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I forgot an important birthday wish - HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] canadiankracka! Have a lovely day :D

Supposed Panic tour dates for Australia and NZ have been posted, but the source is a Panic Aussie street team myspace, so I'm kinda skeptical (which is sad, because the reaction when [ profile] jocondite and I saw them? It was impressive *g*).

ETA: dates are false, apparently the dates will be announced on Thursday?
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Some in advance, so I don't forget :)

Happy Birthday to [ profile] swabian, [ profile] melpemone and [ profile] simplybeing! Hope you all have a great day, when applicable ;)
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] lemmealone (you old fart)! Happy Birthday [ profile] isetadrift! Hope you both have great days :)
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From the random fact generator: One time, at band camp, Spencer ate a percussionist.

Happy Birthday [ profile] not_nele and [ profile] sinden! Hope you both had have a good day tomorrow :)
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Thank goodness for [ profile] indybrat and [ profile] not_nele coming to visit later in the week - it's made me get off my butt and do some cleaning and tidying. Except I probably shouldn't mention that I've done a bunch, cause it's still not that tidy! Especially since I've just moved some of the worst of the clutter, rather than actually sorting it out. And yet, I'm feeling accomplished about it anyway.

I've two episodes behind in Primeval and haven't watched this week's SGA yet. But my sister and I are gonna go see "The Jane Austen Book Club" tonight, in part to use up some free movie tickets that are about to expire, so tv will have to wait.

Hah, TAI boys again gather to watch Jason Siska on Survivor. Chiz's hair still looks odd to me, but the Butcher looks good with his new buzzcut!

Happy Birthday, [ profile] divafits and [ profile] jewelianna! Hope you have great days :)
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Thank you for the birthday wishes, and to [ profile] breny and [ profile] fadedsouls for the adorable virtual gifts :) I had a good day, nothing major - work was fine, and I went to the rugby in the evening with my dad, brother and sister-in-law. And NSW must have known it was my birthday, as they beat the Crusaders! \o/ Winning, plus getting to perve on Daniel Carter. Now, if only they could keep this up during the actual season (this was a pre-season game), and not make it an anomaly.

My parents gave me the new digital camera I picked out, so now I need to learn how to use it, in the next fortnight. Because...

TWO WEEKS TIL BSB \o/ And getting to catch up with and hang out with [ profile] indybrat and [ profile] not_nele :D

Speaking of which, turns out my dream opening act for BSB (JC *sigh*) didn't come true, but we are getting a different boyband alumni. Brian McFadden (formerly of Westlife and the future Mr Delta Goodrem) is opening for them in Australia.

>> photos of Joey celebrating his birthday by experiencing weightlessness. I'm so jealous, I'd love to do that :)

I'm skeptical about watching the Life on Mars spinoff, Ashes to Ashes, I shall have to wait and see what the reactions are to it.

I almost posted that meme asking for people to give me subjects/questions for the Five Favourite thingy, but then remembered, I'm terrible at picking favourites of things. Seriously. I'd get caught in some sort of infinite loop of uncertainty until someone slapped me like a skipping record.
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Since this is gonna be a busybusy week and I don't want to forget - wishes of wellbeing and good fortune and all-around-happy birthdays go out to [ profile] mickeym, [ profile] charliequinn and [ profile] madame_d :D

I made my sister a birthday cake the other day, and got quite a shock when I opened the egg carton.

There's just something wrong about that.

My toenails, they be pink! )

Two days til MCR! Then two days til MCR again!!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] iibnf!!!

Travis uses video-calling to "catch up" with William and Gabe on-tour, y/y?

Fuck, why can't people keep Torchwood spoilers behind cuts!!! *sigh* This doesn't apply to y'all, but I know way more about a character appearing in next season than I wanted to, thanks to various assholes.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] calemiri!!!!

And let us take a moment to reflect how long we've known each other, and consider the thought that however long we continue to know each other (and I hope that's a very very long time)'ll always be older than me! ;p
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] hnix :)

May your dreams be full of pretty

the only reason I didn't use !!!1! is to be contrary *snerk*
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Happy Birthday, Meelie!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] krazykitkat!!!

Hope you're feeling better
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Happy Birthday, dear Sin


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