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Had lunch yesterday over at my friends R and V's place. Corn and coriander soup, rice paper rolls and turkish lamb pizzas, with lots of fruit and pastries. SO GOOD.

I did that random wikipedia links to make a band and album meme, but cheated by skipping most ones that were boring people names etc. I think #14 would sample Message in a Bottle. #8 would be the biggest song off the album, and we'd get pretty sick damn quickly of people mispronouncing #9 and/or asking stupid questions about it. Also, while I kinda love the album title, I'd love it way more if it were Delphic Donkey.

Band name: Ramogen
Album title: Delph Donkey
1. Area code 912
2. The Newberg Graphic
3. VDL SB250
4. Littoraria
5. North American ice storm of 1998
6. Peter Bone
7. Bod Transmitter
8. Nineteen Propositions
9. Hymenochirus curtipes
10. Nottingham Outlaws
11. Emperor Wu of Han
12. The Key
13. The Secret Warning
14. Message in a Cell Phone
15. The 10 Year Limited Edition Anniversary Box Set
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Yay! C, leaving, to do it for when I could explain a bunch of JC's songs! But still at least I can be paying me more. Luckily, everyone in black lingerie.

explaining JC's songs! Paying myself more! And everyone in black lingerie!

Hermitage Museum, in the bad feng shui of doing a gorgeous sparkly boys all of animated gif of music.

feng shui *must* be crap if it's bad to do a gorgeous sparkly boy!

How I can get an it (has crumpet control)! How I like some swimming in three days a good and enormous fun and give my cousins the third time, and ends.

Doesn't everyone want an it with crumpet control?

so I was damn: warm, in serious earliar, which is even if it was doing now out, of a short notice, Wonder if you get me! I suspect I got a gorgeous sparkly boys.

I only wish I got a gorgeous sparkly boy

Stupid management. Wish me, Hello my head from within the director was expecting. I'd been trying to incorporate pictures for helping out if I can be in far more per hour for helping everyone who is going to go re install windows, so now I'm at some plants, and lure eponymous here. No grounds for when we almost certainly wouldn't have set a cute fluffy animals into a couple I was trying to myself

This is one of my favourite randomisings, just because

Weep for less than my World my her. Insert superlatives of depression about it at this desk

This is kinda poetical, in a way
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A fun and interesting (though spoilery if you haven't seen all of S7!) interview with the wonderful Jane Espenson. (She's done commentary for her ep on the Firefly dvds!). Link gacked from [ profile] lovelypoet.

I got this through an email forward, and while I don't forward things often myself, this one is damn funny. Go to google, type weapons of mass destruction and select the "I feel lucky" search button. Read the 'error message' you get. Very clever :)

Yay, Friday! Now to figure out what is happening this weekend!
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I am Chris
I am Chris. Which NSYNC Member are you?

Click here to take the quiz. This quiz was created by Lizzie

Not a great picture of him, though.
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So I'm inflicting this quiz result on y'all. Hey [ profile] sinbrat, you found it, what was your result? ;)

What kind of *NSYNC Fan are you?
It's ok, I won't tell anyone you like them. Isn't it annoying how everyone thinks they're stupid though? Of course you never know, someone else you know may be a closet fan too, and you'll never find out.

Hmmm, I'm a bit more out about it than that...


Oct. 20th, 2002 03:13 pm
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I couldn't resist this quiz :)

Which BNF Smallville Slasher Am I? )

First lines

May. 9th, 2002 02:25 pm
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Hey look, a bandwagon. jump ;)

Looking at my old stories (I haven't written in a couple of years), is always worth a laugh or two, so I thought I'd have a look at what the first lines were.

Place Where No Shadows Fall
David landed the shuttle smoothly, and glanced across at his young passenger.

Hmmm, clunky much? It's a B5 story, so readers would probably know who David is, but there's no hook.

Pre-Apocalyptic Soldiers
It should have been a dark and stormy night.

Awww, I still like that line, even if it is rather purple.

Reducing to Binary
The philosophy of scientific reductionism is that anything in science can be reduced, simplified, explained in terms of a more "pure" science.

Gee, what an exciting start to a story, bet everyone can't wait to rush off and read the rest of that!

Paradigm Shift
My world has shifted, been broken, changed, replaced, altered, and transformed.

This screams 'drama queen' to me. And it's Scully's POV. And not later seasons where drama queen started to seem like an apt description.

They lie entangled in the dark, two bodies in motion.

Hmmm, not as bad as some of them, but still clunkier than I'd like.

The Peach and The Black
(snip two lines of dialogue from show)
Scully watched her tall partner stride from his dark apartment, and quickly followed him out of apartment and downstairs.

Oh my god, I used 'tall partner'? I'm a living example of why beta-readers are a good thing (none of these were beta-read).

Driftin' On Out
Margaret Scully woke just before dawn, uncertain as what had broken her slumber.

Functional, without really being interesting in any way. But then again, as the first lines are actually a quote from a song shudder, I doubt many people would make it to the actual story.

So, I like one out of seven opening lines. About what I expected.

First go!

Apr. 22nd, 2002 07:21 pm
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And I didn't even really cheat :)

I'm Smallville!
What WB drama are you?


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