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The other night, I was trying to catch up on some my Smallville viewing. While watching "Red", I think my gaydar broke.

I'll admit I'm incapable of watching this show without slash-tinted goggles, but there are some scenes to which I believe "Lex wants Clark and Clark wants Lex" is the only possible interpretation. If anyone can think of another possible spin on the "$2000 coat" and "penthouse" conversations, please let me know :)

And Chloe's behaviour in "Lineage" has probably cause me to lose any interest in, or liking for, her ever again. Or until I forget.
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I promised (threatened?) [ profile] tboy some SV recs, and figured I'd inflict them on everyone else too. It's mostly author recs, with some of my favourites amongst their stuff mentioned.

Smallville Meets South Park - One of my favourite sites *ever*.

Livia - Demarcation, Twenty-One, Ascension, Superfreak.
Lanning - Identical Series.
The Spike - especially The Buttefly Effect, Ride.
Te - Sweat, Chupa Chup, Deep Throat, Mystery, Champagne Wishes, Piece of the Action.
Debchan - Cake and Pie, Circling, Let It Snow.
Merry Lynne - Ice, Middle of No Where, Road Home.
Thamiris - Rules of Blue, Apocrypha, Along Came A Spider, Skinned.
Destina Fortunata - Prophet of Eden.
Basingstoke - Evil Mastermind Convention, First Straw, Snow Day, Psyches Candle.
Elynros - Undertow.
Brighid - Town Where No One Got Off, Lucifer in Starlight.
Jenn - Three Impossible Things, Sleep While I Drive.
Sarah T - Contra Mundum, You Can Learn A Lot.
Julad - Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in your Cellar!, Marry into the Family.
Caroline Baker - Oh Baby, Focus, You Get Fries With That.
Bren Antrim - Clark's Folly, Live Wire, Dusted, Immunity.
Pearl-o - Skin Your Knee, Air.
Ladonna - Delayed Reactions.
Helena Handbackset - Eleven Letter Words series.
Shrift - Uncle Einar.
Viridian - Black Pond, Very Secret Thoughts of Clark Kent.
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...from Big Blue, that is :)

Still trying to move files across from old computer, and don't have email set up here yet (hopefully today).

Had a bizarre dream the other night. Amongst the only stuff that I could really remember after waking, was that [ profile] hnix went to the US for a day, to see Tom Welling at some public appearance. And if that wasn't odd enough (cause surely she'd only go all that way if it was Michael Rosenbaum *g*), a bunch of us were then at some kind of fan event, and I was going through artwork for sale, and there was a small MUNCLE drawing, which featured Napoleon as a cat, with a sheathed penis tail.

Bastards alert - apparently Channel 7 showed an ep of "Sports Night" after the tennis last night. And it was ep 16, when the last ep they showed (that we know of) was ep 11. Grrrrrrr.
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Yesterday, [ profile] tboy was having Clark/Lex moments at a wedding, while I attended a lovely outdoor wedding (for a neighbour I've known my entire life), and there were many babies and small children. One of them could totally play Toddler!Lex, or a small Weasley. But the Lex likeness was exacerbated by the light purple outfit he was wearing :) This icon is so appropriate for this post *g*

The bride looked beautiful, the couple looked very happy, and it all went smoothly.

Went out to dinner at the Bondi Iceberg's club. Had the 'I don't wannas' before I went out, but once I got dressed and drove over there, had a great time.

By the way, thanks to [ profile] hnix, I'm going to hell. That is all.
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Cause [ profile] hnix is a icon-making machine! And cause a MST3K quote this good deserves a Smallville illustration.

Totally forgot SV was on tonight. Hope anyone who watches it and did remember admired the way when someone says "turn around", Lex hears it as "assume the position" ;)

Worked today, thanks to [ profile] calemiri. Nepotism is a very, very good thing. Discussed who we reckon will end up dead by the end of the Harry Potter books (consensus seems to be that Dumbledore is a Dead Man Walking *g*).

Will try and get around to picking up the 20 rolls of holiday photos tomorrow. If the cost of getting them developed doesn't bankrupt me, the price of the photo albums will ;)
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Or some of it anyway! Cause [ profile] lanning has posted a new story in her Smallville series, Common Ground.

I love, love, love these stories. Interesting plot, great characterisation, and delicious relationship between the guys.


Aug. 3rd, 2002 08:39 am
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Thanks to everyone who came out last night, I had a blast, and I hope you did too :)

Cause I ordered everyone who saw this week's Smallville (Hourglass) to read this (whether they are into the show or not *g*), here's the link to The Butterfly Effect by the Spike. Brilliant post-episode story. Read it, you will ;)

I have new icons up, all courtesy of the marvellous [ profile] hnix, even if she does mock me for my inability to pronounce narcissism (I probably can't spell it either).

I'm off tomorrow for a week, but I'll almost certainly check in, since I'm addicted to lj ;)
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Ok, this is Smallville related, but even if you don't like Smallville, you should check it out, it's that funny and cute :)
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I'm not the blowjob fairy here.

