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* helped my sister move out (it's not the first time we've not lived together, but I'm gonna miss her - even though she's only about ten minutes away)

* made a new icon (couldn't resist)

* The most recent ep of TAI TV is hilarious. "New Years Eve" message from the guys, reminiscing about the year. Remember when )

* Ummm, is the "cast" of the upcoming Survivor season a spoiler? Just in case I'll cut, but am amused )
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Back from the first day of post-Christmas sales in the city. We only did David Jones (plus a shoe store - where I got a pair, sadly not reduced), but this still meant about a dozen bags in two hours. We did well! My sister bought me two handbags (one black, one brown) for a Christmas present.

I hope everyone had a lovely December 25th (and/or 24th, for those whom the Eve is the big day), whether that meant Christmas or whatever :) We had my uncle and brother and sister-in-law over during the morning, then it was just the four of us for lunch (at about 3pm). The bbq marinated lamb with herb sauce was just delicious, with salads and a very nice Tyrrells semillon. Dessert didn't happen til after 6pm, as mum had a nap and dad, my sister and I watched White Christmas (which I then spent a while recasting with bandom people [1]). Mmmm, chocolate mousse. [ profile] iibnf wandered over in the evening for a while. All in all, a very relaxing day.


Apart from waiting for that, got nothing else planned today. Maybe I'll dive into the pop secret santa, or poke around Yuletide some more...

And thank you again to [ profile] _lolapalooza for the christmasified icons that I've been using for the past couple of weeks :D

[1] C'mon, just picture Gerard and Mikey doing the Sisters routine - even funnier than Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye's performance ;) So Way Brothers instead of Haines sisters, but I kept getting stuck on the Bing and Danny roles - I was going with Ray and Frank, but I think brash, annoying writer Pete saving musician Patrick's life during the war and guilting him into a partnership works even better (and leads to Patrick/Gerard and Pete/Mikey).
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Have just made a batch of sour cream cookies (which are definitely one of those things that taste better raw than cooked, even though they're damn yummy cooked, so its hard to resist eating too much mixture). I'm waiting for them to cool, and feeling that slightly queasy feeling of eating slightly too much mixture ;) The parents were watching the recent-ish Matt Lucas, Mark Gatiss version of The Wind in the Willows while I was cooking, and it looked pretty good, though I was disturbed because it made me want Mole/Rat slash.

Yesterday - yum cha and marathon of entire first season of ANTM. I'd not seen quite all of it, especially in order.

Today - we got stuck into moving stuff to my sister's new unit (she's aiming to be living there by the end of the first week of January, so hopefully we'll be able to pick up lots of the stuff she still needs in post-Christmas sales). Also, did hopefully-last-before-Christmas grocery shop, and delivered presents to family we're not seeing on the day.

Tomorrow - make two of the three salads (potato and wombok) for Christmas day, tidy and set dining room table. Mum'll make dessert (chocolate mousse), so our major things to make on the day will be the seafood, green salad, and bbq lamb. Not too bad, given how over the top things normally are around here.

*sigh* I'm going to miss my sister. I was flicking through the tv program, and started to critique the Christmas Day choices.

Me: Ben-Hur twice in one day? That's too much Charlton Heston, plus, if anything, it should be shown at Easter.
[us trying to remember details, like who had leprosy and how Christ's blood heals them or something)
Her: Oh, I vaguely remember that. Plus, there's that bit where Tony Curtis stands up and says "I'm Ben-Hur! I'm Ben-Hur!"
Her: Shut up! Shut up! [as mum, dad and I just lost it]
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Mmmm, birthday-and-preChristmas gathering at my aunt and uncle's place with cousins and their offspring. So very full of food.

So many of my posts lately are so full of food references, hmmm.

Random photo of the day - sunset at Thames on the Coromandel Peninsula, North Island, New Zealand.

click for bigger
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Whenever I ponder vegetarianism (I acknowledge the excellent arguments in favour), I eat something like the tender, juicy steak we had for dinner last night, and I can't. Meeeeeaaaat, mmmmm.

