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I'm working on the epic project of tagging all my old entries. Yes, I am really slow at getting around to this (and it would probably be better if I wasn't making them up without really thinking about useability). Perhaps I was putting it off cause I realised what a bummer it'd be, because a) I'm boring (particularly the months where most of my fannish content was going elsewhere, b) it's depressing seeing that I've not accomplished much in five years, c) kind of weird to see conversations with people you've lost touch with and d) confusing.

Confusing, like when I came across a private locked entry with a popslash plot bunny in it, that I can't remember what the hell I was thinking about. Apparently it was Chris/Nick becoming Chris/JC and Howie/Nick. Clearly my cryptic notes meant something to me at the time.

"So, have you figured it out? Are you happy yet?"

Chris considered the question for a long moment, then answered truthfully, "No. But I can see it from here."

Nick smiled. "Now you're getting it."

fic rec

Dec. 11th, 2007 02:41 pm
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You know how sometimes a story comes along that is just so perfect for you, you just want to write MINE MINE ALL FOR ME MINE across it? I had no part in this story, but still want to hug it and squeeze it and call it George, for it is made entirely of win.

>>> All That Stuff's a Sideshow by [ profile] vaudevilles
Popslash, trickyfish, brilliant and hilarious and hot.

Last night not only brought this, but I discovered that [ profile] harriet_vane has started posting a Brendon-centric story set in the Forever, Now (awesome kidfic) universe. 'Twas a good night.


Nov. 9th, 2007 01:27 pm
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Yay, 50 people have already signed up for Make the Yuletide Gay (the new popslash secret santa) \o/

I haven't seen [ profile] canadiankracka post, and there's news that Cobra Starship are touring with The Cab (and Metro Station and We The Kings, who I'm not familiar with) early next year. Lex, please let us know that you're okay ;)

Huh, didn't beckettbabygate break like two or three days ago, and there's been some TAI concerts since then? And I haven't seen a single report of someone throwing little pink booties at William or worse? I'm not sure if my expectations of fandom (and fans' behaviour) have been disappointed or exceeded. So confused.

Also, my Viva La Cobra cd finally arrived. So shiny and pretty!
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Skip=300 and I think I'm caught up. Verbose bunch, aren't y'all :)

Skiing was a mixed bag. Some good snow, and some really crappy. Read four books that I've been meaning to get around to for ages, so that's definitely a plus.

I forsee lots of washing in my near future. And not much else. How terribly sad ;)

ETA: and there was an email while I was away, dvds were shipped on Monday, so I should have them early next week, yay! And the wonderful [ profile] rhyssj answered many interesting questions, including one from me.


Aug. 9th, 2003 09:40 pm
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I just listened to the first half of Chris's radio appearance, courtesy of [ profile] ja and [ profile] eisakay.

Just when I think I can't love this guy anymore than I do *happysigh*. Despite having read the great transcripts that [ profile] ja did, I was still killing myself laughing. Can't wait to hear the Howie stuff. Maybe I'll got put real player on the laptop so I can...

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Yes, it is ten on a Friday night and I'm contemplating bed. I've been tired all week, no matter how much sleep I got, and today I didn't leave work til 7:30. Had to get stuff done as I'm off next week (skiing!)

I love the "ask the author's characters questions" meme that's been going around. I got great answers from [ profile] bitterchick, [ profile] mickeym (who I shocked by asking about one of her *old* unfinished Sentinel stories *g*), and merryish practially wrote a story in response! I've left a question for [ profile] rhyssj today, but she's been asked a gazillion, so she'll be answering for a while :)

Damn, just saw a mention of a new Lanning SV story in [ profile] out_there's lj. Have fallen out of SV a lot, but...Lanning. New story. Versus bed, and sleep.

Wonder if it's long...

Happy Birthday JC! Long may you sparkle!
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Had lunch with [ profile] meelie. We sat in the sun and talked about fic, and pets, and JC's sex life, and dreaming about popboys. It was nice :) I could get used to working three hours a day, having lunch then coming home, except for the lack of money thing.
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[ profile] alasen, [ profile] hnix and [ profile] sinbrat rock, and I worship them and owe them home-baked treats of their choice. Thanks to their early morning rising and queuing in the cold, we have pretty damn good tickets (barring stupid poles in the way or anything, fingers crossed) for Christina!!! Is it December yet?

I'm working for at least part of tomorrow. Same as I did yesterday and today, walk around supermarkets and copy nutritional info off packets. Then go into work and enter it into database. Stupid companies who are too lazy or disorganised to send the stuff to us suck, by the way *g*. Deadlines also suck. Am very weary now.