From "Golden" by Pearl-o (SV Clark/Lex).
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I worship Shrift for making a silk purse out of the sow's ear that is "Angel" lately, with her amazing story "Comfortable".

Some good Smallville rec sites can be found at the links page at the slash archive, as well as lots of other usefl SV sites.

[ profile] basingstoke has 2 interesting "Attack of the Clones" snippets up on her livejournal, one serious one about Anakin, and one not so serious Sith Academy-esque piece.

A Smallville WIP called Trousers of Time has got me hooked with it's intriguing premise.

And it turns out Andariel doesn't post all of her SV stuff to the archive.
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Big big rec for the delightful and sweet SV story Easy Tonight by Jenn.

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Honestly, I only looked at who the pin-ups in this month's Dolly for y'all, in case there was something interesting to report about people's various boytoys. They had 20 one-page pictures, male and female.

The Orlando one is pretty blah, and I've seen it around before, but the Elijah one is quite nice.

I swear, I'm half looking forward to Smallville starting on tv here (whenever that might be) just so that local teen mags might carry pictures of Tom and Michael *sigh*. How very very sad.
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Thanks to everyone in #smallville who tracked down a SV/TS crossover for me on the LexSlash list :)

Now, as for that Smallville/Stargate idea I had...

Edited to add: maybe Clark's people are the Furlings *snicker*. I must stop thinking about this...
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I'm using my amazing psychic powers to predict a story that someone, somewhere, will write soon.

During Lex's investigation of Clark, meteor rocks and other oddities, he will come across references to people with enhanced senses...yes, you can see where I'm going ;)

Smallville meets The Sentinel.

C'mon, the cheesiness, the bad special effects, the only redeeming feature being the dripping homoeroticism...these shows are *perfect* for each other. Though suddenly I'm having visions of Jim wanting to arrest Lex for stat rape and corruption of a minor...

(I've already read a Lex/Krycek story, but am still waiting for a Lex/Methos story *g*).
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On issues of betraying trust, invading privacy, and double standards.

Spoilers for Zero )
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Clark and Lex were in my (incoherent, as usual) dream last night. Clark kept kissing Lex on his shiny bald head, and Lex was getting very pissed off about it. Later, Lex rode a horse into a swimming pool, and Clark had to rescue him.


Apr. 7th, 2002 04:49 pm
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Went clothes shopping with mum and my sister yesterday. Got a number of nice things, including a shiny gray top with a square neckline and weird sleeves that mum disapproved of. So odd that at the age of 24, I still get a kick from buying things that she doesn't like. Don't do it often, because most of the time, she's got a valid point. And yes, I do still clothes shop with my mother, as otherwise I'd almost never buy clothes. Bought a nice inexpensive top from the men's wear in DJ, green with darker sleeves. The sales assistant was amused that it was for me.

On the spur of the moment, dad and I went and watched Eastwood play Gordon at Chatswood Oval in the afternoon. Saw half of reserve grade (Eastwood lost), and all of first grade (we won ). It was a lovely day to be at the rugby, sunny and mild, with hardly a cloud in the sky. Was distracted at times by the pretty little heron, smoky-brownish-gray with dark under it's wings, that was on the oval for almost the entire game, looking for grubs. It'd just fly to a different part when the game got too close. Was very amused by the music when the players ran onto the field for first grade. Gordon got the James Bond theme, and Eastwood got the Imperial March from Star Wars.

Saw Sorority Boys again. And it was still very funny. Michael Rosenbaum looks better in and out of drag in Sweet November, but will never watch the rest of the movie. Could barely endure Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron in the three scenes that Michael was in, ickity ick.
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"Of course, he'd never been in love before. Perhaps it was supposed to feel like he was dying from some mutated form of bubonic plague."

I love Bren Antrim! But it's the best thing about Quite an Extraordinary Boy, a retelling of the pilot of Smallville from Lex's point-of-view, well written but nothing out of the ordinary. Her other SV stories are better. But I do like this quote :)
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"Sorority Boys" was the highest-rated movie on this week's "The Movie Show", on SBS. As they said, this reflected the appalling movies they reviewed this week. However, they didn't think it was really bad, Margaret winning my devotion by being embarrassed by how entertained she was by it, and giving kudos to the actors, and I liked David's quip of calling it "Some Like It Lukewarm".

This also tied in with them mentioning the passing of Billy Wilder, who made "Some Like It Hot", amongst other films. I didn't hear about that on the weekend. I actually thought he was already dead, but still sad to hear.
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I saw "Sorority Boys" the other day. The sole reason I went and saw it was for Michael "Lex" Rosenbaum (see icon for further explanation).

I was prepared to loathe this film, and endure it's crappiness to savour the sight of Michael in very low slung red satin underwear (very nice ass, btw). I would not be seeing this film at all if it weren't for him.

I was not prepared to find it pretty damn funny. Ok, very funny in parts. The dildo fight alone...anyway, the fact is that I enjoyed it immensely. And that makes my brain feel dirty. And now I'm going to go check out the fan fiction that exists for it.

I so need help. But instead of an intervention, I have a friend willing to go see it again with me.


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