturn in S3. They're still watchable, but there's less substance to them. Rather than being caught up in an ep, I'll be enjoying it for the little things. And episode shouldn't be made enjoyable by Russell Crowe jokes and slashy moments, while the rest of the plot has me going 'what the fuck?' They should be the icing, not the sum total of good stuff.

The actors are still giving their all, but the writing is just not up to scratch on either show.

Both shows have had new female characters (whom most people don't like) thrust into the cast and into uninteresting relationships with a lead male (which is boring most fans). Other relationships, especially slashy ones, have been reduced/virtually eliminated.

Aaron Sorkin is an arrogant asshole. I'm not so sure about Greenwalt and Minear.
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Good "West Wing" last night (once Nine eventually showed it). In one of life's fun little coincidences, I was pondering various WW thoughts, including Sam/Josh-ness, put the radio on, and the Linkin Park song that was used in a Sam/Josh songvid was playing. Well, I found it amusing.

No "Angel" ep though, so my brain filled in with a Buffy-verse dream that had people sailing to places to fight other people, wacky adventures in Hong Kong, bush fires, and many other things I can't clearly remember now. Wesley and Spike got all the good lines though, I do remember that :)
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No "Angel" this week due to unnecessary coverage of Queen Mum's funeral. Unnecessary because ABC and Nine are doing it live, so the point of Seven's delayed highlights eludes me. And this means NSW and QLD will be six days behind the southern states with Angel, rather than 1 day in front. They don't miss the AFL show that's on Tuesday night though, of course not, the funeral is after that.

Fuckers. Seven that is, not everyone in the southern states :)


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