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I thought the day was gonna be pretty horrible after how it started. I was coming back from dropping dad at the station, and as I came around a bend, I didn't spot a roll of chicken wire lying in the middle of the road quickly enough to not run over it (grey on grey - didn't really stand out til too late).

And it got wedged under my car. Which I couldn't drive without the most horrible screeching sounds and huge amounts of worry about what damage it was doing under there. Pulled over to the side of the road and parked illegally (it's a quiet enough street that I wasn't too worried about that aspect), and walked the five minutes home. (Thank goodness I'd actually put a tshirt on instead staying in my pyjama top like I was tempted. Wish I'd put a bra on too.) However, I had to get going to work myself in about 45 minutes, and hadn't showered/washed my hair yet. So, I had to abandon mum and my sister to look after my car (which they did, but it wasn't easy apparently), and get ready and go to work. [Could have been worse I guess - could have swerved, driven off a bridge and run over a superpowered teen.]

First day working in the call centre in eleven months - it wasn't nearly as bad as I feared (though when the db we use the most crashed during one of the busiest periods, it was kinda sucky). So on the whole, I rate Wednesday as just a little crappy. Give me a couple more days and I'll totally be over it and dying to be back in publishing instead.

Random things - My firefox tabs are down to 15 14 (which is v v good - though if I had everything tagged unread in open, it'd be way way worse). My inbox is a mess though, yikes. No lj access at work still makes me sad. There are some great photos of BSB on NYE at [ profile] backstreetmedia. And [ profile] katienyc posted some awesome photos of Cobra from NYE. I love these dorks so so much!

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I got the most awesome Christmas card from [ profile] madame_d today ♥ Thank you so much! My dad and sister were very impressed by it as well :D

Picture of the day: I love this Dr Who cartoon so much, but sadly I don't know where credit belongs - it's by Click for the full (and BIG) cartoon.

Got a $50 Myers gift voucher from work, sweet :)
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Had lunch with [ profile] meelie. We sat in the sun and talked about fic, and pets, and JC's sex life, and dreaming about popboys. It was nice :) I could get used to working three hours a day, having lunch then coming home, except for the lack of money thing.
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Todd the Fanboy has handed in his resignation (and no, it isn't because of me being frosty towards him *g*). While I'll miss chatting with him a bit, it removes a bit of hassle from this job.

When I get back from skiing (yay, next week!), I'm gonna seriously try and lose some weight. I'll try following Weight Watchers (anything else would be a little hypocritical *g*). I wanna keep up my swimming, as well as doing other exercise . I'm looking at losing about 9kg (20lbs), and (at least one) dress size. I'm putting this out here so that I have to stick to it. I'm trying to pick something to be a goal. Summer is a little vague, but I'm going to the Christina Aguilera concert on December 8th. 9 kilos in 16 weeks isn't a completely unrealistic goal. I'll aim to either buy something new to wear to that, or wear something of my sister's (depending on my finances then *g*). Being able to borrow my sister's clothes again would definitely be a good thing :)

Starting date: 18th August
Starting weight: 70.9 kg (heh, this might change after skiing - for the worse, the food's really good).
Goal weight: 62kg
Goal date: December 8th (16 weeks)


Jul. 31st, 2003 06:32 pm
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Ended up spending a significant proportion of the day tramping around supermarkets, writing down nutritional information off the sides of packets. My job - different day to day *g*. Sadly, tomorrow is more of the same. Combined with not-quite-enough sleep last night, I'm a bit more tired than usual tonight.

So it's good I went swimming last night! I did 44 laps again, 1100m, but in about half an hour this time. I tried to take less breaks and to push it a bit harder. I should probably get serious about this exercise thing, and try and lose some weight too.

There was something else I was going to ramble about, but it must have been extra boring, as I've already forgotten what it was.


Jul. 30th, 2003 08:06 am
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Watch my productivity increase and lj time decrease - they've actually brought in official net use policy at work. I need a new job ;)

My radioactive puss cat is home from the vet, and is very happy about it!

