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While out in the city today, I fell for the most awesome (kinda ugly) chucks - the design is a repeated motif of Rosie the Riveter (complete with We Can Do It slogan). But I didn't buy them, or the slightly more tasteful patterned ones either. Though I'm thinking about them...if only they weren't full price, dammit...

I am in such a SPENDSPENDSPENDMONEY mood lately, so dangerous. It's a good thing I got so unsure and indecisive about sizing, or I might have spent a shitload of money on the FBR store this afternoon. There's no way I'd fit into an XL in a girls sizing, would I? What would I be in an adult hoodie? Argh, too hard!

Pete Wentz fails in taking my money though - I was vaguely considering some stuff from Clandestine the other day, but shipping to Australia is just RIDICULOUSLY expensive. Well, he doesn't completely fail - I'm surfing Amazon looking for other things to order with the **** dvd.

When was the last time that Threadless did a sale? ::contemplates several shirts::

It's all the Aussie dollar's fault, for being so strong against the US$ at the moment.
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Yay, [ profile] sperrywink has finished her wonderful Pete/Mikey series (though also, booo, she's finished it, there's not gonna be more). If you haven't read it, it starts with Fumbling with the Blues.

From today's Sun Herald: He's super...naturally
Deliciously handsome Jensen Ackles gets the award for yummiest Yank visiting Sydney last week. And also the most down-to-earth.
The Channel Ten star of Supernatural was far from star-like during his stay, even catching the bus to Bondi to do the cliff walk.
Yes, that's right - he caught the bus.
He was travelling with his girlfriend (insert disappointed sigh here) and took her on low-key but romantic dates, such as catching the ferry to Manly, heading out to Watson's Bay for fish and chips and visiting Taronga Zoo.
His girlfriend had to return to the US early so he used the time to shop secretly for a magnificent opal for her as a gift to commemorate their trip. Awwwwww.
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I'm considering getting a new camera for my 30th (which is approaching far too rapidly). Does anyone have recs/anti-recs for a compact or ultra-compact? What do you have, how have you found it? I currently have a three year old Canon A85.

I've been going through a few sites (like Digital Photography Review - very useful for feature search and side-by-side comparisons) but am feeling overwhelmed by choices and options. Good video is essential (especially for concerts *g*).

Speaking of concerts - my photos are often very hit and miss (with greater emphasis towards miss). If you take photos at concerts, what settings do yo tend to use? Fully auto, a specific mode, or do you manually adjust aperture and ISO speed etc?

* ** *** * *** ** *

Thanks to very useful info from [ profile] babygotbass (eg the sold out message is an error, and check your order history when it times out during processing), I have conquered the FBR store and ordered the deluxe edition of Pretty. Odd. \o/

I really need to make a proper To Do list for February. I don't have uni for the next 3 1/2 weeks, and I'll be working a bit but not full-time (afaik), so it is Time To Get Shit Done.

Also, the mystery of Pete and Patrick's apparent trip to Europe and Russia is solved! I hope they go to Paris a lot "".
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I'm seriously thinking about buying the deluxe edition of Pretty. Odd. Someone come and talk me out of it. Though since the FBR store won't let me access the deluxe edition, I may be saved already. Nope, seems they do want me to take my money. ARGH, decisions. ETA: store still dead. LET ME MAKE AN IMPULSE BUY!

Speaking of Panic, I'm hoping that y'all have as non-stressful and successful ticket-buying experiences as possible. Abusing alcohol will not help - it'll just slow you down when you're trying to buy.

My exam this morning went...adequately. I'll be surprised if I fail, will be surprised if I do better than a pass.

Excuse me while I go listen to Nine in the Afternoon again. And again.
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I haven't been posting much cause I've got nothing to say really. Have an exam on Tuesday for the summer session subject I've been doing for last couple of weeks. Study is only going so-so. Kill me now etc etc.

Thought for the day: in the making of The City is at War video (and photos and other stuff), Gabe is seen licking at the pies. I bet those things aren't vegan. Naughty Gabe.
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Both of these are stolen from [ profile] _lolapalooza:

* Adlercast interview with Pete and Patrick - part 1, part 2 and part 3.
One of my new favourite interviews. Not very long, but full of goodness and hilarity and talk about monkey orgasms and Mikey Way's tshirts and gun laws (...not all at the same time though).

* KarmaloopTV on tour with Gym Class Heroes - if someone could guarantee I could watch Travis, Gabe and Ryland sing Bohemian Rhapsody at AK47 together, complete with Gabe molesting Ryland (and Gabe and Travis cracking each other up and cuddling at other times), I'd buy a fucking plane ticket to NY today. Not that it would be my only reason, but could tip me over into going right now rather than at some sensibly planned point in the future.
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Ok, in my defense, I was REALLY INCREDIBLY bored at work today.

