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A fun and interesting (though spoilery if you haven't seen all of S7!) interview with the wonderful Jane Espenson. (She's done commentary for her ep on the Firefly dvds!). Link gacked from [ profile] lovelypoet.

I got this through an email forward, and while I don't forward things often myself, this one is damn funny. Go to google, type weapons of mass destruction and select the "I feel lucky" search button. Read the 'error message' you get. Very clever :)

Yay, Friday! Now to figure out what is happening this weekend!


May. 20th, 2003 10:37 pm
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I have just finished watching the final episode of Buffy. My sister and I probably should've waited and gotten a better quality copy (this was crap, to put it mildly), but I just couldn't wait.

Someone, somewhere on lj, was using an icon that turned out to be a spoiler. If I find them, *smackdown*.

Apart from that - emotional reaction, no actual spoilers )
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Have switched to using [ profile] hnix's gorgeous Invisible Man mood theme. Bobby and Darien are soinlove! Theirloveissotransparent!!!1

Am currently downloading the final ep of Buffy. End of an era, yo. I started watching Buffy when the first episode was shown in Australia. Wasn't expecting a whole lot, but was taping as we watched anyway. Hooked after one episode, I tell you, hooked.

And while my level of enthusiasm has waned and waxed since S3, I have never missed an episode. I can't think of another long-running tv show I can say that about. First to last, and never one missed. I'm making myself teary.

I did it!

May. 17th, 2003 10:36 pm
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It involved a lot of sitting around on my ass, and occasional lapses in interest and concentration, but I've not only finished S4 of Angel, but I'm up to date with Buffy as well.

Word to the wise - anyone who spoils me for the finale is *deadmeat*.

This icon isn't terribly appropriate at this point, but its my only Buffyverse one :)

Go team me!

May. 2nd, 2003 10:07 pm
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Have caught up with Australian tv on Angel :) Am still barely ahead on Buffy. Yeah, having cable modem has really enabled me to keep up with the US *g*.

Edit: am now 1 ahead on Angel! Want to watch more, but will be sensible and go get some sleep instead :)


Feb. 26th, 2003 11:25 am
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Just got further spoilt for Buffy. My own fault for reading someone's wishlist for next season on Angel, but still...grrrrrr.
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Really enjoyed the last few eps of the season, and overall, I give a thumbs up to S6. Am kinda looking forward to the finale for Angel, it sounds craptacular and mucho worthy for mocking. Came across a brilliant post on TWoP of something Joss Whedon posted about S7 of Buffy (some spoilers for finale).

Why I still love Joss )
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"Buffy" was good this week, Willow and Tara were absolutely adorable (which is possibly without being saccharine, apparently a lesson the "Angel" writers haven't learnt).

"The West Wing" was very good, though I cringed through some of Sam's stuff (painful, but not in a crappy way), but was happy he got screen time.

"Angel" was better than last week. Which is damning with faint praise. My sister is probably going to refuse to watch it with me anymore, due to my stream of abuse directed at most of the characters. Everyone but Wesley and Groo are on my shit list. Even Lilah because )
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(cause no one has done that before, right? *g*)

..."Angel" crap, "Buffy" pretty (good, that it).

Though at least with all the ffwding I did, it didn't take me too long to watch "Double or Nothing".

QAF US...I'll give it a bit of time. Maybe once they stop remaking the UK version and strike out on their own it'll improve. Brian Kinsey is no Stuart Alan Jones though, that's for sure.


May. 21st, 2002 02:50 pm
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My sister's been rewatching some S2 Buffy. Oz, OldStyle!Cordelia, Angelus, and Baby!Spike. No, seriously, JM looks so young and fresh-faced, I could just eat him up with a spoon.
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Buffy was pretty good last night, though the past few episodes have quite explained the references I'd seen to UPN not having Standards and Practices *g*. Really quite enjoying this season.

Six Feet Under was great. It's such an...intimate show. Great cast with great writing and filming. Powerful stuff.
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Sorry to mis-use Papa Luthor's title, but Joss Whedon has reclaimed his god-like status, at least for now. "Once More With Feeling" rocked, and not just in the musical sense.

However, I thought that it was an extra-long ep in the US, and we were going to get a slightly cut version, but I've read the TWoP recap and the lyrics, and as far as I can tell, we saw it all. Cool.

Some spoilers for 'Once More With Feeling' )
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Good "West Wing" last night (once Nine eventually showed it). In one of life's fun little coincidences, I was pondering various WW thoughts, including Sam/Josh-ness, put the radio on, and the Linkin Park song that was used in a Sam/Josh songvid was playing. Well, I found it amusing.

No "Angel" ep though, so my brain filled in with a Buffy-verse dream that had people sailing to places to fight other people, wacky adventures in Hong Kong, bush fires, and many other things I can't clearly remember now. Wesley and Spike got all the good lines though, I do remember that :)


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