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I didn't feel so well this morning, slight loss of equilibrium and felt very cotton wool headed (not a hangover). Maybe I didn't sleep well, I had very strange yet lucid dreams that involved (amongst others) Smallville stuff, bodyswitching, a friend asking me how I like some plants, and my grandmother's jewellery.

However, I made it up to my relatives place for a bit, then went for a swim. 1 kilometre today, 40 laps! And I had a very nice chat with a guy (older than my dad) who is doing some swimming to get fit as he's heading up to do some diving up at Port Douglas (Great Barrier Reef). So jealous, I love it up there *g*.

Now I'm stuck at home, as parents are still at rels and my sister is off to babysit for my cousins (the babysitter cancelled on short notice). Wonder if there's anything edible that I can be bothered to cook. Someone, bring me some pre-prepared food! My kingdom for from GPK!
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My room and wardrobe are so tidy, I want to show them off :) I even cleaned and wetdusted a lot of my room as I went. I've chucked about 4 pairs of shoes (that were falling apart) and a heap of old clothes. There's a stack of papers I need to file on my desk, but apart from that, it's strangely organised. No bets on how long this unnatural state will last will be accepted ;)

Am still remembering my dreams like every night. Last night, amongst much weirder stuff, [ profile] hnix and [ profile] sinbrat acquired two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies, and Hannah's one didn't like me much (it's possible the dogs spoke).
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Had an interesting dream that a bunch of us were at an Nsync concert, supposedly PopOdyssey but it wasn't really. All sorts of odd things, like people walking dogs along the catwalk at one point of the show, like, as part of the show. Hmmm. And Justin got booed cause he sang Chris's part in "Falling", though I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and said that maybe Chris wasn't feeling well. [ profile] eponymous and [ profile] ukcalico, please note, I gave Justin the benefit of the doubt, if only in a dream, so the world may very well be coming to an end. And JC was very sexy during the concert, particularly the part with the robe and disappearing into the floor. I applaud my subconscious, and would like more dreams like this, rather than the one the other night where I was housesitting for my aunt and uncle and their house had an evil pixie infestation. It was actually quite unsettling.

Bought a shoe rack this morning, but my wardrobe cleaning plans have been derailed by mother possibly killing the vaccuum cleaner. Must go see if if is working again yet.
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Well, no, I didn't. But I did have another dream involving stressful packing for the Highlander con. WTF?

Regarding my cough, it has now moved further into my chest and I am now nicely congested, so rather than hacking at people, I've got that lovely deep phlegmy cough going on. But I am starting to feel better, honest :) Still tire easily though, so two hours at the hairdresser was a trial. I would have postponed and spared him exposure to my germs, but mum was getting all wistful that it'd be nice for it to be done before Tuesday.

Phlegmy really should be on the mood list, yo.

M&Ms are really good.

Many, many fans are great people and make fandom a wonderful place. However, there are always a few assholes who want to ruin it for everyone else. And this doth suck the big one.
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It's still like 5 weeks or so until HLDU5, but apparently I'm stressed about it.

Woke up at 5:30am from a long and unpleasant dream (not a bad one, since I wasn't being attacked or anything), where by many things happened and then all of a sudden I was out at the airport for the flight to Brisbane (not that it really looked like an airport, apart from the long queues). In dreamland, it was 11:30am, my flight was at midday, [ profile] calemiri was waiting for me at the boarding lounge, and I hadn't even checked my luggage yet. Ah yes, my luggage. Which turned out to be a half-empty sports bag lacking con-going essentials like a camera or specific clothes I wanted. I realise there's no point going up without this stuff (I think there was also missing tapes for the vidshows), so I got them to annouce a message to Kirstie, and I decided to buy a ticket on the spot (which oddly, wasn't nearly as expensive as a fullprice economy would be), and go home and pack. Mind you, I was going to miss the Thursday afternoon party, and had the cost of a ticket plu taxi back home and then back to the airport...and this was stuff I was thinking about in the dream. There was actually a lot more worry and nerves and anxiety than I'm conveying here. Suffice to say, I was glad to wake up.

When I got back to sleep, my dream seem to be centred around parking cars on Shirley Road, and walking home down this road. Including my sister and I being menaced by a large dog. Whatever, subconscious.

I want dreams like [ profile] ukcalico's dreams. Nice things happen to me in her dreams apparently :)

Why I hate my body (for biological rather than image reasons) today )
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...from Big Blue, that is :)

Still trying to move files across from old computer, and don't have email set up here yet (hopefully today).

Had a bizarre dream the other night. Amongst the only stuff that I could really remember after waking, was that [ profile] hnix went to the US for a day, to see Tom Welling at some public appearance. And if that wasn't odd enough (cause surely she'd only go all that way if it was Michael Rosenbaum *g*), a bunch of us were then at some kind of fan event, and I was going through artwork for sale, and there was a small MUNCLE drawing, which featured Napoleon as a cat, with a sheathed penis tail.

Bastards alert - apparently Channel 7 showed an ep of "Sports Night" after the tennis last night. And it was ep 16, when the last ep they showed (that we know of) was ep 11. Grrrrrrr.
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Good "West Wing" last night (once Nine eventually showed it). In one of life's fun little coincidences, I was pondering various WW thoughts, including Sam/Josh-ness, put the radio on, and the Linkin Park song that was used in a Sam/Josh songvid was playing. Well, I found it amusing.

No "Angel" ep though, so my brain filled in with a Buffy-verse dream that had people sailing to places to fight other people, wacky adventures in Hong Kong, bush fires, and many other things I can't clearly remember now. Wesley and Spike got all the good lines though, I do remember that :)
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Clark and Lex were in my (incoherent, as usual) dream last night. Clark kept kissing Lex on his shiny bald head, and Lex was getting very pissed off about it. Later, Lex rode a horse into a swimming pool, and Clark had to rescue him.


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