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Booo-yah! First off, my boys didn't disappoint - NSW beat the Hurricanes, 20-3, in their first round of the Super 14 \o/ My rugby boyfriend, Lachie Turner, scored two tries and prevented a certain Hurricanes try. My condolences to the Hurricanes fans on my f-list.

And then, I came home to the amazing miss [ profile] katienyc proving that I didn't dream up Gabe in a dress (though subconscious, if you're taking requests for later tonight...)

It's from the Cobra Tour Diary (part 3) and it can be watched here or downloaded from here \o/ It's only a couple of seconds early on, but worth it.

And if you haven't seen Travis with Patrick's adorable dog (and Patrick, but who cares about him *g*), rush off to
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Tonight, we're off to watch the mighty NSW Waratahs defeat the Hurricanes. And yes, I'm going out on a limb here, being positive, and risking epic mocking from [ profile] morebliss and others if my prediction is wrong :D

*** * *** * *** * ***

Soon I will stop posting about the upcoming bsb concerts, I promise.

There's a girl at WW who needs to sell third-row floor tickets to the Sydney and Melbourne shows. The problem is that they've got to be picked up at the venue by a friend of hers (and hence, not easy to sell). They would have cost her about $108 with fees. So if anyone knows of someone who'd be interested, I'll get contact details.

It's probably not very nice of me to suggest this, but she's getting pretty desperate. She might have to accept any offer she receives, if someone is interested but not at full price.

ETA: and I know another person who has four 12th row floor seats for Melbourne to sell, price very negotiable.
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Thank you for the birthday wishes, and to [ profile] breny and [ profile] fadedsouls for the adorable virtual gifts :) I had a good day, nothing major - work was fine, and I went to the rugby in the evening with my dad, brother and sister-in-law. And NSW must have known it was my birthday, as they beat the Crusaders! \o/ Winning, plus getting to perve on Daniel Carter. Now, if only they could keep this up during the actual season (this was a pre-season game), and not make it an anomaly.

My parents gave me the new digital camera I picked out, so now I need to learn how to use it, in the next fortnight. Because...

TWO WEEKS TIL BSB \o/ And getting to catch up with and hang out with [ profile] indybrat and [ profile] not_nele :D

Speaking of which, turns out my dream opening act for BSB (JC *sigh*) didn't come true, but we are getting a different boyband alumni. Brian McFadden (formerly of Westlife and the future Mr Delta Goodrem) is opening for them in Australia.

>> photos of Joey celebrating his birthday by experiencing weightlessness. I'm so jealous, I'd love to do that :)

I'm skeptical about watching the Life on Mars spinoff, Ashes to Ashes, I shall have to wait and see what the reactions are to it.

I almost posted that meme asking for people to give me subjects/questions for the Five Favourite thingy, but then remembered, I'm terrible at picking favourites of things. Seriously. I'd get caught in some sort of infinite loop of uncertainty until someone slapped me like a skipping record.
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Ok, I was going to rave about how fantastic "Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra" was, which I saw last night as part of the French Film Festival.

But I'm getting more than a little distracted by how everything has gained a weird reverby/echoy quality to it. Haven't had ear problems in years, but have made a doctor's appointment for later, cause it could be middle ear problems. Will probably have to miss the rugby later, as I don't think I could cope with screaming crowds like this *pout*.
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Rained ever so slightly for a little bit before halftime, but it was so fine that while I could see it against the lights, for the most part I couldn't feel it. Obviously equipping ourselves with enough wet-weather gear to deal with, well, the rain bucketing down as I type this, worked to keep the rain away last night.

NSW beat the Bulls 26-16, but it was a mixture of good play and hopeless hopeless play. The ball and grass must have been very slick from the bit of rain earliar and then during the match, as ball-handling skills were atrocious.

However, Nathan Blacklock coming on in the second half and scoring one of the best solo tries I've seen (with his first touch of the ball of the night) was amazing, as was Turinui's try, where the defense just opened up in front of him like the Red Sea parting :)
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The fact that I'm supposed to be going out to a rugby match tonight.

Why yes, the universe does revolve around me and my convenience, why do you ask?

Optus tech is supposed to be coming out here today, to see why we can get a better picture through our crappy bunny-ears aerial then we can through the expensive cable connection. I continue to love the cable modem though.

LJ withdrawal bad.


Apr. 7th, 2002 04:49 pm
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Went clothes shopping with mum and my sister yesterday. Got a number of nice things, including a shiny gray top with a square neckline and weird sleeves that mum disapproved of. So odd that at the age of 24, I still get a kick from buying things that she doesn't like. Don't do it often, because most of the time, she's got a valid point. And yes, I do still clothes shop with my mother, as otherwise I'd almost never buy clothes. Bought a nice inexpensive top from the men's wear in DJ, green with darker sleeves. The sales assistant was amused that it was for me.

On the spur of the moment, dad and I went and watched Eastwood play Gordon at Chatswood Oval in the afternoon. Saw half of reserve grade (Eastwood lost), and all of first grade (we won ). It was a lovely day to be at the rugby, sunny and mild, with hardly a cloud in the sky. Was distracted at times by the pretty little heron, smoky-brownish-gray with dark under it's wings, that was on the oval for almost the entire game, looking for grubs. It'd just fly to a different part when the game got too close. Was very amused by the music when the players ran onto the field for first grade. Gordon got the James Bond theme, and Eastwood got the Imperial March from Star Wars.

Saw Sorority Boys again. And it was still very funny. Michael Rosenbaum looks better in and out of drag in Sweet November, but will never watch the rest of the movie. Could barely endure Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron in the three scenes that Michael was in, ickity ick.


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