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Hallelujah, my Firefox has decided to start displaying LJ again correctly (it wasn't threading comments properly, which made them virtually unreadable). I don't mind occasionally using IE, but I'm so glad to switch back.

Another interesting quirk my Firefox has (or my lj layout, I don't know) is with embedded videos. I often have to go into someone's post to see what video they're actually trying to link to, because in my friendspage view, it'll display a video that someone else posted and I watched. A week ago. And since then, every video will display as that one. So for ages, I was getting cognitive dissonance everytime because it appeared that non-pop people kept posting baby BSB footage. But no, they were posting something else, but it'd display as that.

So this afternoon, I was very confused (but amused!) that Travis was posting that a typical Saturday for him was...a video of The Cab from SXSW. Of course, it turns out that a typical Saturday is actually watching Eddie Murphy with Hemingway, so that's sweet too. I'm a little confused by his post before that - was the fire in his room in Pete's place? Is Pete a pyro who tries to lure friends into having to share his bed by setting fire to the guest room?

Watching behind-the-scenes videos from FOB tours often makes me feel like I'm watching the sado-masochistic love affair of Charlie and Dirty. "C'mon, just one punch".

Today, [ profile] iibnf and I checked out a cool little exhibit about the poorly-named Rum Rebellion against Governor Bligh. Why that gets the focus, when the trigger was actually about property rights (an even more quintessentially Sydney obsession than booze), escapes me. The Moran Portrait Prize and Photographic Prize exhibits were pretty good too. Then we visited [ profile] tapedeck, and then had a little yum cha. Oh, and we accidentally ended up in a St Patricks Day picnic area (we were so confused why we had to have our bags checked just to walk through Hyde Park).
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Subject line (I didn't read it, despite the giggles it gave me):

"Hello my fiend, View my site"

I know I say spammers should go to hell, but still!
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The iprimus ones will work for a while, but my new email address is eri_lyn (at)
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The fact that I'm supposed to be going out to a rugby match tonight.

Why yes, the universe does revolve around me and my convenience, why do you ask?

Optus tech is supposed to be coming out here today, to see why we can get a better picture through our crappy bunny-ears aerial then we can through the expensive cable connection. I continue to love the cable modem though.

LJ withdrawal bad.
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Am going to see the Star Wars exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum on Saturday morning, as my sister and a friend are going. This is the final weekend, if anyone else wants to see it too?

Also, want to go see Star Trek: Nemesis with my sister, probably on Sunday.

Am behind on some email at the moment, due to not having setup a new email address yet through optus, but am unable to send email through iprimus. Ooops.

Wow, have managed to download over 900megs in under 48 hours. Cooooool :)


Feb. 19th, 2003 12:43 pm
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Someone on Optus already has the erilyn@ email address I wanted.

Hmmm, what to choose now.
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I have cable tv and cable modem!

And on Optus's first visit out, they did those, plus changed the phone over, in 3 1/2 hours. Well done, Optus.
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Am 5 days away from end of billing month with iprimus, but only have 5 meg download left. Eh, whatever, I'll just run over this month. Guess I shouldn't have counted on getting cable modem before next week *g*.


Feb. 11th, 2003 02:05 pm
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Fucking Telstra. Cable installation has been pushed back a week, cause Telstra have rejected the phone-switch request, cause the info is wrong. See Telstra think that we're at number 12 in our street, but we're not, and never have been (a mistake from when the street was developed, long story, and there is no 12), and this is causing issues. Fuckers.


Feb. 5th, 2003 08:51 pm
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Was talking to [ profile] calemiri and realised that I hadn't publically celebrated the fact that I'm getting cable! Optus is coming out next week to install cable for modem and tv, and we're switching to them for phone calls too. Not changing the number though, luckily :)

No more getting booted by non-existent calls and tying up the phone line to be online! Better tv reception! Lower phone bills!
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I've got 7 MB to last me until Monday. Somehow I think I might be paying a couple of dollars in excess download fees :)


Jan. 14th, 2003 08:22 am
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Will have to curtail net activity for the next few days. I've got less than 20MB of downloads to last me until the 20th, before I start getting charged per MB. Never got this close before (damn iMesh *g*).
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A nice young man from Telstra showed up this morning, after calling in advance. He spent almost three hours fixing a number of problems, and now our phoneline is working as well as ever, and our net connection is back to the usual around 40 kbps speed. However, there are still problems with some of the wires, so we could go again at any time (as it is a bigger job to fix them, and we're not sure when it'll happen).

Telstra still suck for screwing up cabling in our area, though that is an entirely different rant ;)


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