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Ahem. Those various online stores where you can buy not-so-legal dvds of shows that are not available on proper dvds - anyone bought from any lately, and have a rec (or anti-rec)? Co-worker T is checking them out for some stuff that's too hard to find for download.

Just had to freak out at [ profile] iibnf, as the first thing I've attempted to sell on ebay was bought, and I didn't know what to do!!!1! I only listed the Backstreet tickets yesterday, I totally thought it'd take longer (and was worried about them selling, even though they're decent seats). But someone chose the Buy Now option, and as long as this goes smoothly, ::crosses fingers and toes::, I'll have gotten rid of all my spares (3 for Melbourne and 2 for Sydney), at maybe a loss of about $10-15 in total (fees and stuff). Which is great, cause they were bought just-in-case, and I totally think that's a fair trade since we ended up getting great seats through the fanclub.

I keep thinking that the title of last week's SGA episode, Be All My Sins Remember'd, is a Star Trek (original series) episode title. It isn't, but sounds like it should be.

This MCR picture cracks me up.

I keep wondering what they could be looking at. Because Gerard is OMG SO EXCITED WITH GLEE!!!, Frank happy, but Mikeyway looks hungry, Bob seems very suspicious of whatever it is and Ray...well, honestly Ray looks a bit like a sad clown (it's the droopy hair and splayed out feet). Cheer up, emo!Ray.

::hides from Torchwood spoilers and pictures floating around the interwebs::
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I thought the day was gonna be pretty horrible after how it started. I was coming back from dropping dad at the station, and as I came around a bend, I didn't spot a roll of chicken wire lying in the middle of the road quickly enough to not run over it (grey on grey - didn't really stand out til too late).

And it got wedged under my car. Which I couldn't drive without the most horrible screeching sounds and huge amounts of worry about what damage it was doing under there. Pulled over to the side of the road and parked illegally (it's a quiet enough street that I wasn't too worried about that aspect), and walked the five minutes home. (Thank goodness I'd actually put a tshirt on instead staying in my pyjama top like I was tempted. Wish I'd put a bra on too.) However, I had to get going to work myself in about 45 minutes, and hadn't showered/washed my hair yet. So, I had to abandon mum and my sister to look after my car (which they did, but it wasn't easy apparently), and get ready and go to work. [Could have been worse I guess - could have swerved, driven off a bridge and run over a superpowered teen.]

First day working in the call centre in eleven months - it wasn't nearly as bad as I feared (though when the db we use the most crashed during one of the busiest periods, it was kinda sucky). So on the whole, I rate Wednesday as just a little crappy. Give me a couple more days and I'll totally be over it and dying to be back in publishing instead.

Random things - My firefox tabs are down to 15 14 (which is v v good - though if I had everything tagged unread in open, it'd be way way worse). My inbox is a mess though, yikes. No lj access at work still makes me sad. There are some great photos of BSB on NYE at [ profile] backstreetmedia. And [ profile] katienyc posted some awesome photos of Cobra from NYE. I love these dorks so so much!


Dec. 31st, 2007 02:37 pm
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Hope you all have a good New Years Eve, whether you're having a quiet one or partying hard! Even those of you who are still on Dec 30th (poor backwards people - how do you cope, living in the past all the time? The future is much cooler *g*).

Fellow Due South fans - I finally took a picture of the intersection that's been amusing me for a while.

See you next year!
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You know, just because I haven't mentioned some of my past fandoms/OTPs recently, doesn't mean I don't love them anymore (though it might mean I don't have good pictures saved).

pictures of six that I haven't mentioned lately, but do love )
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I got the most awesome Christmas card from [ profile] madame_d today ♥ Thank you so much! My dad and sister were very impressed by it as well :D

Picture of the day: I love this Dr Who cartoon so much, but sadly I don't know where credit belongs - it's by Click for the full (and BIG) cartoon.

Got a $50 Myers gift voucher from work, sweet :)
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While I've watched Las Vegas from time to time, Vanessa Marcil will always, first and foremost, be Brenda Barrett on General Hospital to me. So these promo shots from Las Vegas immediately take me to JC signing with L&B Records after splitting with Jive *g*.

Damn, he (and she) look good :D Click for bigger versions.
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Mmmm, birthday-and-preChristmas gathering at my aunt and uncle's place with cousins and their offspring. So very full of food.

So many of my posts lately are so full of food references, hmmm.

Random photo of the day - sunset at Thames on the Coromandel Peninsula, North Island, New Zealand.

click for bigger
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My feet are hurting. I blame this on getting a sudden urge to make biscuits (though really, they weren't that complicated, I haven't been standing *that* much, but I feel like grizzling about it).

And this baking urge I blame on all of you - I kept seeing so many posts about people making cookies and biscuits and things for the holidays, I think it brainwashed me. So thanks a lot ;p

I'm also feeling the urge to post random pictures. Starting with this one (though they'll be multi-fandom and non-fandom).click for bigger version

Hahahahahahahahaha! TOO. MANY. THINGS. TO. LAUGH. AT. I do love Ray celebrating the holidays by fondling Frank's nipple.
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From Ok!'s website. click for larger, uncropped versions

I'm trying to download the little Ent Tonight piece about the wedding, but sendspace is being a bitch. ETA: got the wmv file *sigh*, but it's better than nothing.

