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Both of these are stolen from [ profile] _lolapalooza:

* Adlercast interview with Pete and Patrick - part 1, part 2 and part 3.
One of my new favourite interviews. Not very long, but full of goodness and hilarity and talk about monkey orgasms and Mikey Way's tshirts and gun laws (...not all at the same time though).

* KarmaloopTV on tour with Gym Class Heroes - if someone could guarantee I could watch Travis, Gabe and Ryland sing Bohemian Rhapsody at AK47 together, complete with Gabe molesting Ryland (and Gabe and Travis cracking each other up and cuddling at other times), I'd buy a fucking plane ticket to NY today. Not that it would be my only reason, but could tip me over into going right now rather than at some sensibly planned point in the future.


Aug. 9th, 2003 09:40 pm
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I just listened to the first half of Chris's radio appearance, courtesy of [ profile] ja and [ profile] eisakay.

Just when I think I can't love this guy anymore than I do *happysigh*. Despite having read the great transcripts that [ profile] ja did, I was still killing myself laughing. Can't wait to hear the Howie stuff. Maybe I'll got put real player on the laptop so I can...



Jun. 9th, 2003 05:50 pm
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Saturday was spent at [ profile] tboy's, got to catch up with her, [ profile] iibnf, [ profile] luthien67, [ profile] hnix, [ profile] sinbrat, [ profile] jack_danielson, [ profile] lilacdeity, [ profile] ausmac, and meet a friend of [ profile] tboy's who I don't think has an lj. Also watched parts of the rugby test during this gathering *g*. Had a lovely time, showed [ profile] tboy some Sentinel songvids she hadn't seen before, got fed yummy food, and managed to leave my wallet behind! Didn't realise this until I was almost home. Oh, and I got interrogated by [ profile] tboy and [ profile] jack_danielson on Saturday night. If they remember the conversation, I wouldn't put too much weight on my answers as a) I didn't really want to be talking about it, b) I'm not terribly introspective about this and c) my opinions often change. I'm still baffled as to how I come across so differently online to real life (and honestly, I never really got what you guys meant by this) when I feel I've barely been participating online in the last 6 months or more, but whatever *g*. I'll be double-guessing everything I post (or don't) from now on, though!

Luckily, was heading out that way again on Sunday, to visit [ profile] alasen's place for sparkly fest. Had picked up [ profile] sinbrat and [ profile] hnix, and got random breath tested. At midday. For only the second time in the 8 years I've been driving, and the first time was only a couple of weeks ago. Only nerve-wracking part to this, as I haven't had anything to drink in a week or two, was that I didn't have a current license on me, only an old one that I dug out. But I didn't need it. But we stopped by and picked up my wallet, and pinched some toast, then met up with [ profile] alasen, [ profile] meelie, [ profile] eponymous and [ profile] ammonium. Footage was watched and squeed over, board games were sort of played and mocked, and stories were discussed and read aloud. Fortunately, I'd prepared for the contingency of staying at the HoF, cause we didn't leave until 3am. Then we didn't get to be until 6am, as we puppy-piled on [ profile] hnix's bed and talked and stuff. I crept out at 10am, only disturbing Sin, and came home and veged in front of the Tony Awards, live on cable. Then I got dragged out to look at bathroom tiles, which wasn't as bad as it sounds.

So tired. So very, very tired. However, I am not so tired to thinking how crazy the guys look answering inaudible questions on the Atlantis satellite interviews footage doesn't amuse the hell out of me. And Chris playing with the bobbles on his hat! Justin and JC playing with the bobbles on Chris's hat. Lance chuckling away when Justin declares that "Tim McGraw is married. And we like girls." Our falling off the couch when Justin says that. Justin's compulsive pants fiddling. Joey's inability to speak. JC kicking the back of Chris's chair. It all amuses me. A lot. But Lance's overuse of the word intimate was not amusing. Except when he was talking about Tim McGraw.

And Nick footage was squeed over, and various award shows, and For The Fans, and stuff I can't remember now.
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Got some useful stuff done with [ profile] hnix and [ profile] sinbrat yesterday, so we rewarded ourself with renting On The Line, a romantic comedy (a genre I'm notall that fond of anyway) starring Lance and Joey. We were prepared to hate it, to make judicious use of the ffwd button, and to mock it a lot("").

It really isn't too bad. I've seen far worse. We laughed and were entertained (and mocked as well, cause...c'mon!). And whoever said, in the reviews at, that Lance Bass is "thoroughly unconvincing as a human being" obviously has a) way to high expectations of romantic comedies, and b) a serious grudge. Cause he's fine in the role. Joey is more fun, but he's playing the wacky sidekick, and not carrying the movie. I'd actually recommend this movie (in an "if you're in the mood for a undemanding silly fun movie" way), and not just to pop fans. Though the appearance of Justin and Chris in the credits is the absolute highlight, natch ;)

However, the universe makes no sense if Lance is straight. Luckily, I'm thinking there's not much danger of that.

And [ profile] meelie, sorry we watched this without you. But we'll watch it again. In fact, I'd buy a copy if I could find it on sell-through in Australia, grrrrrrrr.
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My thoughts are definitely with all of Canberra tonight. I can only pray that the weather forecast for the next few days improves.

I'm distracting myself by capping the Madison Square Garden concert dvd (thanks to [ profile] alasen). 100 caps already (over 12 meg), and I'm only doing certain bits and pieces (like Chris's Clockwork Orange-esque eye makeup, mmmmmm). Think I'm gonna have to look into the Photoshop batch actions that [ profile] syxer7 mentioned.
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[ profile] charliequinn is a veritable goddess!

Cut due to excessive punctuation and embarrassing squeeing )

Also, [ profile] meelie, where are you? Have we broken you? :)


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