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Edited to note: snickers at choice of picture for this mood.
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The story about Viggo's son being the one making him take the job as Aragon is obviously a cover story.

Peter Jackson, in a desperate panic after waking up and realising that he'd cast Stuart Townsend, send him a picture of Orli (probably in "Wilde" getup), and Viggo was on the next plane to NZ.

Well, wouldn't you be? ;)


Jan. 26th, 2003 08:24 am
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Have been well and truly munched by mossies. Again. These seem to be a fresh lot since the ones bugging me on Friday night. Apparently insects find me nummy and irrestible. Yay. Wasn't even outside after dark last night.

Have made 250 screencaps of the MSG concert. This disturbing level of obsession is even creepier when you realise that 50 of them are just of one little exchange between Joey and Lance (excuse - you could make a cute animated gif of it). Am now playing with the second half of FOTR.

Am gonna go over and bother [ profile] sinbrat and [ profile] hnixabout dubbing, though we may retreat back to my place for a swim. Bet most of the rest of you aren't stupid enough to be venturing out if you don't have to :)
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Saw it, loved it, want to see it again. No, it's not perfect, but it's very good, and a hell of a lot of fun.

I also love [ profile] lydia_petze's new digs, new adorable kittens, but most of all, vege'ing out with her and catching up :)

Two Towers

Dec. 27th, 2002 05:01 pm
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Am going to horn in on Hannah, Sin and Calico's outing to see TTT. Must get ticket for Sunday 1:45 pm session in city. Anyone else? We'll probably have lunch first.
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There's an Elijah/Two Towers article-interview in todays's Sydney Morning Herald.

My favourite bit however, doesn't deal with Elijah at all. "Orlando Bloom's Elf archer, Legolas, looks, with his flaxen locks and impeccable choreography, like an entire boy band in one person."

bites tongue. firmly

On a more serious note, this bit was interesting. "Wood, Jackson and Mortensen also caused a ruckus on a recent episode of the American political program The Charlie Rose Show. Given that The Two Towers is essentially a three-hour battle sequence, Viggo Mortensen's handmade "No more blood for oil" T-shirt created quite a stir."
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My brother's girlfriend is organising a group outing to see FOTR on the big screen before Two Towers starts.

Macquarie Centre – Gold Class
Wed 18 December – 6pm
$25 a head (normally $33)

Let me know if you're interested!


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