+ Ent Tonight - wedding - 4.2 meg
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I'd seen photos of the Butcher, well, butchering Nate at Halloween, but didn't realise the context til now. It was a fight to the death over who got to play drums for Snakes on a Plane (video) :)

According to Sisky's journal, Mike Carden went to Vegas with Gabe for his birthday and to see his boyfriend Ryan Ross. Hmpf. Is Mike too good to eat fan's leftovers? And Sisky's worry about leaving his cats when he goes on tour is just too adorable.

ETA: ah, photos with Travis and Ryan.

I really kind of want to lick Gabe's back in this video. I've never been so jealous of a little dog ;)
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Since this is gonna be a busybusy week and I don't want to forget - wishes of wellbeing and good fortune and all-around-happy birthdays go out to [ profile] mickeym, [ profile] charliequinn and [ profile] madame_d :D

I made my sister a birthday cake the other day, and got quite a shock when I opened the egg carton.

There's just something wrong about that.

My toenails, they be pink! )

Two days til MCR! Then two days til MCR again!!

Panic pic

Nov. 17th, 2007 09:08 am
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I need to post this, to record a group photo of Panic where I find Ryan the most attractive member (it doesn't happen often).
Dear Spencer, just because you can grow a beard, doesn't mean you should, especially that beard (though, it's still not nearly as bad as Justin's hideous neckbeards). From Guitar Centre opening in Vegas.

click for full size

If I won lotto, I think I'd come follow Cobra around on tour (a couple of dates are available) for a while, and see a lot of you guys at the same time.
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Ahahahahahahaha! Fall Out Boy and Backstreet Boys are both playing Jingle Ball in NY this year. I'm gonna be so sad when no videos of Nick Carter singing William's part in Sophomore Slump (and smooching Patrick) appear. Because [ profile] nafs's Moments When You Can't Deny It's True owns my heart :D

Awesome collection of Cobra Starship pre-order polaroids - she's found 143 of them so far.
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I must join in the fandom-wide posting about this *g*, especially as it's mostly been the Friday night file I've seen linked to.

>> Friday night

>>> Saturday night (thanks to [ profile] femmequixotic)

I'm loving on this picture (click for bigger) of William and Gabe (from here), not just for the snuggliness, but for the hole in William's shirt. Perhaps this will become the stomach equivalent of his old nipple-flashing top?

After just one week, Unbreakable has fallen outside the top 50 albums on the Aussie charts :(
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Dude, it's like someone saw the pairing bickering that was going on, and decided a motherlode of awesome pictures was needed to distract Panic fans. (links from [ profile] _lolapalooza)

> Panic! at Erns House, June 2005 (babies at a slumber party with bed sharing and porn on the tv - the inappropriate older guy is not a relative of Lou Pearlman, but their merch guy apparently)
> Panic! at the Ogden, March 2006
> Panic! at Magness, November 2006

Detail about Bob's wrist problems :(

¡Viva La Cobra! is being released in Australia later this month. And JB Hi-Fi are so excited about it, they have the album listed twice on the pre-orders page :)

Wow, fact checker needed. According the Sanity (music chain) website, The Academy Is... was founded by Fall Out Boy while on tour.
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My thoughts on meta thingies about pairings, let me show them to you.


Pffft. I got nothing. I do have eight random bandom pictures that make me happy )

Oh wait, a thought! It does seem to me that many people think that there isn't enough Cobra fic out there. I concur, sir!

My one wish (apart from not bombing out of uni) is for a challenge/fest/fic exchange/something where at least half the pairing (and and least 50% of the participants if the story was a three-or-more-some) came from Cobra, TAI or GCH (Cobra Academy Heroes!). And maybe AAR and Hushies, but I'm not really familiar with them.

Lots of GSF! William/Travis/Beckett (in various combinations)! Pete/Travis! Ryan/Mike Carden! Gabe/Gerard! Travis/Matt! Patrick/Vicky! Spencer/Nate (for Gabe)! The possiblities are multitudinous, as are my sins against grammar and punctuation!

If only I was Queen of the Universe and could command such things into existence. My life, so hard.
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As requested by [ profile] madame_d - Backstreet performing at "Men Strike Back" in 2000 (aka as The Manskirt version 1). Lovely performances, and they all look really good (when I ignore Howie's pants).

+ Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely - 16 meg
+ I Want It That Way (with Sting) - 18 meg
+ The One - 19 meg
+ Every Breath You Take - 21 meg
Sting, Backstreet, Enrique Iglesias, Sisqo, Tom Jones, D'Angelo and Christina Aguilera.

As always, no hotlinking to the files or linking to my journal on message boards or communities, thanks!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

OK, all of them (well, you can't see much of Brian) look damn fine in these pictures. Glasses-wearing AJ looks so young! And Howie has clearly been bathing in the fountain of youth again.

Boys...what a big snake you have...

I thought this might interest some people around here - a small LD thread of pictures of the Boys in pink :)


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