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::flails:: JENSEN IS SO FUCKING GORGEOUS!!!1! I've made two almost-identical phone posts about this (unlocked the first one rather than deleting, what the hell), but here's a few more details (some stolen from here).

A couple of weeks ago it was announced the Channel Ten was reviving Good News Week, and I obtained some tickets for the first taping (my sister, [ profile] calemiri, [ profile] engenda, [ profile] iibnf, [ profile] edgehd and I went together, and met up with [ profile] melpemone, [ profile] madslasher, [ profile] nolseygnu and a token male). Yesterday, it was being discussed that Jensen would be appearing, as he's out here doing promo for Supernatural, which is on Channel Ten, after GNW. This rather heightened our excitement :)

spoilers for GNW, but I should just cut my babbling anyway )

Pity the weather has been so unseasonable and shitty - Jensen needs to have a good time and get a good impression of Sydney so he'll come back again :)

PS - so unbelievably attractive! And he was all smiley and amused and looking at us at times. ::flails again::
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Thank you for the birthday wishes, and to [ profile] breny and [ profile] fadedsouls for the adorable virtual gifts :) I had a good day, nothing major - work was fine, and I went to the rugby in the evening with my dad, brother and sister-in-law. And NSW must have known it was my birthday, as they beat the Crusaders! \o/ Winning, plus getting to perve on Daniel Carter. Now, if only they could keep this up during the actual season (this was a pre-season game), and not make it an anomaly.

My parents gave me the new digital camera I picked out, so now I need to learn how to use it, in the next fortnight. Because...

TWO WEEKS TIL BSB \o/ And getting to catch up with and hang out with [ profile] indybrat and [ profile] not_nele :D

Speaking of which, turns out my dream opening act for BSB (JC *sigh*) didn't come true, but we are getting a different boyband alumni. Brian McFadden (formerly of Westlife and the future Mr Delta Goodrem) is opening for them in Australia.

>> photos of Joey celebrating his birthday by experiencing weightlessness. I'm so jealous, I'd love to do that :)

I'm skeptical about watching the Life on Mars spinoff, Ashes to Ashes, I shall have to wait and see what the reactions are to it.

I almost posted that meme asking for people to give me subjects/questions for the Five Favourite thingy, but then remembered, I'm terrible at picking favourites of things. Seriously. I'd get caught in some sort of infinite loop of uncertainty until someone slapped me like a skipping record.
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I've booked a 5pm flight from Melbourne back to Sydney the day after the BSB concert in February (Sunday 24th). Gives me time to do stuff in Melbourne on the Sunday, but not get home too late. Hopefully people might be free for lunch or something? Will try and plot something closer to the time :)

I finally watched the Las Vegas episode with JC ♥ He was adorable, and I want to hear more of the songs!!! It must have been a while since I've seen any Las Vegas, since there's been some MAJOR cast changes and plot development.

I also downloaded (since I've got spare bandwidth this month) and watched a recent episode of the Simpsons, about the presidential primaries. Funny, but abrupt and bizarre ending *g*.

Dinner was so yum. Leftover roast lamb on top of udon noodles, with tomato, semidried tomatoes, spring onion and capsicum, with a dressing of soy sauce, lemon juice, sweet chilli sauce, honey and chives. And a dollop of tzatziki on top. Not the most well-balanced meal in the world, but I was feeling lazy (plus, there are cherries, grapes and mango in the fridge for dessert).

My parents are out, since it is their 40th anniversary. Wow. We're all going out to dinner tomorrow night, but I bullied them into going out tonight as well, just the two of them.
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Ahem. Those various online stores where you can buy not-so-legal dvds of shows that are not available on proper dvds - anyone bought from any lately, and have a rec (or anti-rec)? Co-worker T is checking them out for some stuff that's too hard to find for download.

Just had to freak out at [ profile] iibnf, as the first thing I've attempted to sell on ebay was bought, and I didn't know what to do!!!1! I only listed the Backstreet tickets yesterday, I totally thought it'd take longer (and was worried about them selling, even though they're decent seats). But someone chose the Buy Now option, and as long as this goes smoothly, ::crosses fingers and toes::, I'll have gotten rid of all my spares (3 for Melbourne and 2 for Sydney), at maybe a loss of about $10-15 in total (fees and stuff). Which is great, cause they were bought just-in-case, and I totally think that's a fair trade since we ended up getting great seats through the fanclub.

I keep thinking that the title of last week's SGA episode, Be All My Sins Remember'd, is a Star Trek (original series) episode title. It isn't, but sounds like it should be.

This MCR picture cracks me up.

