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Yay, [ profile] sperrywink has finished her wonderful Pete/Mikey series (though also, booo, she's finished it, there's not gonna be more). If you haven't read it, it starts with Fumbling with the Blues.

From today's Sun Herald: He's super...naturally
Deliciously handsome Jensen Ackles gets the award for yummiest Yank visiting Sydney last week. And also the most down-to-earth.
The Channel Ten star of Supernatural was far from star-like during his stay, even catching the bus to Bondi to do the cliff walk.
Yes, that's right - he caught the bus.
He was travelling with his girlfriend (insert disappointed sigh here) and took her on low-key but romantic dates, such as catching the ferry to Manly, heading out to Watson's Bay for fish and chips and visiting Taronga Zoo.
His girlfriend had to return to the US early so he used the time to shop secretly for a magnificent opal for her as a gift to commemorate their trip. Awwwwww.
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Am very tired, but not too hungover, which is good cause I felt like crap before going to bed.

The highlight of 2008 so far has been the latest part in Star Shaped by [ profile] harriet_vane. Or possibly pancakes and fruit salad for breakfast. It's a tough call.

They might be overtaken by the video for Cobra's The City Is At War, when it is available somewhere that isn't MTV, cause they hate all non-US people. I NEEEEED THIS LIKE WHOA ::begs and grovels::

OMG I love them so much :D

Am trying not to think about having to go to work tomorrow (though the prospect of money is most pleasing).

fic rec

Dec. 11th, 2007 02:41 pm
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You know how sometimes a story comes along that is just so perfect for you, you just want to write MINE MINE ALL FOR ME MINE across it? I had no part in this story, but still want to hug it and squeeze it and call it George, for it is made entirely of win.

>>> All That Stuff's a Sideshow by [ profile] vaudevilles
Popslash, trickyfish, brilliant and hilarious and hot.

Last night not only brought this, but I discovered that [ profile] harriet_vane has started posting a Brendon-centric story set in the Forever, Now (awesome kidfic) universe. 'Twas a good night.
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(If any local MCR fans who don't own Life on the Murder Scene are interested - my JB HiFi has it for only $17.)

Only worked half a day, I totally over-estimated my own stamina post-exams. I did the important stuff, everything else is so boring and ongoing that I just couldn't cope. I need the money, but wasn't accomplishing anything.

Came home to the news that my cousin D is gonna be a dad! I'm so happy for him and his wife!

But then I went out to the shops - got something to make for dinner, failed to find a birthday present for my sister, bought Viva La Cobra! (I gave the copy I bought from the US away as a present), failed to find some casual pants for myself, and ran into my cousin D and his wife, so I got to congratulate them (ie squee in public) in person *g*.

I can't remember with whom I discussed this, but I remember wishing for a big plotty case-file-esque Supernatural/Criminal Minds crossover a little while back.

>>> Defect, by [ profile] kikkimax is just that, and more. So good.

Speaking of Criminal Minds - need. new. episode. NOW!!!
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My mood-swings (between depressed and apathetic) are so fast it's practically making me dizzy, I'm 95% sure I failed my Accounting 310 exam (the other 5% is stupid naivety), and things are just generally pretty fucked up in my head at the moment. I've got a post half-written going into more detail about this, but a) I'm an emotional coward, don't think I can actually bring myself to post it, and b) depending on my mood, I want to punch myself in the head when I read it.

One more exam to go - corporations law, tomorrow afternoon. At least I don't think I failed micro economics.

The one bright spot this morning - Forever, Now is finished. If you haven't been reading this amazing AU (Brian takes in a couple of kids, Gerard and Mikey, who he finds living on the streets), now is the time to rectify this. I'm so ridiculously in love with this universe and the way [ profile] harriet_vane writes everyone, especially the kids and most especially tiny Frank.
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Skip=300 and I think I'm caught up. Verbose bunch, aren't y'all :)

Skiing was a mixed bag. Some good snow, and some really crappy. Read four books that I've been meaning to get around to for ages, so that's definitely a plus.

I forsee lots of washing in my near future. And not much else. How terribly sad ;)

ETA: and there was an email while I was away, dvds were shipped on Monday, so I should have them early next week, yay! And the wonderful [ profile] rhyssj answered many interesting questions, including one from me.
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Yes, it is ten on a Friday night and I'm contemplating bed. I've been tired all week, no matter how much sleep I got, and today I didn't leave work til 7:30. Had to get stuff done as I'm off next week (skiing!)

I love the "ask the author's characters questions" meme that's been going around. I got great answers from [ profile] bitterchick, [ profile] mickeym (who I shocked by asking about one of her *old* unfinished Sentinel stories *g*), and merryish practially wrote a story in response! I've left a question for [ profile] rhyssj today, but she's been asked a gazillion, so she'll be answering for a while :)

Damn, just saw a mention of a new Lanning SV story in [ profile] out_there's lj. Have fallen out of SV a lot, but...Lanning. New story. Versus bed, and sleep.

