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I've been on livejournal six years tonight. Six years since I gave in to this new-fangled fad and got a code from someone in IRC on Squidge.

Livejournal really changed the way I participated in fandom. While I'm not saying it is superior in every way to mailing lists and usenet, I've found myself far more personally involved and connected than I did on them (though how much of that is lj and how much is me is debateable, of course. IRC played quite a role in that before lj for me).

Of course, I've tracked good points in my life, and not so good (and overall, how little I've managed to progress my life in important ways, whoops).

I've been through a bunch of fandoms in those six years, though pop has been the dominant one, as I got into that in late 2002. (If you'd told me that six years ago, how important an RPF fandom would be for me, I wouldn't have believed you.)

But of course it's the people who've made lj special, the people I've gotten to know and the friends I've made, all around the world.

Journal entries: 2,162
Comments - Posted: 26,848

[The only other time I've remembered to note the anniversary was after two years. At which point I was at 565 journal entries, and posted 3,599 comments.]

Gotta use this icon, it's been my default for about half the time I've had my journal - I made it in January 2005, and it became my default a little while after that. I've never had the heart to rotate it out :)
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Uploaded for [ profile] turloughishere, so might as well post here.

+ MCR - I Don't Love You music video - 34.6 meg

Yes, it's incredibly dodgy that LJ are censoring the list of most popular interests. However, looking at the list of most popular interests, I discovered something interesting (to me): Taking Back Sunday are the most popular band on livejournal! More people list them as an interest than Nirvana or The Beatles. Brand New is about 30,000 behind, but still up there on the list, and ahead of MCR (but The Used beat them both).

I'm pouting that due to Easter and my not being organised, I'm going to be at work tomorrow. Sometimes, I'm home on Tuesdays, SO I COULD HAVE BEEN HERE FOR THE "LEAK" OF PRETTY. ODD. ON MTV. But no, I'll be at work for at least half a day. Then I need to come home and finish some tute questions and completely rewrite my resume.
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Hallelujah, my Firefox has decided to start displaying LJ again correctly (it wasn't threading comments properly, which made them virtually unreadable). I don't mind occasionally using IE, but I'm so glad to switch back.

Another interesting quirk my Firefox has (or my lj layout, I don't know) is with embedded videos. I often have to go into someone's post to see what video they're actually trying to link to, because in my friendspage view, it'll display a video that someone else posted and I watched. A week ago. And since then, every video will display as that one. So for ages, I was getting cognitive dissonance everytime because it appeared that non-pop people kept posting baby BSB footage. But no, they were posting something else, but it'd display as that.

So this afternoon, I was very confused (but amused!) that Travis was posting that a typical Saturday for him was...a video of The Cab from SXSW. Of course, it turns out that a typical Saturday is actually watching Eddie Murphy with Hemingway, so that's sweet too. I'm a little confused by his post before that - was the fire in his room in Pete's place? Is Pete a pyro who tries to lure friends into having to share his bed by setting fire to the guest room?

Watching behind-the-scenes videos from FOB tours often makes me feel like I'm watching the sado-masochistic love affair of Charlie and Dirty. "C'mon, just one punch".

Today, [ profile] iibnf and I checked out a cool little exhibit about the poorly-named Rum Rebellion against Governor Bligh. Why that gets the focus, when the trigger was actually about property rights (an even more quintessentially Sydney obsession than booze), escapes me. The Moran Portrait Prize and Photographic Prize exhibits were pretty good too. Then we visited [ profile] tapedeck, and then had a little yum cha. Oh, and we accidentally ended up in a St Patricks Day picnic area (we were so confused why we had to have our bags checked just to walk through Hyde Park).
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Awww, couple of photos from Frank and Jamia's wedding :)

This is totally porn-for-fans: Ray lying on a bed, playing guitar.

Suddenly, my Firefox is not displaying comments threaded properly, some of the time. I'm so confused.

A two page summary of a fourteen page article? I can do it in two sentences - This is an impenetrable, densely written pile of wanky bullshit. Do not want.