There is a TV Hits poster book out at the moment, with 1 page Christina, Justin, Nick and tatu posters that people might like. The Nick one is this picture. There is also a large POTC-era Orlando poster that looks quite nice. I didn't succumb to purchasing it myself, but I thought some of you might be more susceptible ;)

  • Callum Keith Rennie fans - Slap Shot 2 is available on dvd for $17 from KMart.
  • Michael Rosenbaum fans - Poolhall Junkies is available on dvd for $15 from KMart.

    And new icon from [ profile] sinbrat, because today is the first day of Howie month!
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    There was a tiny snippet about CFTC on E! News tonight - apparently Justin and his boyband had a celebrity basketball match, and the only person I saw footage of (as I was answering the phone at the time) was Justin. But there was a very cute little thing with Elijah and Dom at Comic Con, so I may stick the tape in tomrrow morning for the repeat. I think Fox 8 or TV1 often shows Access Hollywood clips, and they're supposed to be showing some CFTC stuff at some point, so that's something to keep an eye out for.

    good Skills challenge report
    [ profile] starsprinkles pictures - she's asked that people let her know if they're using them for stuff

    Don't forget, Christina might be on Rove tonight!
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    Good news: the dvds have arrived! Unlabelled, of course, and most of them don't have direct menu access to the different programs on them, but they seem to be the right ones :)

    Bad news: my cat is going to the vet tomorrow for 6 days for radiation therapy on her thyroid. She's gonna be very unhappy with us when she gets home. I'm gonna try and get away from work early tomorrow to help my sister take her to the vet. Poor puss :(

    [ profile] meelie, [ profile] eponymous - wanna meet up for lunch later in the week?
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    1. I accomplished something at work today. I fixed a big problem on the online shop. Yay, me!

    2. I'm not the one who is going to be in huge amounts of shit when they get back to work, for screwing up tech support, and I got points for helping out.

    3. Snippets of JC's songs! Even if the quality isn't the best. I particularly like "Build My World".

    4. My new warm, soft, slightly large royal blue dressing gown I bought on Sunday, and for less than $30.

    5. [ profile] hnix hates me! So she made me this nifty new icon :) smooch


    Jun. 9th, 2003 05:50 pm
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    Saturday was spent at [ profile] tboy's, got to catch up with her, [ profile] iibnf, [ profile] luthien67, [ profile] hnix, [ profile] sinbrat, [ profile] jack_danielson, [ profile] lilacdeity, [ profile] ausmac, and meet a friend of [ profile] tboy's who I don't think has an lj. Also watched parts of the rugby test during this gathering *g*. Had a lovely time, showed [ profile] tboy some Sentinel songvids she hadn't seen before, got fed yummy food, and managed to leave my wallet behind! Didn't realise this until I was almost home. Oh, and I got interrogated by [ profile] tboy and [ profile] jack_danielson on Saturday night. If they remember the conversation, I wouldn't put too much weight on my answers as a) I didn't really want to be talking about it, b) I'm not terribly introspective about this and c) my opinions often change. I'm still baffled as to how I come across so differently online to real life (and honestly, I never really got what you guys meant by this) when I feel I've barely been participating online in the last 6 months or more, but whatever *g*. I'll be double-guessing everything I post (or don't) from now on, though!

    Luckily, was heading out that way again on Sunday, to visit [ profile] alasen's place for sparkly fest. Had picked up [ profile] sinbrat and [ profile] hnix, and got random breath tested. At midday. For only the second time in the 8 years I've been driving, and the first time was only a couple of weeks ago. Only nerve-wracking part to this, as I haven't had anything to drink in a week or two, was that I didn't have a current license on me, only an old one that I dug out. But I didn't need it. But we stopped by and picked up my wallet, and pinched some toast, then met up with [ profile] alasen, [ profile] meelie, [ profile] eponymous and [ profile] ammonium. Footage was watched and squeed over, board games were sort of played and mocked, and stories were discussed and read aloud. Fortunately, I'd prepared for the contingency of staying at the HoF, cause we didn't leave until 3am. Then we didn't get to be until 6am, as we puppy-piled on [ profile] hnix's bed and talked and stuff. I crept out at 10am, only disturbing Sin, and came home and veged in front of the Tony Awards, live on cable. Then I got dragged out to look at bathroom tiles, which wasn't as bad as it sounds.

    So tired. So very, very tired. However, I am not so tired to thinking how crazy the guys look answering inaudible questions on the Atlantis satellite interviews footage doesn't amuse the hell out of me. And Chris playing with the bobbles on his hat! Justin and JC playing with the bobbles on Chris's hat. Lance chuckling away when Justin declares that "Tim McGraw is married. And we like girls." Our falling off the couch when Justin says that. Justin's compulsive pants fiddling. Joey's inability to speak. JC kicking the back of Chris's chair. It all amuses me. A lot. But Lance's overuse of the word intimate was not amusing. Except when he was talking about Tim McGraw.