And the mushrooms were divine! My mother's comment as I was drooling over them - "well these have both vermouth and sherry". Two kinds of alcohol (+ lemon juice, spring onion, garlic, oregano and some other things) is clearly why my mushrooms (often featuring alchohol but only ONE kind) are always inferior.

The steak was accompanied by a young yet good West Australian sauvignon blanc semillon blend, and followed by some delicious crumbly vintage cheese with cabernet paste, and a small glass of Rutherglen tokay.

::reads post:: um, not an alcoholic!

My sister just asked if I wanted to watch this week's Criminal Minds, so I settled down on the couch with my cereal and, just as she hit play, remembered "didn't we watch this yesterday?" (and the answer was yes - we so smrt).
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We don't have gas, but my sister will have a gas stove in her new unit. This leaves us unable to decide which is better - an electric kettle, or one you use on the gas stove?

Has anyone had both who could advise? *g*

ETA: Thank you - she read the advice so far, and has decided on an electric kettle :)
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The other night, either as I was drifting off to sleep or when I woke up during the night, I had a blinding flash about what I've never read in bandom but would dearly love to: Gabe mpreg. I then forgot about this random moment of insane clarity until I was at work on Friday, and started randomly giggling at my desk.

We're having a really small Christmas this year, which should be good (lower preparation stress than usual). Except I only have a present for my sister so far, nothing for my parents or my brother and sister-in-law. And no ideas either (though probably go with the usual option of a gift voucher to day spa for my s-i-l).

My sister is hoping to settle on her unit next week, but because of problems caused by the vendor's lawyer, it might not happen til mid-January (which the vendor is pissed about - he'll be up for a year's worth of land tax if that happens). The downside is I won't be living with my sister anymore - I know she'll only be a couple of suburbs away, but I'm gonna miss her. And we're having to divide up the dvd collection - which is a particular bummer as a shitload of the tv shows are hers.


Dec. 2nd, 2007 12:20 pm
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So tired, but two concerts, much socialising and completely awesome fannish times are totally worth it :D I must try and write some stuff down about the concerts before I forget. I've completely got everyone's that I was hanging out with names/lj names mixed up, so I need [ profile] not_nele to get home so I can double-check with her who all the wonderful people were.

Am now starting to plot what the hell I'm gonna do about Backstreet tickets. Have rejoined fanclub, which may be pointless. It appears the presale on Wednesday is being done through Ticketek, for fanclub, Sony and My Ticketek members (aka everybody). There is still no info on or Weird World about the Aussie dates, or whether the fanclub has a specific allocation for the presale. But I joined anyway. If I get too narked at them, I may cancel membership in the first ten days and try for a refund.

But currently, I'm thinking that I'll go to the Sydney and Melbourne shows. Who else is interested? Only price being listed is for Sydney ($99 for A Reserve, $87.50 for B Reserve).

I mentioned the other week that one of my cousin's is expecting his first child next year. We found out yesterday that his younger brother (two months younger than me, we spent a lot of time together growing up) is also gonna be a dad for the first time soon after his brother! The eldest of the three of them already has four kids. I'm so happy for him and his wife, but damn, I wish my brother or sister would have kids for my parents to fuss over :( It'd reduce my irrational guilt about not reproducing.

Thing achieved today so far:
- laundry
- joining fanclub

Things to do:
- watch many episodes of tv shows
- make sandwiches (we freeze them for taking to work)
- make a cake (not sure why, I think just to use up overripe bananas)
- concert reports

Eating at some point might be a plan. My eating habits have gotten really screwed up this week.
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(If any local MCR fans who don't own Life on the Murder Scene are interested - my JB HiFi has it for only $17.)

Only worked half a day, I totally over-estimated my own stamina post-exams. I did the important stuff, everything else is so boring and ongoing that I just couldn't cope. I need the money, but wasn't accomplishing anything.

Came home to the news that my cousin D is gonna be a dad! I'm so happy for him and his wife!

But then I went out to the shops - got something to make for dinner, failed to find a birthday present for my sister, bought Viva La Cobra! (I gave the copy I bought from the US away as a present), failed to find some casual pants for myself, and ran into my cousin D and his wife, so I got to congratulate them (ie squee in public) in person *g*.