Seriously, I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to write two pages on it for Thursday (I've done the other questions for that tute), I could barely stay awake reading it.
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I'm working on the epic project of tagging all my old entries. Yes, I am really slow at getting around to this (and it would probably be better if I wasn't making them up without really thinking about useability). Perhaps I was putting it off cause I realised what a bummer it'd be, because a) I'm boring (particularly the months where most of my fannish content was going elsewhere, b) it's depressing seeing that I've not accomplished much in five years, c) kind of weird to see conversations with people you've lost touch with and d) confusing.

Confusing, like when I came across a private locked entry with a popslash plot bunny in it, that I can't remember what the hell I was thinking about. Apparently it was Chris/Nick becoming Chris/JC and Howie/Nick. Clearly my cryptic notes meant something to me at the time.

"So, have you figured it out? Are you happy yet?"

Chris considered the question for a long moment, then answered truthfully, "No. But I can see it from here."

Nick smiled. "Now you're getting it."
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Ok, I'm a lazy idiot. After years and years of the same S1 layout to my lj, it's time to embrace S2 and start using various features that I like in other peoples' journals, but have never got around to using here.

I can find various styles/layouts I kind of like, but have no idea how to customise it to what I want (mostly - simple, uncluttered, fairly uncolourful, with useful things down the side), and I'm so intimidated and overwhelmed by what I'm reading.

Help? Is there an S2 expert who could hold my hand and walk me through this?
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The wonderful [ profile] adelate has made a gorgeous sparkly boys (all ten!) mood theme.

So [ profile] hnix's wonderful Invisible Man theme will have to go on hiatus. It has served well, and will be back :)

Got a lift home from work from my boss tonight. Will hopefully go swimming in an hour. Went swimming twice last week, doing 2 more laps the second time (750m the first time, 800m the second). Keeping my fingers crossed that I can buy a pair of goggles tonight, was nearly blind from the chlorine after both swims.

Seem to have lost some of my pronouns. Will probably be using semi-random moods to show off pretty pictures, for a while *g*.
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Ooops, missed it, it was a couple of days ago. 1 year, 273 posts, over 800 comments made and received. This has been a lot of fun :)

As was last night! [ profile] ukcalico, [ profile] calemiri, [ profile] veronamay, [ profile] iibnf, [ profile] alasen, [ profile] meelie, [ profile] eponymous, [ profile] sinbrat and [ profile] hnix came over and much noise and laughter was heard. Entertainment included extended making of TTT, E!News (and the mocking there of), MTV, watching random things with no sound, checking out Paul McGann's immovable buttocks of steel, 80's music videos, and thoroughly confusing ukcalico by watching Best Bits of the Late Show! And this was the first time [ profile] eponymous met most of us, particularly en masse. We are loud, but she seemed to cope well. And at midnight I started pointedly saying subtle things like, "Go away! Don't you people have homes to go to? Leave!" Just to make sure that the ones who had to train it home didn't miss the last one, of course :)

And I now have another plot bunny, which I scribbled down a couple of (very small) pages of notes about before I went to sleep last night :)


Feb. 26th, 2003 01:57 pm
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New mood theme :)
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Ok, I've upped my icons to ten. I'm looking around at mood themes (any suggestions?). I'm bugging [ profile] hnix to design me nifty graphics for my lj. What else can I do with a paid account?

Oooh, I know, I could post 20 times a day! ;)
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never go away again!

God, I'm addicted to this site.

Job interview was odd. I think they're looking for someone with more experience than a graduate, but then again, they don't really know what they are looking for, since they haven't decided what language the new app is going to be written in. Kinda hope they don't offer me the job, cause I'll take it, and I'm not sure if I can do it.

Happy Birthday t'boy!

May your dreams be full of hot naked men (preferably resembling Michael Rosenbaum and Garrett Maggart)!
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I was going to bed, but I ended up playing with the colours of my livejournal for an hour. Thanks to [ profile] iibnf for showing me how to load a background, and change comments and stuff. Do tell me what doesn't work, you can probably tell that design is not my area of expertise.
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I'm at work, but instead of sorting and counting coupons, I'm playing with the settings on this instead. Friends with lj accounts beware, I'm going to be picking your brains about this thing :)
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...for me anyway, as I belatedly jump on the livejournal bandwagon and attempt to figure out how to work this thing.

This is ground control to Major Tom...


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