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This is not a children's book. I'm going to be very interested in the reviews of this book, because...damn.

Order of the Phoenix spoilers - big ones, so stay out if you don't want to know )

So, when's Book 6 coming out? *g*
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So very, very tired. Got woken up by noise of neighbours setting up garage sale after only about 7 hours sleep. Went and bought OotP from local bookshop - staff were dressed up, as were some of the kids, a nearby shop came past selling HP-themed cupcakes, and the bookstore owner read the first paragraph on ABC radio at just after 9am. I was leaving with my book when he was on the phone waiting to start. Sadly, when we got home at about 9:15, the hairdressers had just rung, asking whether I was keeping my 9am appointment! I'd completely and utterly forgotten about it, to the extent that I'd been thinking of making one and it never even crossed my mind that I'd made one last time I'd been there. So I set off to that, and dad got the book.

At least my regrowth is gone now.
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How quickly this week has gone.

Hmmm, read OotP (less than 24 hours to go, yay!), watch rugby on Sat night, tidy room and study, clean windows, job search, maybe start watching this season of West Wing? Nah, probably won't get around to it *g*. Would still like to go see Matrix Reloaded at some point.

I'd claim I was going to do some writing, but I wouldn't want anyone to choke while reading this ;)

Nap time

Jun. 19th, 2003 09:01 pm
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Early to bed tonight for me. Spent the last two nights putting in some long hours for mum. She got landed the job of doing a presentation to the year 10 students on biology and why they should do it for the HSC. Happy to say that in the end, the powerpoint presentation turned out quite nicely, and her presentation got a good reaction. Physics teachers were muttering afterwards that they need to figure out how to incorporate pictures of cute fluffy animals into their talks too. But we also had a cute animated gif of a Pacman type cartoon, to illustrate immune system stuff, and nice layout, tasteful use of animated text, and two pieces of music. Circle of Life for ecosystem topic, and Stayin' Alive for Maintaining Body Balances. Nsync version, natch *g*. Well, partially because I thought the lyrics were actually clearer. Not just cause I can hear Chris so clearly ;)

I was originally only going to be working Tuesday and Thursday this week, but that turned into 4 days (yay!). Someone is finishing up tomorrow, and they're still trying to make up their minds if this person is even going to be replaced, let alone if they want me in over the next few weeks to do some of her work. Stupid management.

Here's a question for y'all - if applicable, when did you first read the Harry Potter books, and why?

I was re-reading Philosopher's Stone the other day, and the receipt is still tucked in the back. January 2000 - I'd heard a bit about these books, just vague stuff, it was before the hype got quite so...[insert superlatives of choice here], and one of the girls I babysat was reading them. She said they were really good, and dad and I won't not read fun fantasy books just because they're being marketed at kids *g*, so dad bought the first one and read it. Passed it on to me, and immediately bought the next two (PoA was still only in HB at this stage). We both thought they were good stories, and enormous fun. Plus, Sirius and Lupin were the first slashy couple I ever saw that I hadn't been primed to see :)


Jun. 16th, 2003 12:24 pm
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I know it's only Monday, but who wants to do something this weekend? Felt like I haven't seen some people in ages, which may or may not be an accurate feeling. Of course, I am lacking in both ideas and the will to organise (situation normal for a while now *g*). Anyone else as slack as I am, and stil hasn't seen Matrix Reloaded? Or wants to see it again? Or something?

Edited to add: D'oh! I'm such an idiot! Getting together this weekend will probably be complicated by everyone trying to read Order of the Phoenix *g*.

CoS dvd

Jan. 22nd, 2003 09:40 pm
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Apparently we're getting it the same day as the US and Britain, April 11th, according to this site. Lots of extras, including 19 new or extended scenes. My only question - will they be accessible? I still haven't got HP1 on dvd for that reason.
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While we were watching Chamber of Secrets, the sound flickered and jumped a couple of times. We were gonna complain, but right at the end it happened again when the lights were on, and we noticed that the lights flickered too. We asked when we left, and they told us that there were lots of power surges due to bushfires. When we got outside, there were masses of thick, dark smoke clouds in a couple of directions, that definitely hadn't been there when we went in.

Excuse me? I know it's a long movie, but how frigging long were we in there for? And of course, there's always that first paranoid thought that it might be local. (And according to today's paper, there was a fire in Lindfield, which is the first we've heard of this, and there's no details, so we're a mite confused.)

A number of houses were lost yesterday, particularly up around Glenorie. Fucking awful.

On top of all this, some fucker tried to run our neighbour off the road in front of us as we drove home. He was stopped illegally, then started to pull out right in front of her without indicating, she beeped her horn and kept going, so he pulled out and tailgated her so badly that she pulled over and let him past. It happened so quickly, and was a bit of a scare. We got his numberplate, but she's decided not to pursue it.

Listened to the radio lots, since you get more up to date and varied coverage, not just what the tv stations have footage of. So many people were ringing in with complaints about people throwing cigarette butts from cars. One guy had to pull over and put out a fire that someone ahead of him started. There are no words strong enough for those people.
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Family outing to see Cos this afternoon :)

And I bought my first dvd! Well, kinda bought it, as I'll get reimbursed and given it for Christmas. Babylon 5 pilot and first telemovie set. Also got dad Lawrence of Arabia (2 for $50 at HMV, not bad since their regular price for LoA is $45). Might get Attack of the Clones from Grace Bros when we go to the cinema, they've got it at a good price.

And there's a Japanese shop near Westfield Hoyts in Chatswood which has 35% off their stock of Japanimation. Don't know anything about it, so I don't know if it is interesting stuff ;)

I'm so easily amused, I got a giggle out of the way someone at HMV had carefully placed the 2 for $45 sticker over Timberlake's face on every copy of Justified.
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So, does anyone know if the deleted scenes are still trapped behind the stupid game on the new dvd release of Harry Potter?
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Cause [ profile] hnix is a icon-making machine! And cause a MST3K quote this good deserves a Smallville illustration.

Totally forgot SV was on tonight. Hope anyone who watches it and did remember admired the way when someone says "turn around", Lex hears it as "assume the position" ;)

Worked today, thanks to [ profile] calemiri. Nepotism is a very, very good thing. Discussed who we reckon will end up dead by the end of the Harry Potter books (consensus seems to be that Dumbledore is a Dead Man Walking *g*).

Will try and get around to picking up the 20 rolls of holiday photos tomorrow. If the cost of getting them developed doesn't bankrupt me, the price of the photo albums will ;)

I did it

Oct. 13th, 2002 02:48 pm
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I read a Harry/Snape story and enjoyed it. Happy now? ;)

If you're curious, it was The Familiar by Resonant.
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Popped out to get a drink, and had a little browse of the magazines.

The new WHO magazine (blonde Nicole Kidman on cover) has a bunch of photos from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Looks good, looks good (though I think Branagh could do with longer hair *g*), but I'm not sure what to make of Dobey. Hmmm....

Plus, they said Bk 5 should be out at the same time as the movie. Happy squeal even though that isn't until November.

HP rec

May. 31st, 2002 04:59 pm
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Lest It Wither

Pinched this rec from [ profile] jacquez. It is by JiM, whose X-Files fiction I adore. Damn good story, work-in-progress, but not a cliffhanger or anything.


Apr. 18th, 2002 03:17 pm
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Apparently the fifth Harry Potter book's release date has been postponed from July this year to 'indefinite'. While I want it to be as good as possible, and felt that Goblet of Fire might have benefited from some more editing and time spent on it, I also want the new book now! Hey, I never claimed to be consistent.

And now Hannah has told me that it's being delayed just to milk more money from the movies. Bastards.


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