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I finally got a reply from them about my new order that hadn't got processed - somehow, a payment method wasn't selected (I'm pretty sure that I filled everything in, but ok). They told me:

If you'd still like the order, you can log in to your webstore account and resubmit a new payment.

Um, how? I can see how to update payment details, but not how to select a payment method for a specific order. I've emailed them back, but that'll probably take another week. Half the stuff I was ordering was on sale, it's probably fucking sold out now :( I'd cancel the order, but there's no easy way to do that online, and I still really want the Cobra hoodie.

Also, how come I can get shirts from Threadless in a week (yay!) but it's gonna take them forever to get the Panic boxset to me? I guess I may as well ask why not everyone in the US has got their order yet. Fuckers.
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Yo, question to anyone who has bought things from the FBR store before?

For instance, I buy a girly large tshirt from threadless. Looking at the sizing charts for both places, that looks like a adult small from FBR. Which is the size tshirt I'm supposed to get with my Panic stuff, but god knows when that'll get here to try it on, and there's a sale on now. And should I go for a small or medium hoodie? And why doesn't the TAI Heavy Heart long sleeve tshirt come in adult sizes - I suspect trying to squeeze my tits into a girls large would be inadvisable.

Really, I should hide my wallet from myself when I'm in this kind of mood, but c'mon, enable me ;)
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Well, damn.

I contacted the FBR store about whether international orders can be tracked (there's a link, but it doesn't work), and the answer is no (which I expected). But the email also said:

"Your order should arrive in 2-4 weeks from March 20th. That's when the box sets are shipping. I hope this helps!"

But in my order info it already says shipped. I'd hoped this would mean that it would arrive pretty close to March 25th, but I guess not.

new shoes!

Mar. 10th, 2008 02:15 pm
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[ profile] not_nele wanted to see my new chucks, but I was too lazy to put on both pairs of shoes. Click for a bit bigger version.

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Discovered that there was a Paul's Warehouse not too far from me, especially given I was going that way to my brother's place (bbq for my sister-in-law's birthday), so could not resist detouring to check out their two-for-one shoe sale. Left with two pairs of hightop chucks - green, and red plaid. Hurrah! ([ profile] sinden: I don't remember seeing anything particularly good in your size, because a) a lot of what they had there wasn't very interesting (so much beige-and-olive anarchy), and b) didn't seem to be a lot of 9s. [ profile] alasen: I don't know your size.)

Gacked from mcee: amazing video of Famous Last Words from the UK tour last year - for 3:45 onwards, when RAY THROWS HIS GUITAR DOWN AND SINGS HIS MOTHERFUCKING ASS OFF! I think I need a cigarette now.

First result when I plugged Pete into the random fact generator: A picture is worth a thousand words. A Pete is worth 1 billion words.

Also, one of the first when I tried Gabe: Once a cobra bit Gabe's leg. After five days of excruciating pain, the cobra died. [Gabe would be distraught!]
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It appears that my Panic deluxe edition has shipped from FBR (was I supposed to get an email notification?), yay! But the tracking number doesn't work yet, I want to be able to track it's movements obsessively.

Why hasn't a release date been announced for MCR's dvd? I covet it ::grabby hands::

I deleted a comment to my SOMH (Melbourne) video on youtube from bambistarlight. If you're reading this, sorry, but didn't want people to come looking for my lj. Sure, the usernames are the same, I'm not exactly hiding, but it just made me uncomfortable.

The Waratahs somehow managed to beat the Brumbies last night. I was at the game, and I'm still not sure how. Fortunately our seats are undercover, because it was raining for a lot of the game, including ABSOLUTELY POURING during the last part.
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While out in the city today, I fell for the most awesome (kinda ugly) chucks - the design is a repeated motif of Rosie the Riveter (complete with We Can Do It slogan). But I didn't buy them, or the slightly more tasteful patterned ones either. Though I'm thinking about them...if only they weren't full price, dammit...