I'd been talking about names, and the meaning of names with someone, just joking around. So a bit later, I started looking up the meanings of a couple that we were talking about, and one of the names was Ryan. According to the site I looked at: Ryan = king

So I got curious (and was bored): Brendon = prince. (Which made me grin and think of jokes about the king and the prince consort).

Spencer: steward, administrator (which is when I started to almost giggle out loud, cause how perfect! Spencer is the one who actually get things done while the royalty faffs about!)

Jon: God has given (awwwwww). Except...his middle name Jacob = SUPPLANTER, which is when I gave in and was actually giggling out loud.

ETA: it only just occurred to me to look up Brent. First meaning I find = burnt (or steep hill).

And then I eventually went back to reading the paper online, cover to cover. I WISH I HAD LJ ACCESS FROM WORK ON DAYS LIKE THIS.

(PS - Gerard means "brave with spear")
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From the info post about [ profile] bandombigbang (which all you writerly types should sign up for *g*): or Pete Wentz/Rodney McKay, whatever floats your boat)

Oh god, I really really want to read this now. And not like in [ profile] skoosiepants's Supersaturation 'verse (though their interaction in that is awesomely funny), I want Pete Wentz the rockstar, meets Rodney McKay, scientist. I have no idea how or why, but my brain has seized on this image with glee. It wouldn't even have to be pairing them up. ::boggles::

Of course, no sga/musician pairing can supplant my true otp of Sheppard/Nick Carter, as written by [ profile] coreopsis.

*** ** * ** ***

In other news-about-me, I think I really really want the tour tshirt from the Cobra tour, despite, you know, not going to it. And some of the other merch. ::craves::

And now it is time to Torchwood! ...well, it can be a verb, can't it? Though it'd probably mean to have sex with an alien or something.
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I had a revelation at work today, connecting Panic dropping the ! to Nsync changing from * to ' (eta: hah, apparently it was the other way around). Then I realised that even after all these years, I can't remember whether the official spelling was 'Nsync or 'N Sync or N'sync or whatever.

Yeah, it was a slow day. And I didn't say it was a good revelation. Stay tuned for my pictorial comparison essay: Who Has Had The Worst Hair?

Dear [ profile] turps33, I don't want to distract you from My Chem, but after admitting weakness here, you just know I have to post something! That being, a score of Panic pictures :)

little picspam )
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Thirty pictures that amused me as I was skimming through folders and saved picspams looking for some things.

including a new-to-me photo of Gabe and Mikey )
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* helped my sister move out (it's not the first time we've not lived together, but I'm gonna miss her - even though she's only about ten minutes away)

* made a new icon (couldn't resist)

* The most recent ep of TAI TV is hilarious. "New Years Eve" message from the guys, reminiscing about the year. Remember when )

* Ummm, is the "cast" of the upcoming Survivor season a spoiler? Just in case I'll cut, but am amused )
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I thought the day was gonna be pretty horrible after how it started. I was coming back from dropping dad at the station, and as I came around a bend, I didn't spot a roll of chicken wire lying in the middle of the road quickly enough to not run over it (grey on grey - didn't really stand out til too late).

And it got wedged under my car. Which I couldn't drive without the most horrible screeching sounds and huge amounts of worry about what damage it was doing under there. Pulled over to the side of the road and parked illegally (it's a quiet enough street that I wasn't too worried about that aspect), and walked the five minutes home. (Thank goodness I'd actually put a tshirt on instead staying in my pyjama top like I was tempted. Wish I'd put a bra on too.) However, I had to get going to work myself in about 45 minutes, and hadn't showered/washed my hair yet. So, I had to abandon mum and my sister to look after my car (which they did, but it wasn't easy apparently), and get ready and go to work. [Could have been worse I guess - could have swerved, driven off a bridge and run over a superpowered teen.]

First day working in the call centre in eleven months - it wasn't nearly as bad as I feared (though when the db we use the most crashed during one of the busiest periods, it was kinda sucky). So on the whole, I rate Wednesday as just a little crappy. Give me a couple more days and I'll totally be over it and dying to be back in publishing instead.

Random things - My firefox tabs are down to 15 14 (which is v v good - though if I had everything tagged unread in open, it'd be way way worse). My inbox is a mess though, yikes. No lj access at work still makes me sad. There are some great photos of BSB on NYE at [ profile] backstreetmedia. And [ profile] katienyc posted some awesome photos of Cobra from NYE. I love these dorks so so much!

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All credit to [ profile] psychodragon82 for sharing these files originally :)

+ avi - 10.7 meg
+ mp4 - 11.8 meg

I this band SO MUCH :D
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Am very tired, but not too hungover, which is good cause I felt like crap before going to bed.

The highlight of 2008 so far has been the latest part in Star Shaped by [ profile] harriet_vane. Or possibly pancakes and fruit salad for breakfast. It's a tough call.

