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Haven't achieved much this weekend. Made it into chat for the first time in yonks ;) Parents came home. Rewatched some of the sparkly stuff (but not the unwatched stuff, have to wait for [ profile] hnix or I'm a dead woman. Got some sleep (this was a good thing). Visited [ profile] sinbrat for about 90 minutes, where we learnt that we are helpless without [ profile] hnix so that's another thing we need her to come home for. Made Mexican for dinner.

This extremely boring lj post was brought to you by the letters J and C and the number 5.

Wow, the last " in a lj user tag is really important *g*
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I'm like 13 hours early with this (or more, for non-Aussies), but I don't know if I'll be online again this year :)

Have a fun and safe New Year, and I'll see you all next year.

New Year

Dec. 30th, 2002 09:09 am
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Oh dear, it is the 30th December. Yikes. Where did the year go etc etc. And me completely disorganised about New Year's Eve, as always :)
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Man, it never fails. Get that bushfire smoke into the air, a malevolently gorgeous sunset on the horizon, a bit of ash floating through the air...and I turn into a full-blown paranoiac. As opposed to my usual state :)

Love and hugs to everyone who might be affected by them, or have family and friends in danger zones.

Great, my sister just told me that the fires jumped the highway into the national park, and they've closed it at Bobbin Head. Wake me when the drought is over.

On a less depressing note, anyone want to do something this weekend?

Hmm, I might be able to have a little shindig here, first weekend in January. Parentals will be off hiking or something.
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While we were watching Chamber of Secrets, the sound flickered and jumped a couple of times. We were gonna complain, but right at the end it happened again when the lights were on, and we noticed that the lights flickered too. We asked when we left, and they told us that there were lots of power surges due to bushfires. When we got outside, there were masses of thick, dark smoke clouds in a couple of directions, that definitely hadn't been there when we went in.

Excuse me? I know it's a long movie, but how frigging long were we in there for? And of course, there's always that first paranoid thought that it might be local. (And according to today's paper, there was a fire in Lindfield, which is the first we've heard of this, and there's no details, so we're a mite confused.)

A number of houses were lost yesterday, particularly up around Glenorie. Fucking awful.

On top of all this, some fucker tried to run our neighbour off the road in front of us as we drove home. He was stopped illegally, then started to pull out right in front of her without indicating, she beeped her horn and kept going, so he pulled out and tailgated her so badly that she pulled over and let him past. It happened so quickly, and was a bit of a scare. We got his numberplate, but she's decided not to pursue it.

Listened to the radio lots, since you get more up to date and varied coverage, not just what the tv stations have footage of. So many people were ringing in with complaints about people throwing cigarette butts from cars. One guy had to pull over and put out a fire that someone ahead of him started. There are no words strong enough for those people.
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Hope it stays sunny and (comparatively) warm today, I've discovered two smalls patches of mould in my bedroom, (one in the cupboard, one behind some furniture), which I really need to attack with some sugarsoap this afternoon.

Didn't realise until late that there was no Six Feet Under last night. Bloody soccer. I mean, it's not like it's a big sport or anything ;)
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Went on a picnic for a friend's birthday in Observatory Park. Nice weather, and we had a lovely view of the harbour.

Sarah's boyfriend brought along his pet, which turned out to be a lovely 9 month old parrot, whose nickname is Pretty Boy. Pretty Boy nibbled my boots, jeans, hairclip, actually, he nibbled everything and everyone. He sat on my shoulder and took sunflower seeds from between my teeth. He refrained from shitting on me.

I'm in love.
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It was my brother's 30th birthday party last night. Well, actually it was a group birthday party for him and 3 of his friends whose birthdays are also in April. Had it in North Sydney, and it was nice to catch up with some of his friends whom I've known forever, but haven't seen much of lately. Took a roll of photos of people, often ambushing them with my blinding (or so they claimed) flash :) Didn't even get that drunk, as I was so thirsty later on I was on water and lemonade only.

My hair stinks of smoke. I must shower.
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Mum and I took the cat to the vet for a checkup this morning. Tortie is not a good car passenger, and spent the entire 15 minute drive expressing her displeasure with heartbreaking yowls. However, she was very well-behaved when the vet examined her, and she was given a (mostly) clean bill of health. We left her there for the day, as she needs to get her teeth cleaned, which they do under general anaesthetic. I'm trying not to be worried about the anaesthetic, as she was fine when she had this done last year, but she's not a young cat. She's lived with us since I was in 5th grade or so, and don't want to contemplate losing her.

Hope they don't have to remove any more teeth, she'll be toothless soon.
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Went to a friend's for a small welcome home dinner as she's been overseas for 9 months. It was great fun catching up, but she, another friend and I talked until 3 in the morning, and a phone call woke me up at 8.30, so I'm feeling rather buggered. And now I've got to go to a Nutrimetics party and someone is going to try and sell me overpriced cosmetics and body stuff.

But the talking was fun. Discussing politics, social issues, travel, relationships, life goals, family, and anything the conversation turned too. Some serious disagreeing too, since one friend is more to the left than me, and the other is more to the right. Can I just see all sides more easily, or am I an indecisive fence-sitter?


Apr. 7th, 2002 04:49 pm
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Went clothes shopping with mum and my sister yesterday. Got a number of nice things, including a shiny gray top with a square neckline and weird sleeves that mum disapproved of. So odd that at the age of 24, I still get a kick from buying things that she doesn't like. Don't do it often, because most of the time, she's got a valid point. And yes, I do still clothes shop with my mother, as otherwise I'd almost never buy clothes. Bought a nice inexpensive top from the men's wear in DJ, green with darker sleeves. The sales assistant was amused that it was for me.

On the spur of the moment, dad and I went and watched Eastwood play Gordon at Chatswood Oval in the afternoon. Saw half of reserve grade (Eastwood lost), and all of first grade (we won ). It was a lovely day to be at the rugby, sunny and mild, with hardly a cloud in the sky. Was distracted at times by the pretty little heron, smoky-brownish-gray with dark under it's wings, that was on the oval for almost the entire game, looking for grubs. It'd just fly to a different part when the game got too close. Was very amused by the music when the players ran onto the field for first grade. Gordon got the James Bond theme, and Eastwood got the Imperial March from Star Wars.

Saw Sorority Boys again. And it was still very funny. Michael Rosenbaum looks better in and out of drag in Sweet November, but will never watch the rest of the movie. Could barely endure Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron in the three scenes that Michael was in, ickity ick.
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There's something very soothing about a purring cat curled up on your ribcage. And soothing is good right now, since I had my first real car accident yesterday.

I'm all right, the car is (mostly) all right, and I wasn't at fault. I got rear-ended on a freeway, when a bunch of us had to break suddenly because of some moron a few cars in front. I missed hittig the car in front of me by millimetres (thank god for new front tyres last week), but the guy behind me hit me, and got hit himself. Everyone was very civil, very worried that each other were ok, and exchanged details and got on our way. And I'm very proud of my mother, for not freaking when I rang from the side of the road and told her that I'd been in an accident.


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