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Skip=300 and I think I'm caught up. Verbose bunch, aren't y'all :)

Skiing was a mixed bag. Some good snow, and some really crappy. Read four books that I've been meaning to get around to for ages, so that's definitely a plus.

I forsee lots of washing in my near future. And not much else. How terribly sad ;)

ETA: and there was an email while I was away, dvds were shipped on Monday, so I should have them early next week, yay! And the wonderful [ profile] rhyssj answered many interesting questions, including one from me.
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it is raining. a lot. bucketing down. not good. at least we had 2.5 days fun skiing.
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Got the car washed and polished today. Don't do that often, but occasionally, you just need to treat the car good :) While they were doing that, I wandered off to K-Mart and got the "Gone Clubbin'/Girlfriend" remix single, and the "Singing in the Rain" dvd. The dvd didn't want to come out of the anti-theft case. The clerk had to pry it open with a chisel. At least this distracted him from asking about my choices in entertainment *g*. Can't wait to have time to listen to the commentary - Stanley Donlen, Donald O'Conner, Debbie Reynold, Cyd Charisse, Baz Luhrman (oddly, but intriguing) and many others. While I was looking at the cds, found a Soul Decision one. I think I may have giggled out loud. Hopefully "let's go back and bribe them Soul Decision boys", with a bad canadian accent, wasn't out loud *g*.

Have burnt a heap of new sparkly footage to cd and am watching it on mum's laptop. Yay for finally being able to enjoy some of the OLFC stuff that [ profile] coreopsis has posted. It just isn't the same without sound :)

Those in the family that are foolish enough to be venturing to the snow (including me) are off at 5am tomorrow, until Friday.

Which means no livejournal until Friday, unless I end up using one of the net booths down at the Centre. We'll see *g*. Be well, and don't have any fun while I'm gone! ;p

Happy Birthday [ profile] out_there!
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Yes, it is ten on a Friday night and I'm contemplating bed. I've been tired all week, no matter how much sleep I got, and today I didn't leave work til 7:30. Had to get stuff done as I'm off next week (skiing!)

I love the "ask the author's characters questions" meme that's been going around. I got great answers from [ profile] bitterchick, [ profile] mickeym (who I shocked by asking about one of her *old* unfinished Sentinel stories *g*), and merryish practially wrote a story in response! I've left a question for [ profile] rhyssj today, but she's been asked a gazillion, so she'll be answering for a while :)

Damn, just saw a mention of a new Lanning SV story in [ profile] out_there's lj. Have fallen out of SV a lot, but...Lanning. New story. Versus bed, and sleep.

Wonder if it's long...

Happy Birthday JC! Long may you sparkle!
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Todd the Fanboy has handed in his resignation (and no, it isn't because of me being frosty towards him *g*). While I'll miss chatting with him a bit, it removes a bit of hassle from this job.

When I get back from skiing (yay, next week!), I'm gonna seriously try and lose some weight. I'll try following Weight Watchers (anything else would be a little hypocritical *g*). I wanna keep up my swimming, as well as doing other exercise . I'm looking at losing about 9kg (20lbs), and (at least one) dress size. I'm putting this out here so that I have to stick to it. I'm trying to pick something to be a goal. Summer is a little vague, but I'm going to the Christina Aguilera concert on December 8th. 9 kilos in 16 weeks isn't a completely unrealistic goal. I'll aim to either buy something new to wear to that, or wear something of my sister's (depending on my finances then *g*). Being able to borrow my sister's clothes again would definitely be a good thing :)

Starting date: 18th August
Starting weight: 70.9 kg (heh, this might change after skiing - for the worse, the food's really good).
Goal weight: 62kg
Goal date: December 8th (16 weeks)


Aug. 11th, 2002 07:20 pm
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I'm back! And in pain.

Last run of the week, returning to the hotel yesterday afternoon, I took my first real stack of the week. On a flat run, coming to a stop, one ski got caught in the thick, sludgy snow (there was a lot of snow this year, but *way* too warm), I came out of it, and face planted into the snow, getting the wind knocked out of me by a stock to the stomach. As I curled around myself in pain, my sister assumed I'd broken an arm, but the injury count is a rather sore neck and shoulders, and a painful spot on my abdomen.

Other than that, it was a nice week. Snow could have been better, but we had some good skiing, I read a couple of books, and Sam and I saw an echidna wander across a track and bask in sunshine among some rocks yesterday afternoon.

Think I've caught up with lj, but haven't with email yet. How dare things keep happening while I wasn't around ;p
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Sadly, the net access computers are no longer at our hotel, due to technical probs. So this is the first time I've checked my email and lj.

having good time, but it is too warm.


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