They might be overtaken by the video for Cobra's The City Is At War, when it is available somewhere that isn't MTV, cause they hate all non-US people. I NEEEEED THIS LIKE WHOA ::begs and grovels::

OMG I love them so much :D

Am trying not to think about having to go to work tomorrow (though the prospect of money is most pleasing).
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The other night, either as I was drifting off to sleep or when I woke up during the night, I had a blinding flash about what I've never read in bandom but would dearly love to: Gabe mpreg. I then forgot about this random moment of insane clarity until I was at work on Friday, and started randomly giggling at my desk.

We're having a really small Christmas this year, which should be good (lower preparation stress than usual). Except I only have a present for my sister so far, nothing for my parents or my brother and sister-in-law. And no ideas either (though probably go with the usual option of a gift voucher to day spa for my s-i-l).

My sister is hoping to settle on her unit next week, but because of problems caused by the vendor's lawyer, it might not happen til mid-January (which the vendor is pissed about - he'll be up for a year's worth of land tax if that happens). The downside is I won't be living with my sister anymore - I know she'll only be a couple of suburbs away, but I'm gonna miss her. And we're having to divide up the dvd collection - which is a particular bummer as a shitload of the tv shows are hers.
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This thread (well, the whole post about Mikey, Alicia and Pete is great but especially this part) about the Brothers Way and their matching sets of spouses is one of the best things I've read in this fandom *g*.

The worst thing about giving in to a craving for melodrama and angst and general over-the-top-ness is when you find yourself getting caught up in a not-really-badfic-but-still-kinda-bad epics that turn out to be incomplete! Frank is pregnant, I need to know what happens next!

I'm so sad that Gizmo won't be going along on Cobra's tour next year - I loved watching them play with Gizmo in the videos *g*.

I have a long 'to do' list, but was very slack yesterday. Consoled myself with the thought that I could get lots done today.

Twenty minutes ago, work rang and asked me to come in. I can't say no to money!

fic rec

Dec. 11th, 2007 02:41 pm
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You know how sometimes a story comes along that is just so perfect for you, you just want to write MINE MINE ALL FOR ME MINE across it? I had no part in this story, but still want to hug it and squeeze it and call it George, for it is made entirely of win.

>>> All That Stuff's a Sideshow by [ profile] vaudevilles
Popslash, trickyfish, brilliant and hilarious and hot.

Last night not only brought this, but I discovered that [ profile] harriet_vane has started posting a Brendon-centric story set in the Forever, Now (awesome kidfic) universe. 'Twas a good night.
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Everyone who might be interested in these probably already has them, but just in case...
Don't direct link to the files, and please don't link to my journal from communities/message boards/forums etc.

Cobra Starship music videos
+ Cobra Starship - Snakes on a Plane music video - 28 meg
+ Making of Snakes on a Plane music video - 45 meg
+ Church Of Hot Addiction - 47.4 meg
+ Send My Love To The Dancefloor, I'll See You In Hell (Hey Mister DJ) - 40.1 meg
On the off-chance someone hasn't seen these, watch Church before Dancefloor!

The Academy Is... music videos
+ Weve Got A Big Mess On Our Hands - 40.4 meg
+ Neighbors - 32.1 meg
+ Everything We Had - 37 meg

Loveline radio show
+ Fall Out Boy (Pete and Joe) - 43 meg
+ Cobra Starship (supergroup) - 42 meg
+ My Chemical Romance (Gerard, Mikey and Frank - they don't get there til after 25 min or so into it) - 47 meg
I only just downloaded these, haven't had a chance to listen, but the descriptions sound hilarious. It's a sex/relationship advice show.

Fall Out Boy - MTV Diary
+ part 1 - 36.9 meg
+ part 2 - 38.4 meg
So much good stuff (is it creepy that footage of Patrick shoe shopping is fascinating? Actually, don't answer that). I love them bitching about stupid interviews, and Pete indulging his furry kink (and scaring small children in my city).

+ Andy and Travis beatboxing - 5.9 meg
nervous!Andy is really rather adorable

+ Patrick performs acoustic This Aint a Scene 16 meg
belt it, Patrick!

+ Thriller (live on Carson) - 14.1 meg
fun performance.

+ Panic interview - 93.5 meg
Not sure of source - English guy asking questions sent in by fans. Axl Rose complimented Spencer and Brendon secretly loves Nsync.

Panic pic

Nov. 17th, 2007 09:08 am
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I need to post this, to record a group photo of Panic where I find Ryan the most attractive member (it doesn't happen often).
Dear Spencer, just because you can grow a beard, doesn't mean you should, especially that beard (though, it's still not nearly as bad as Justin's hideous neckbeards). From Guitar Centre opening in Vegas.

click for full size

If I won lotto, I think I'd come follow Cobra around on tour (a couple of dates are available) for a while, and see a lot of you guys at the same time.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] iibnf!!!

Travis uses video-calling to "catch up" with William and Gabe on-tour, y/y?

Fuck, why can't people keep Torchwood spoilers behind cuts!!! *sigh* This doesn't apply to y'all, but I know way more about a character appearing in next season than I wanted to, thanks to various assholes.


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