Jul. 16th, 2003

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My home computer remains dead. Weep for me!

We managed to make the changes in the BIOS and boot from the WinXP cd-rom, and go in to make repairs (because a file is corruped, ntfs.sys or something), but then we get asked for the Administrator password. We almost certainly wouldn't have set a password, but null doesn't work. Nor does everything else we've tried - spaces, admin, password, administrator, people's names, pet's names, default, passwords I tend to use - nothing.

Our IT manager has suggested a few things, but we're going to have to take it out to the supplier, which we probably won't do til Friday. So if you need to contact me, I'll be checking lj and email only while I'm at work.

Grrr...really not happy :(
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Yay! C, leaving, to do it for when I could explain a bunch of JC's songs! But still at least I can be paying me more. Luckily, everyone in black lingerie.

explaining JC's songs! Paying myself more! And everyone in black lingerie!

Hermitage Museum, in the bad feng shui of doing a gorgeous sparkly boys all of animated gif of music.

feng shui *must* be crap if it's bad to do a gorgeous sparkly boy!

How I can get an it (has crumpet control)! How I like some swimming in three days a good and enormous fun and give my cousins the third time, and ends.

Doesn't everyone want an it with crumpet control?

so I was damn: warm, in serious earliar, which is even if it was doing now out, of a short notice, Wonder if you get me! I suspect I got a gorgeous sparkly boys.

I only wish I got a gorgeous sparkly boy

Stupid management. Wish me, Hello my head from within the director was expecting. I'd been trying to incorporate pictures for helping out if I can be in far more per hour for helping everyone who is going to go re install windows, so now I'm at some plants, and lure eponymous here. No grounds for when we almost certainly wouldn't have set a cute fluffy animals into a couple I was trying to myself

This is one of my favourite randomisings, just because

Weep for less than my World my her. Insert superlatives of depression about it at this desk

This is kinda poetical, in a way


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