For the first time *ever* I want to see something involving Tom Green - the JC interview sounds adorable. But something has just clicked for me. He confirmed that the first single is being released on August 11th. I'm away skiing that week, I'm gonna miss all the excitement, and more importantly, won't get to hear the song til I'm back *pout*. Someone is so getting a call from me on the 12th to find out which song it is, if we don't know before I go away :)

My boss said the oddest thing to me yesterday, and I'm still not sure why. We had a sit down about some work that needed doing, and just as we were finishing, she mentions very emphatically about how busy the rest of the dept are, and how they're missing things, and she wants me to know this. Ummm, I can't do their work, it's got very little to do with what I do. Does she want me to not talk to them? I'm far less chatty than everyone else, and half the time have headphones on and ignore everyone else. It came across as a warning, and I don't know why. This is so going to bug me.
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I am hereby declaring myself Queen of Photoshop (for this afternoon). I finally used my brain and managed to do something I spent half of yesterday half-heartedly poking at, then whining to myself "why won't it do what it did last time?".

But today, the coupon is conquered and made! And looks damn good, if I do say so myself. And J in Marketing isn't here to get official feedback from, so I'll just sit here and gloat over it in ignorant bliss :)

Note to self: do not jog on hard surfaces. My hip is aching today. The fanboy also continues to annoy. It is probably significant that as soon as someone might be showing interest in me, my opinion of them drops, but whatever *g*.
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A guy at work is driving me batshit. Nice guy, couple of years younger than me, a fanboy and drummer in a metal band. We often have lunch together. Except now he keeps emailing me chatty emails during the day (fuck off and let me work in peace!), wants to get together after work, etc. I suck at telling if people are interested in me, but whether he is or not, I'm not being at all encouraging, and he's bugging the hell out of me!


Jul. 11th, 2003 10:27 am
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One of our temps has evidently decided that the quickest way to make friends around here is to bring us food. She's right, of course, and how!

Because she brought in two boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I have now tried a choc-iced Krispy Kreme (and a bit of a traditional glazed one too), and they were yummy! And, apparently, not as unhealthy as doughnuts from places like Donut King, the cooking process is a lot better.
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  1. I accomplished something at work today. I fixed a big problem on the online shop. Yay, me!

  2. I'm not the one who is going to be in huge amounts of shit when they get back to work, for screwing up tech support, and I got points for helping out.

  3. Snippets of JC's songs! Even if the quality isn't the best. I particularly like "Build My World".

  4. My new warm, soft, slightly large royal blue dressing gown I bought on Sunday, and for less than $30.

  5. [ profile] hnix hates me! So she made me this nifty new icon :) smooch

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Maybe if I could get a chance to talk to my boss for more than two minutes at a time I could explain a few things to her.

Like why they should be paying me more per hour for the role I'm doing now than they were for when I was doing reception work. At least 25% more. D in HR agrees with me, but do you think he's been able to get hold of her either?

Like why me coming in three days a week isn't that convenient for me, or for the job I'm trying to do here. Either give me regular work, or I'm gonna take something else that comes along. Like a admin role at significantly more than I'm earning here, if I get an interview for it. It's not a job I actually want (though it is at an IT company), but if I can get it, I might have to take it, because it is fulltime and money.

Luckily, everyone in the dept is now out of the office at the meeting, so I've got an [ profile] hnix-made cd playing out loud to soothe me, rather than having to use the headphones. C went through the cds I have with me earliar, which was interesting as half of them are Nsync or Backstreet. However, she has Justified, so she has no grounds for mocking.


Jun. 23rd, 2003 12:48 pm
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The one worthwhile thing I've got done today, in a way, was cleaning this desk area, it was filthy. The next few hours have been spent fixing a problem, and taking way too long to do it as I've never had to do it before. But at least, I could say to myself, I cleaned the desk.

The boss of this section, J, is not in today, she's sick. But she asked someone else, when she was tele-conferencing with them, to let them know that she's taking advantage of C leaving to switch to this desk, which is in the opposite corner to her own. I'd suspect hidden cameras, and that she just wanted the freshly cleaned area, but she's been complaining that the bad feng shui of that corner has been making her sick since she started here. What-ever.

So now I get the evil corner. Thanks.
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And that's not a rhetorical question. Actually, I think I've had more to drink in a shorter space of time and on an emptier stomach than in *quite* a while. That turned into a much funner evening than I was expecting.