Wonder if it's long...

Happy Birthday JC! Long may you sparkle!
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Jane St Clair does Fastlane. This is mostly for my own bookmarking purposes, but I do recommend it.

Computer update: we kind of have our original WinXP working again. Kind of, in that most of the programs are not, and will need reinstalling. We're torn between attempting to get this working, or whether to wipe and start again. The fact that neither of us has ever installed Windows from scratch after reformatting a drive is kind of intimidating (we've never had this kind of issue, on the Win 3.11 or Win95 computers, ah the good old days).

I really need to go to bed now.

Oh yes, I managed to get the cable modem working :) Go Team Dad and Me!
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Edited to note: snickers at choice of picture for this mood.
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I haven't read it yet, but it's new(ish) and it's by Shrift. Need I say more? :)

Flirtational Theory
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I promised (threatened?) [ profile] tboy some SV recs, and figured I'd inflict them on everyone else too. It's mostly author recs, with some of my favourites amongst their stuff mentioned.

Smallville Meets South Park - One of my favourite sites *ever*.

Livia - Demarcation, Twenty-One, Ascension, Superfreak.
Lanning - Identical Series.
The Spike - especially The Buttefly Effect, Ride.
Te - Sweat, Chupa Chup, Deep Throat, Mystery, Champagne Wishes, Piece of the Action.
Debchan - Cake and Pie, Circling, Let It Snow.
Merry Lynne - Ice, Middle of No Where, Road Home.
Thamiris - Rules of Blue, Apocrypha, Along Came A Spider, Skinned.
Destina Fortunata - Prophet of Eden.
Basingstoke - Evil Mastermind Convention, First Straw, Snow Day, Psyches Candle.
Elynros - Undertow.
Brighid - Town Where No One Got Off, Lucifer in Starlight.
Jenn - Three Impossible Things, Sleep While I Drive.
Sarah T - Contra Mundum, You Can Learn A Lot.
Julad - Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in your Cellar!, Marry into the Family.
Caroline Baker - Oh Baby, Focus, You Get Fries With That.
Bren Antrim - Clark's Folly, Live Wire, Dusted, Immunity.
Pearl-o - Skin Your Knee, Air.
Ladonna - Delayed Reactions.
Helena Handbackset - Eleven Letter Words series.
Shrift - Uncle Einar.
Viridian - Black Pond, Very Secret Thoughts of Clark Kent.

I did it

Oct. 13th, 2002 02:48 pm
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I read a Harry/Snape story and enjoyed it. Happy now? ;)

If you're curious, it was The Familiar by Resonant.
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Or some of it anyway! Cause [ profile] lanning has posted a new story in her Smallville series, Common Ground.

I love, love, love these stories. Interesting plot, great characterisation, and delicious relationship between the guys.


Aug. 3rd, 2002 08:39 am
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Thanks to everyone who came out last night, I had a blast, and I hope you did too :)

Cause I ordered everyone who saw this week's Smallville (Hourglass) to read this (whether they are into the show or not *g*), here's the link to The Butterfly Effect by the Spike. Brilliant post-episode story. Read it, you will ;)

I have new icons up, all courtesy of the marvellous [ profile] hnix, even if she does mock me for my inability to pronounce narcissism (I probably can't spell it either).

I'm off tomorrow for a week, but I'll almost certainly check in, since I'm addicted to lj ;)


Jul. 1st, 2002 01:44 pm
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Well, three recs. All pinched from other people.

A new Speranza DS story! Thanks to [ profile] lydia_petze for the heads up about Juggling Act.

Wouldn't have known about Blueprint by Journey (DS F/K) from [ profile] alasen.

And a new Sentinel rec! Shock, horror, gasp! And a good long read too, Quarry by Cara Chapel. Thanks to [ profile] hnix for mentioning this one.
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I'm not the blowjob fairy here.

From "Golden" by Pearl-o (SV Clark/Lex).
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I worship Shrift for making a silk purse out of the sow's ear that is "Angel" lately, with her amazing story "Comfortable".

Some good Smallville rec sites can be found at the links page at the slash archive, as well as lots of other usefl SV sites.

[ profile] basingstoke has 2 interesting "Attack of the Clones" snippets up on her livejournal, one serious one about Anakin, and one not so serious Sith Academy-esque piece.

A Smallville WIP called Trousers of Time has got me hooked with it's intriguing premise.

And it turns out Andariel doesn't post all of her SV stuff to the archive.

HP rec

May. 31st, 2002 04:59 pm
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Lest It Wither

Pinched this rec from [ profile] jacquez. It is by JiM, whose X-Files fiction I adore. Damn good story, work-in-progress, but not a cliffhanger or anything.
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Big big rec for the delightful and sweet SV story Easy Tonight by Jenn.

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Oh frabjous day! Haven't read it yet, but it's Speranza, so it's made my day already.

Eight Sessions

And big thanks to [ profile] jmtorres for my new icon :)


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