I am in such a SPENDSPENDSPENDMONEY mood lately, so dangerous. It's a good thing I got so unsure and indecisive about sizing, or I might have spent a shitload of money on the FBR store this afternoon. There's no way I'd fit into an XL in a girls sizing, would I? What would I be in an adult hoodie? Argh, too hard!

Pete Wentz fails in taking my money though - I was vaguely considering some stuff from Clandestine the other day, but shipping to Australia is just RIDICULOUSLY expensive. Well, he doesn't completely fail - I'm surfing Amazon looking for other things to order with the **** dvd.

When was the last time that Threadless did a sale? ::contemplates several shirts::

It's all the Aussie dollar's fault, for being so strong against the US$ at the moment.
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When I was in Melbourne last weekend, we went to to Minotaur (books/comics/dvds/geeky pop culture store). And I came home with this guy.

who could it be? )
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I'm seriously thinking about buying the deluxe edition of Pretty. Odd. Someone come and talk me out of it. Though since the FBR store won't let me access the deluxe edition, I may be saved already. Nope, seems they do want me to take my money. ARGH, decisions. ETA: store still dead. LET ME MAKE AN IMPULSE BUY!

Speaking of Panic, I'm hoping that y'all have as non-stressful and successful ticket-buying experiences as possible. Abusing alcohol will not help - it'll just slow you down when you're trying to buy.

My exam this morning went...adequately. I'll be surprised if I fail, will be surprised if I do better than a pass.

Excuse me while I go listen to Nine in the Afternoon again. And again.
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Back from the first day of post-Christmas sales in the city. We only did David Jones (plus a shoe store - where I got a pair, sadly not reduced), but this still meant about a dozen bags in two hours. We did well! My sister bought me two handbags (one black, one brown) for a Christmas present.

I hope everyone had a lovely December 25th (and/or 24th, for those whom the Eve is the big day), whether that meant Christmas or whatever :) We had my uncle and brother and sister-in-law over during the morning, then it was just the four of us for lunch (at about 3pm). The bbq marinated lamb with herb sauce was just delicious, with salads and a very nice Tyrrells semillon. Dessert didn't happen til after 6pm, as mum had a nap and dad, my sister and I watched White Christmas (which I then spent a while recasting with bandom people [1]). Mmmm, chocolate mousse. [ profile] iibnf wandered over in the evening for a while. All in all, a very relaxing day.


Apart from waiting for that, got nothing else planned today. Maybe I'll dive into the pop secret santa, or poke around Yuletide some more...

And thank you again to [ profile] _lolapalooza for the christmasified icons that I've been using for the past couple of weeks :D

[1] C'mon, just picture Gerard and Mikey doing the Sisters routine - even funnier than Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye's performance ;) So Way Brothers instead of Haines sisters, but I kept getting stuck on the Bing and Danny roles - I was going with Ray and Frank, but I think brash, annoying writer Pete saving musician Patrick's life during the war and guilting him into a partnership works even better (and leads to Patrick/Gerard and Pete/Mikey).
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(If any local MCR fans who don't own Life on the Murder Scene are interested - my JB HiFi has it for only $17.)

Only worked half a day, I totally over-estimated my own stamina post-exams. I did the important stuff, everything else is so boring and ongoing that I just couldn't cope. I need the money, but wasn't accomplishing anything.

Came home to the news that my cousin D is gonna be a dad! I'm so happy for him and his wife!

But then I went out to the shops - got something to make for dinner, failed to find a birthday present for my sister, bought Viva La Cobra! (I gave the copy I bought from the US away as a present), failed to find some casual pants for myself, and ran into my cousin D and his wife, so I got to congratulate them (ie squee in public) in person *g*.

I can't remember with whom I discussed this, but I remember wishing for a big plotty case-file-esque Supernatural/Criminal Minds crossover a little while back.

>>> Defect, by [ profile] kikkimax is just that, and more. So good.