I may have let slip some gossip that I shouldn't have, but I got far more ammunition against the person I told it to, so no real worries. Even if it does involve her bosses son. And someone else at the company. And an unplanned pregnancy. M is so much more fun that I knew. T totally has to come out with us next time, they are practically sperated at bith, and everyone tonight was saying M and I were scarily similar. Maybe because we were the only girls out with a bunch of boys. M was trying to get me to stay out, to try and go and pick up some American sailors (there are 6 and a half thousand in town this weekend), but I came home, and now my wonderful darling sister is goning to make me some food.

Fuck these typose right in the ear.
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So bored. So very very bored. And what a quiet weekend ahead of me. People should organise stuff so I have the choice of going out if I wanted to. Cause it’s all about me, people. Dammit, didn’t you get the memo? Of course, I could organise stuff, but that’d take effort and inspiration, so...not gonna happen.

16 hours until OotP. Ok, 16 hours until I fight with my dad over who gets to read it first *g*.

At least it's only 5 minutes to post-work drinks. Fare the well, C, your snippiness and unhelpfulness will not be missed by many, and I'm getting work out of you leaving, so yay! On the other hand, you haven't fixed the major problem with the site that I don't know how to fix, so show me first? No? Hmph.
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Also, I am allergic to work. No, seriously. I hardly cough at home, then I come in here and I'm sniffling and coughing. Stupid airconditioning.

And I'm very very bored, but quite busy (and should be getting more done rather than reading lj, bad me, but did I mention how very bored I am?).

Have a wee little bunny of an idea for a trickyfish story revolving around the phrase "line of taste". If I write it, it'll be dedicated to [ profile] eponymous and [ profile] ukcalico *g*. And related to this, a new icon from [ profile] sinbrat to mark the start of Lance month.
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Had this damn bug for over 2 weeks now, and am officially tired of it. Would like to stop coughing up mucus any time now :) Wanted to work back a couple of hours tonight, to help out and get some extra money, but I don't feel up to it. Probably for the best, I've still got a 'To do' list a mile long at home :)

So not in the mood for work today, I wanna scream at stupid people and really really really want to kill the phone. New ad campaign, so it's been quite busy, and, as always it seems lately, we're understaffed.

Hmm, I hereby declare myself Little Miss Grumblebum.


Apr. 16th, 2003 07:18 am
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Am feeling worse so am not going to make it to work today. Shall curl up in bed and watch things on mum's laptop, I think.

You know, I think I'll use the current music box to list what music I've had stuck in my head, rather than the rarer occasions that I'm actually listening to something when I post.

Fandom-related thought for the day - do not feed the trolls, and accept that there will always be assholes. Rules to live by, yo.
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That's the only possible explanation for why there is now a basket of Easter Eggs on the reception area, barely a metre from me.

Including little Lindt "Lindor" eggs.

And I was trying to be healthy this week (ie cut out chips and burgers and stuff, and reduce coke intact).


On a more positive note, I've actually remembered to send off the additional $30 for the Friday night con event. Yay, me! [ profile] sinbrat, wanna send me your flight booking reference sometime, and I'll try and link the bookings so we can all sit together *g*. Hmmm, flight is 2-3-2 configuration. Well, we could get seats in front of each other, or stretched along a row. Pity it isn't a 4 block in middle flight :)


Apr. 2nd, 2003 07:16 pm
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Left work an hour early cause of a headache and nausea, but I feel a lot better now. I'd like to take this opportunity to blame it on a headache that as I typed an address someone was telling me over the phone, I typed Flinders Lance instead of Flinders Lane.

An incredibly gorgeous blond guy in a suit delivered something to the office this afternoon. Was busy on phone and barely got a chance to drool, dammit.

Anyone want a secondhand copy of "Empire Records" on dvd for $20? Saw it in a Book and DVD Exchange in North Sydney at lunch. Mmmm, slashiness.
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They're having problems filling the receptionist position I'm temping in at the moment. Anyone know anyone who might be interested in a fulltime permananent receptionist role in North Sydney? Would involve manning a fairly busy switch (for both corporate and customer service calls) and doing other stuff (couriers, mail outs, bit of typing). Would need some PC and Office experience, as well as some experience on a switch. It's not a bad place to work, fairly nice office, short walk from North Sydney station.


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