Mar. 1st, 2008 10:44 am
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Uploaded for various people, no use in not posting for everyone :)

Because Julie Brown is awesome and hiliarious.
+ Cause I'm A Blonde
+ Earth Girls Are Easy
+ The Homecoming Queen Has A Gun
+ I Like 'em Big and Stupid

A capella goodies.
+ Nsync - More than A Feeling
+ Nsync - BeeGees medley ( mix)
+ BSB - When I Grow Up To Be A Man
+ BSB - Medley
+ BSB - Shape of My Heart
+ BSB - What Makes You Different

Random pop-related stuff.
+ Chris Kirkpatrick - My shiny teeth and me - from Fairly Oddparents
+ Nick Carter - Payback - bonus track from his solo album
+ Nick Carter - Rockstar Baby - ditto
+ Nsync - Here and Now - from the soundtrack of a German film, I adore it.

+ Panic - Nine in the Afternoon
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I suck, as I have not thanked the marvellous [ profile] morebliss for the rugby calendar she sent me! Not my team, but hot rugby boys are always welcome :D Thank you so much!

Have some songs I've uploaded for various people.
+ Kanye West - Stronger
+ Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
+ Backstreet Boys - Panic
Because even if I didn't love the song, picturing Ryan and Spencer when Backstreet put out a song called Panic makes me happy everytime ;)
+ Purple Haze - Toxic
AWESOME a capella cover of Britney.
+ Julie Brown - I Like 'em Big and Stupid
+ Weird Al - Polka Power (medley)
Cause sometimes you just want some fun music

Gacked this Gerard interview (from late last year) from [ profile] missmollyetc, I hadn't seen it before. I don't know which I love more: his previously well thought-out answer about what animal he'd like to turn into, his basfulness at talking about what he does that's romantic, or HIS OUTRAGE at the plot of Bridge to Terabithia and it's misleading advertising (and the accompanying head movements).

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Does anyone have Blood (Track 14 from The Black Parade) edited to get rid of the silence before it? I've been meaning to do it, but haven't gotten around to it, and someone has asked me for it.

A question about Pete on [ profile] bandfandom_ref led to this site being linked to: Half of Us, aimed at mental health issues amongst college students. I hadn't heard about (or seen) the videos of Pete talking about his depression, overdose and therapy before. Very candid, uncomfortable to watch but compelling.

On a much lighter note, apparently Michael Guy Chislett has heard about my mental block about slashing Aussies, and has embarked on a campaign to make me get over this. His latest step is to be half-naked (or more?) in bed with Butch Walker (they're releasing an album together, but are refusing to get out of bed until someone designs them an album cover).

Typical. I don't post in a week, then I post twice in two hours.
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[ profile] alasen, [ profile] hnix and [ profile] sinbrat rock, and I worship them and owe them home-baked treats of their choice. Thanks to their early morning rising and queuing in the cold, we have pretty damn good tickets (barring stupid poles in the way or anything, fingers crossed) for Christina!!! Is it December yet?

I'm working for at least part of tomorrow. Same as I did yesterday and today, walk around supermarkets and copy nutritional info off packets. Then go into work and enter it into database. Stupid companies who are too lazy or disorganised to send the stuff to us suck, by the way *g*. Deadlines also suck. Am very weary now.

There is a TV Hits poster book out at the moment, with 1 page Christina, Justin, Nick and tatu posters that people might like. The Nick one is this picture. There is also a large POTC-era Orlando poster that looks quite nice. I didn't succumb to purchasing it myself, but I thought some of you might be more susceptible ;)

  • Callum Keith Rennie fans - Slap Shot 2 is available on dvd for $17 from KMart.
  • Michael Rosenbaum fans - Poolhall Junkies is available on dvd for $15 from KMart.

    And new icon from [ profile] sinbrat, because today is the first day of Howie month!
  • Christina!

    Jul. 22nd, 2003 10:15 pm
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    Caught her interview on Rove just then, she was quite cute. What was really important though - the concert dates were announced! [ profile] hnix, it's ok, Sydney Entertainment Centre, December 8th! Tickets go on sale on August 1st!

    No Christina icon to celebrate with, but JC is nearly as pretty, and wears women's clothes sometimes, so he'll do.

    In other news, the computer is mostly working, apart from sound. Still might have to take it back to supplier for looking at.

    Helped my sister take the cat to the vet for her treatment. The cat retaliated by attempting to gas us to death by disgracing herself in her carry cage. Me attempting to drive through busy traffic while trying not to dry retch out the window does not equal fun trip. Poor puss though, she was so unhappy at being at the vets that her legs were trembling a little bit. She doesn't bite or scratch though, little softie. Different place too, which wouldn't help, though the guy was very nice, and very clear when he explained everything. Hopefully by next Monday we'll have our little radioactive and pissed off kitty back home again.

    Christina! Hope I can get tickets...
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    Man, I'd love to hear a complete version of Christina singing "Fever", I just downloaded a short clip of her performing it in black lingerie. Nice outfit *g*, but it's a great song for her voice.
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    In the past half hour, they've played "Don't Go Now" by Ratcat (who was I getting nostalgic about them with lately?), "Things That Make You Hmmm" by C&C Music Factory, and now it's "Fat" by Weird Al Yankovic.

    Pity they aren't like this more often! :)
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    Avril Lavigne can't sing, as evidenced by her live performance. Huh. I haven't minded some of her songs, but dear god, now I'm really hoping she's gonna be a one album wonder, and that by next year, it'll be "Avril who?"

    She was really that bad.

    And Homicide Life on the Streets is being released on dvd (though no date has been set yet).


    Feb. 4th, 2003 04:57 pm
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    Um, does Eminem really have any street cred left when Dolly are giving away a sheet of Eminem stickers in this months magazine? I mean, last month it was Justin Timberlake.
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    I've installed iMesh (finally), and as when I first installed Napster, my mind has gone completely blank of anything I might want to look for with it.

    One of the first things I downloaded with Napster was the Muppets theme :)


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