I can't remember with whom I discussed this, but I remember wishing for a big plotty case-file-esque Supernatural/Criminal Minds crossover a little while back.

>>> Defect, by [ profile] kikkimax is just that, and more. So good.

Speaking of Criminal Minds - need. new. episode. NOW!!!


Jul. 30th, 2003 08:06 am
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Watch my productivity increase and lj time decrease - they've actually brought in official net use policy at work. I need a new job ;)

My radioactive puss cat is home from the vet, and is very happy about it!

For the first time *ever* I want to see something involving Tom Green - the JC interview sounds adorable. But something has just clicked for me. He confirmed that the first single is being released on August 11th. I'm away skiing that week, I'm gonna miss all the excitement, and more importantly, won't get to hear the song til I'm back *pout*. Someone is so getting a call from me on the 12th to find out which song it is, if we don't know before I go away :)

My boss said the oddest thing to me yesterday, and I'm still not sure why. We had a sit down about some work that needed doing, and just as we were finishing, she mentions very emphatically about how busy the rest of the dept are, and how they're missing things, and she wants me to know this. Ummm, I can't do their work, it's got very little to do with what I do. Does she want me to not talk to them? I'm far less chatty than everyone else, and half the time have headphones on and ignore everyone else. It came across as a warning, and I don't know why. This is so going to bug me.


Jul. 22nd, 2003 10:15 pm
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Caught her interview on Rove just then, she was quite cute. What was really important though - the concert dates were announced! [ profile] hnix, it's ok, Sydney Entertainment Centre, December 8th! Tickets go on sale on August 1st!

No Christina icon to celebrate with, but JC is nearly as pretty, and wears women's clothes sometimes, so he'll do.

In other news, the computer is mostly working, apart from sound. Still might have to take it back to supplier for looking at.

Helped my sister take the cat to the vet for her treatment. The cat retaliated by attempting to gas us to death by disgracing herself in her carry cage. Me attempting to drive through busy traffic while trying not to dry retch out the window does not equal fun trip. Poor puss though, she was so unhappy at being at the vets that her legs were trembling a little bit. She doesn't bite or scratch though, little softie. Different place too, which wouldn't help, though the guy was very nice, and very clear when he explained everything. Hopefully by next Monday we'll have our little radioactive and pissed off kitty back home again.

Christina! Hope I can get tickets...
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Good news: the dvds have arrived! Unlabelled, of course, and most of them don't have direct menu access to the different programs on them, but they seem to be the right ones :)

Bad news: my cat is going to the vet tomorrow for 6 days for radiation therapy on her thyroid. She's gonna be very unhappy with us when she gets home. I'm gonna try and get away from work early tomorrow to help my sister take her to the vet. Poor puss :(

[ profile] meelie, [ profile] eponymous - wanna meet up for lunch later in the week?
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I'm craving yum cha.

Also, if there isn't any leftover pavlova for me, serious unhappiness.
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I didn't feel so well this morning, slight loss of equilibrium and felt very cotton wool headed (not a hangover). Maybe I didn't sleep well, I had very strange yet lucid dreams that involved (amongst others) Smallville stuff, bodyswitching, a friend asking me how I like some plants, and my grandmother's jewellery.

However, I made it up to my relatives place for a bit, then went for a swim. 1 kilometre today, 40 laps! And I had a very nice chat with a guy (older than my dad) who is doing some swimming to get fit as he's heading up to do some diving up at Port Douglas (Great Barrier Reef). So jealous, I love it up there *g*.

Now I'm stuck at home, as parents are still at rels and my sister is off to babysit for my cousins (the babysitter cancelled on short notice). Wonder if there's anything edible that I can be bothered to cook. Someone, bring me some pre-prepared food! My kingdom for from GPK!