Speaking of Criminal Minds - need. new. episode. NOW!!!
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Got the car washed and polished today. Don't do that often, but occasionally, you just need to treat the car good :) While they were doing that, I wandered off to K-Mart and got the "Gone Clubbin'/Girlfriend" remix single, and the "Singing in the Rain" dvd. The dvd didn't want to come out of the anti-theft case. The clerk had to pry it open with a chisel. At least this distracted him from asking about my choices in entertainment *g*. Can't wait to have time to listen to the commentary - Stanley Donlen, Donald O'Conner, Debbie Reynold, Cyd Charisse, Baz Luhrman (oddly, but intriguing) and many others. While I was looking at the cds, found a Soul Decision one. I think I may have giggled out loud. Hopefully "let's go back and bribe them Soul Decision boys", with a bad canadian accent, wasn't out loud *g*.

Have burnt a heap of new sparkly footage to cd and am watching it on mum's laptop. Yay for finally being able to enjoy some of the OLFC stuff that [ profile] coreopsis has posted. It just isn't the same without sound :)

Those in the family that are foolish enough to be venturing to the snow (including me) are off at 5am tomorrow, until Friday.

Which means no livejournal until Friday, unless I end up using one of the net booths down at the Centre. We'll see *g*. Be well, and don't have any fun while I'm gone! ;p

Happy Birthday [ profile] out_there!
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  1. I accomplished something at work today. I fixed a big problem on the online shop. Yay, me!

  2. I'm not the one who is going to be in huge amounts of shit when they get back to work, for screwing up tech support, and I got points for helping out.

  3. Snippets of JC's songs! Even if the quality isn't the best. I particularly like "Build My World".

  4. My new warm, soft, slightly large royal blue dressing gown I bought on Sunday, and for less than $30.

  5. [ profile] hnix hates me! So she made me this nifty new icon :) smooch

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I feel the need for more fannish tshirts, especially with the con coming up.

There's a place a few blocks from here that does printing onto shirts for $16, so I must ask the girl who does the South Park-esque SV cartoons if I can put one on a tshirt. Maybe with a "Every story has a beginning" caption...or an appropriate Omar-ism.

I'd also love a Pervy Elf Fancier or Pervy Hobbit Fancier shirt :)

Embroided ones...still like a FKA and maybe a trickyfish one too. Oooh, mustn't forget the "Joss + Tim 4 eva!!!" *g*.

Must pop down to places like Target and see what I can get by way of inexpensive tshirts and tops to play with :)
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Apparently there is a big dvd, cd and book sale on in Darling Harbour exhibition centre, starting today for the next couple of days. Nothing over $10, and major titles and new releases (they claim). Hmmmmmmmm....
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Over the past week during random reading, I've noticed a lot of heartwarming (or something) posts in people's ljs about their Christmas traditions. I guess we have some (e.g. I love my Disney sings Christmas Carols record), but probably the biggest is - post Christmas sales.

Mum is a sales junkie, and still drags us out to them. It's good, but fucking tiring. Was in the city yesterday morning for the first day of sales there, and was in Chatswood today for the first day of sales there. Both times, we were at DJ's when they opened the doors (but only just, very good timing *g*). Got quite a bit of stuff, especially today, but oh, my aching feet :)
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Family outing to see Cos this afternoon :)

And I bought my first dvd! Well, kinda bought it, as I'll get reimbursed and given it for Christmas. Babylon 5 pilot and first telemovie set. Also got dad Lawrence of Arabia (2 for $50 at HMV, not bad since their regular price for LoA is $45). Might get Attack of the Clones from Grace Bros when we go to the cinema, they've got it at a good price.

And there's a Japanese shop near Westfield Hoyts in Chatswood which has 35% off their stock of Japanimation. Don't know anything about it, so I don't know if it is interesting stuff ;)

I'm so easily amused, I got a giggle out of the way someone at HMV had carefully placed the 2 for $45 sticker over Timberlake's face on every copy of Justified.
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Thought I'd bought a nice inexpensive pair of dark green pants the other day. Turned out they are only green under fluorescent lights, and anywhere but department stores and my bathroom, they are olive-brown. Can't be bothered to return them probably, they were only $24, and will still be useful, but dammit, I like the green better *pout*


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