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And I feel like crap. But in a good way, since it is due to sleep deprivation and alcohol consumption and excessive squeeeing.

Everything went pretty well at HLDU5. Con reports, photos and some serious gossip will be posted when I'm not passing out (and once I've got them developed, in the case of the photos *g*).

Well, fuck

May. 7th, 2003 10:19 pm
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I'm packed and ready for the con (Brisbane, here I come).

Well, except for the small matter of a skirt I wanted to take with me, and I was giving it a quick iron, and suddenly there are marks on the front. Now we haven't had any problems with the iron, but I swear they weren't there before I started ironing it. Grrrrr. We're washing it and seeing if we can get it clean, otherwise, what the hell else am I gonna take. Hmmm....

I'm not really that involved in Highlander fandom, but hopefully this should be as much fun as the other HLDU cons I've been to, and will have lots of partying time with cool people :) Plus, am helping run two vidshows, one all fandom and one HL, which hopefully will go well.
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From the Bureau of Meteorology:

Mostly fine, just a brief shower or two. Moderate to fresh S to SE winds.
Brisbane for Wednesday ... MIN 14 MAX 23
Bayside for Wednesday ... MIN 13 MAX 23
UV INDEX - 5 [Moderate]
Thursday ... Fine. MIN 14 MAX 24
Friday ... Fine. MIN 14 MAX 24
Saturday ... Fine. MIN 14 MAX 24
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Well, no, I didn't. But I did have another dream involving stressful packing for the Highlander con. WTF?

Regarding my cough, it has now moved further into my chest and I am now nicely congested, so rather than hacking at people, I've got that lovely deep phlegmy cough going on. But I am starting to feel better, honest :) Still tire easily though, so two hours at the hairdresser was a trial. I would have postponed and spared him exposure to my germs, but mum was getting all wistful that it'd be nice for it to be done before Tuesday.

Phlegmy really should be on the mood list, yo.

M&Ms are really good.

Many, many fans are great people and make fandom a wonderful place. However, there are always a few assholes who want to ruin it for everyone else. And this doth suck the big one.
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I was so bored at work, that I started figuring out what trains [ profile] calemiri and I can take out to the airport. She, [ profile] hnix and [ profile] sinbrat and I are all taking the same flight up, conveniently :)

And now I'm starting to plan what I need to take with me *g*.
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I'm feeling the need for a group HL/PW viewing sometime before HLDU5, to get me in a Highlanderish mood :) Haven't watched any in *ages*.
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If anyone is thinking of attending this and hasn't booked their hotel room yet, they need to do it soon. The hotel will not be holding rooms for the con anymore, and there is a large conference taking place that weekend (which is why the rooms held for the con are being released).
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I'm helping out with this

HLDU5 Songvid Show

Highlander DownUnder, the Official Highlander Club of Australia's 5th convention will take place in Brisbane, Australia 9th-11th May 2003. For details, visit

The con program will include 2 vid shows: 1 Highlander & 1 non-Highlander (incl MM). This is a great opportunity to reach an international audience of Australians, New Zealanders, Europeans & Americans.

* There will be 2 shows: 1 HL only & 1 non-HL (incl MM)
* Non-attendees are welcome to participate in the vidshows
* Both non-slash & slash are welcome.
* Tapes in PAL, NTSC & SECAM accepted
* DVD-Rs accepted, but please also send a tape. We can't guarantee DVD-R compatibility.
* CDROMs accepted, but not recommended. Contact the co-ordinator before sending cdroms
* NO master tapes or disks please!!!
* Feedback forms will be provided to the audience. Please indicate if you'd like feedback.
* All tapes must be marked with: Vidder's name & email; vid/song title; artist; duration; genre
* HL & non-HL vids should go on different tapes (mixing them on DVD-Rs is ok)
* Vidders who wish their tapes/disks returned should contact the co-ordinator for details.
* The con organisers reserve the right to not show vids we may consider unsuitable.
* We welcome your participation & undertake to show as many vids by each vidder as we can, but time & volume may not allow this. Please put your 1st choice vid at the start of the tape.

Ask us for a Vid Details Form for you to fill out & return to us! :)
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Turns out I will be doing stuff for the vidshow at the HLDU con in May (offered a while back), so yeah, don't think I should be offering to do much for Sinpozium.

Last year's Sinpozium
There were benefits to the hotel, including - it was available, comfy beds to sleep on, close to transport, close to shops and eating places.

There were also some downsides to it (IMO) - cost (not just for the room, which for 3 days wasn't bad, but the cost of staying there and higher cost of food cause eating out), having to organise a/v equipment hire, and not being as relaxed about stuff (cause we're in hotel, not private location). On the organising side, there were difficulties with bookings cause of people not committing and not paying early. On top of this, I found the non-isolated nature of the location led to people spending a lot of time away from the hotel. This made this con feel more cliquey, and led to people missing stuff cause it happened while they were absent. In my view, this was a downside. The solution to this would seem to be to have a more organised program, but a) that's not what Sinpoz has been about, b) we wouldn't stick to it anyway and c)well, I have issues with doing a program because of someone, which isn't really relevant.

But ultimately, none of this is relevant if enough people want to do Sinpoz this year, and want it in the hotel. Probably need to do a couple of polls through ASA or Sinpoz, on who is interested, what time of year, and whether they are willing to pay for hotel (or if someone has a house or other location they want to volunteer).
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Though really, it's not like I was writing an ode worthy of Keats.


Must send off registration to HLDU. Must send out job applications.

What am I more likely to do? Finish converting the dvd to avi, and wonder whether I should wear my new dress tomorrow night. Might be a little dressy. since most people will be coming from work, but since I (should) have time to go first, I might as get some wear out of it.
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I really need to organise registration payment, airline ticket (see if I can get it freq flyers) and hotel room. Everyone else seems to have their act together about the hotel rooms, ooops. Wonder if we can request rooms on the same floor, even if they're booked under diff names. Probably not. Shame, cause a Floor o' Slashers would be fun :)

I've been not really been thinking about this, likely cause not knowing what I'll be doing workwise makes it tricky to plan. But I'd like to go up Thursday morning, and come back Monday. Which would be 3 days off from whatever job I'll hopefully have by then, which shouldn't be too bad. At worst, hopefully I'd be able to get the Friday off, and would fly up Thursday night and back Sunday night, like [ profile] calemiri and I did the first year.
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Latest HLDU auction is happening. Some interesting goodies on offer.
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According to what he told his official website, Peter Wingfield has been cast in a small role in X-Men 2, as a henchman to the villain.

And Elizabeth Gracen is in the July 2nd episode of "Charmed".


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