Nap time

Jun. 19th, 2003 09:01 pm
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Early to bed tonight for me. Spent the last two nights putting in some long hours for mum. She got landed the job of doing a presentation to the year 10 students on biology and why they should do it for the HSC. Happy to say that in the end, the powerpoint presentation turned out quite nicely, and her presentation got a good reaction. Physics teachers were muttering afterwards that they need to figure out how to incorporate pictures of cute fluffy animals into their talks too. But we also had a cute animated gif of a Pacman type cartoon, to illustrate immune system stuff, and nice layout, tasteful use of animated text, and two pieces of music. Circle of Life for ecosystem topic, and Stayin' Alive for Maintaining Body Balances. Nsync version, natch *g*. Well, partially because I thought the lyrics were actually clearer. Not just cause I can hear Chris so clearly ;)

I was originally only going to be working Tuesday and Thursday this week, but that turned into 4 days (yay!). Someone is finishing up tomorrow, and they're still trying to make up their minds if this person is even going to be replaced, let alone if they want me in over the next few weeks to do some of her work. Stupid management.

Here's a question for y'all - if applicable, when did you first read the Harry Potter books, and why?

I was re-reading Philosopher's Stone the other day, and the receipt is still tucked in the back. January 2000 - I'd heard a bit about these books, just vague stuff, it was before the hype got quite so...[insert superlatives of choice here], and one of the girls I babysat was reading them. She said they were really good, and dad and I won't not read fun fantasy books just because they're being marketed at kids *g*, so dad bought the first one and read it. Passed it on to me, and immediately bought the next two (PoA was still only in HB at this stage). We both thought they were good stories, and enormous fun. Plus, Sirius and Lupin were the first slashy couple I ever saw that I hadn't been primed to see :)
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"Be Thou My Vision" is a good hymn. Why aren't there any good vocal versions online? Nothing but instrumental and really crappily arranged vocal ones. Hmpf. Not happy Jan. The only good one I've downloaded so far is an a cappella version by what sounds like a rugby choir. Quite sing-a-long-able in my opinion, but whether it is appropriate for a funeral is another matter.

Already have two decent choral versions of "Be still my soul", though remains to be seen whether mum likes them.
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My grandmother just died.
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That's the only possible explanation for why there is now a basket of Easter Eggs on the reception area, barely a metre from me.

Including little Lindt "Lindor" eggs.

And I was trying to be healthy this week (ie cut out chips and burgers and stuff, and reduce coke intact).


On a more positive note, I've actually remembered to send off the additional $30 for the Friday night con event. Yay, me! [ profile] sinbrat, wanna send me your flight booking reference sometime, and I'll try and link the bookings so we can all sit together *g*. Hmmm, flight is 2-3-2 configuration. Well, we could get seats in front of each other, or stretched along a row. Pity it isn't a 4 block in middle flight :)
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They gutted the bathroom.

Well, they kind of have to, to be able to re-do it completely, but still...this was my childhood bathroom. We haven't done any major renovation in my memory, so I've never seen part of my home looking like this.

Everything is gone, vanity, toilet, shower, bath, tiles, walls...everything!

And oddly, it looks smaller.

But within a few weeks - a new bathroom. With a shower we can use, non-water damaged vanity unit, and a bath large enough for an adult to actually immerse more than 10% of their body at any one time.

Had dinner and much fun conversation with [ profile] eponymous and [ profile] ukcalico last night. I now remember why I don't go out in North Sydney much - the drunk assholes that appear after 10:30pm. Though we got to watch the cops manhandle one away, which was entertaining.

I'm blaming these plotbunnies that attacked me on the way home on them, by the way :)
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My sister has been having some eye trouble lately, and got glasses this week. She'd commented that she was shocked when she put them on, she didn't realise her long distance vision wasn't as good as she thought ("I can see leaves so clearly on trees!"). I laughed at her.

When we were wandering around outside the Opera House last night, enjoying twilight by the harbour before the peformance started, she was wearing her glasses. I borrowed them and popped them on, so we could see how I looked in them.

"Oh shit" I say, as the distant trees in the botanical gardens are suddenly so much crisper against the pink and blue sky.

"Ha ha ha ha" goes my sister and parents (both glasses wearers, dad all the time since his twenties, mum for the past ten years or so, for reading and stuff).

Guess you can only fight genetic inevitability so long. They're ok for now, but I bet by the time I'm thirty that might change.


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