    And Nick footage was squeed over, and various award shows, and For The Fans, and stuff I can't remember now.
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    Also, I am allergic to work. No, seriously. I hardly cough at home, then I come in here and I'm sniffling and coughing. Stupid airconditioning.

    And I'm very very bored, but quite busy (and should be getting more done rather than reading lj, bad me, but did I mention how very bored I am?).

    Have a wee little bunny of an idea for a trickyfish story revolving around the phrase "line of taste". If I write it, it'll be dedicated to [ profile] eponymous and [ profile] ukcalico *g*. And related to this, a new icon from [ profile] sinbrat to mark the start of Lance month.
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    Had an interesting dream that a bunch of us were at an Nsync concert, supposedly PopOdyssey but it wasn't really. All sorts of odd things, like people walking dogs along the catwalk at one point of the show, like, as part of the show. Hmmm. And Justin got booed cause he sang Chris's part in "Falling", though I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and said that maybe Chris wasn't feeling well. [ profile] eponymous and [ profile] ukcalico, please note, I gave Justin the benefit of the doubt, if only in a dream, so the world may very well be coming to an end. And JC was very sexy during the concert, particularly the part with the robe and disappearing into the floor. I applaud my subconscious, and would like more dreams like this, rather than the one the other night where I was housesitting for my aunt and uncle and their house had an evil pixie infestation. It was actually quite unsettling.

    Bought a shoe rack this morning, but my wardrobe cleaning plans have been derailed by mother possibly killing the vaccuum cleaner. Must go see if if is working again yet.


    Mar. 17th, 2003 02:33 pm
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    Had lunch yesterday with the lovely and generous [ profile] eponymous. Talked her ear off (bad me *g*), and in return, she shared some of the most wonderful sparkly stuff. Thank you :)

    And hnix was right - I've upgraded divx and the Angel ep plays!

    Read another book at work today - I wish they'd either give me more to do, or that I had net access *yawn*.
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    I am Chris
    I am Chris. Which NSYNC Member are you?

    Click here to take the quiz. This quiz was created by Lizzie

    Not a great picture of him, though.
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    Got some useful stuff done with [ profile] hnix and [ profile] sinbrat yesterday, so we rewarded ourself with renting On The Line, a romantic comedy (a genre I'm notall that fond of anyway) starring Lance and Joey. We were prepared to hate it, to make judicious use of the ffwd button, and to mock it a lot("").

    It really isn't too bad. I've seen far worse. We laughed and were entertained (and mocked as well, cause...c'mon!). And whoever said, in the reviews at, that Lance Bass is "thoroughly unconvincing as a human being" obviously has a) way to high expectations of romantic comedies, and b) a serious grudge. Cause he's fine in the role. Joey is more fun, but he's playing the wacky sidekick, and not carrying the movie. I'd actually recommend this movie (in an "if you're in the mood for a undemanding silly fun movie" way), and not just to pop fans. Though the appearance of Justin and Chris in the credits is the absolute highlight, natch ;)

    However, the universe makes no sense if Lance is straight. Luckily, I'm thinking there's not much danger of that.

    And [ profile] meelie, sorry we watched this without you. But we'll watch it again. In fact, I'd buy a copy if I could find it on sell-through in Australia, grrrrrrrr.


    Jan. 26th, 2003 08:24 am
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    Have been well and truly munched by mossies. Again. These seem to be a fresh lot since the ones bugging me on Friday night. Apparently insects find me nummy and irrestible. Yay. Wasn't even outside after dark last night.

    Have made 250 screencaps of the MSG concert. This disturbing level of obsession is even creepier when you realise that 50 of them are just of one little exchange between Joey and Lance (excuse - you could make a cute animated gif of it). Am now playing with the second half of FOTR.

    Am gonna go over and bother [ profile] sinbrat and [ profile] hnixabout dubbing, though we may retreat back to my place for a swim. Bet most of the rest of you aren't stupid enough to be venturing out if you don't have to :)
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    Firstly, and most importantly...

    does victory dance at [ profile] sinbrat's downfall


    Last night was a lot of fun, even if I was an even-more-so-than-usual incoherent flibbertigibit for much of it. Met up with bunch of people, including the visiting [ profile] askance and we all met [ profile] jackdanielson for the first time, and he didn't run screaming into the night ;)

    Is going to be hot today and tomorrow.

    Well, fuck

    Jan. 20th, 2003 08:18 am
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    The American Music Awards aired late last night on Seven. Didn't know this until this morning. Wanted to see more of JC's Harry Potter outfit :)


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