I keep wondering what they could be looking at. Because Gerard is OMG SO EXCITED WITH GLEE!!!, Frank happy, but Mikeyway looks hungry, Bob seems very suspicious of whatever it is and Ray...well, honestly Ray looks a bit like a sad clown (it's the droopy hair and splayed out feet). Cheer up, emo!Ray.

::hides from Torchwood spoilers and pictures floating around the interwebs::
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Have just made a batch of sour cream cookies (which are definitely one of those things that taste better raw than cooked, even though they're damn yummy cooked, so its hard to resist eating too much mixture). I'm waiting for them to cool, and feeling that slightly queasy feeling of eating slightly too much mixture ;) The parents were watching the recent-ish Matt Lucas, Mark Gatiss version of The Wind in the Willows while I was cooking, and it looked pretty good, though I was disturbed because it made me want Mole/Rat slash.

Yesterday - yum cha and marathon of entire first season of ANTM. I'd not seen quite all of it, especially in order.

Today - we got stuck into moving stuff to my sister's new unit (she's aiming to be living there by the end of the first week of January, so hopefully we'll be able to pick up lots of the stuff she still needs in post-Christmas sales). Also, did hopefully-last-before-Christmas grocery shop, and delivered presents to family we're not seeing on the day.

Tomorrow - make two of the three salads (potato and wombok) for Christmas day, tidy and set dining room table. Mum'll make dessert (chocolate mousse), so our major things to make on the day will be the seafood, green salad, and bbq lamb. Not too bad, given how over the top things normally are around here.

*sigh* I'm going to miss my sister. I was flicking through the tv program, and started to critique the Christmas Day choices.

Me: Ben-Hur twice in one day? That's too much Charlton Heston, plus, if anything, it should be shown at Easter.
[us trying to remember details, like who had leprosy and how Christ's blood heals them or something)
Her: Oh, I vaguely remember that. Plus, there's that bit where Tony Curtis stands up and says "I'm Ben-Hur! I'm Ben-Hur!"
Her: Shut up! Shut up! [as mum, dad and I just lost it]
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While I've watched Las Vegas from time to time, Vanessa Marcil will always, first and foremost, be Brenda Barrett on General Hospital to me. So these promo shots from Las Vegas immediately take me to JC signing with L&B Records after splitting with Jive *g*.

Damn, he (and she) look good :D Click for bigger versions.
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As a devoted reader of Georgette Heyer's romances, I couldn't resist the film about Beau Brummell (fashionista of Regency London who is so often mentioned or even appears in her books) that was on ABC tonight.

bring me my smelling salts! )
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Seems we're changing government. This is probably for the best (my lack of enthusiasm might get me defriended, but I just don't really like any of the major political parties in Australia that much).

Didn't make it to work on Friday, but I figured going with my sister (and dad) to check out a unit was a pretty good excuse, and this was her second look and she made an offer. They didn't accept her first go, and she's upped it a bit (the place hasn't been on the market long). Apart from the fact that this means she'll move out *sad face*, I'm hopeful for her. But it's only two suburbs away.

I'm typing suprisingly well, given the amount of wine I've drunk. [ profile] iibnf and I watched the new Futurama movie this afternoon and it was goooooood. Then she came out to dinner with my family, to the local Lebanese restaurant, which was also very good. So full of food still.

Partially because I've eaten three cupcakes today - [ profile] iibnf baked (chocolately goodness to the max!), and while my old primary school failed to have a sausage sizzle [1] going at lunch when I voted, there was a cake stall when my parents went up early, and they bought the richest butteriest cupcakes I've ever eaten. Mmmm.

Things I am grateful for: I live in a country which makes us vote, and apart from running the gauntlet of people handing out how to vote cards (I'm not rude, I just don't want them), no one threatens me, or coerces me, or denies me the right to vote. I'm so lucky, and I just want to acknowledge that. The biggest hassle I face is parking.

[1] I nearly rioted on the spot. Voting without a sausage sizzle is undemocratic!!!
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Exams are over, woot \o_ (can't manage a two arm salute, things aren't that exciting).

Heroes watched - want more of the song, dammit!!!

Watching new House on tv before having time to download, bizarre...
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There was a tiny snippet about CFTC on E! News tonight - apparently Justin and his boyband had a celebrity basketball match, and the only person I saw footage of (as I was answering the phone at the time) was Justin. But there was a very cute little thing with Elijah and Dom at Comic Con, so I may stick the tape in tomrrow morning for the repeat. I think Fox 8 or TV1 often shows Access Hollywood clips, and they're supposed to be showing some CFTC stuff at some point, so that's something to keep an eye out for.

good Skills challenge report
[ profile] starsprinkles pictures - she's asked that people let her know if they're using them for stuff

Don't forget, Christina might be on Rove tonight!
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We now have a dvd player! A lovely Pioneer DV-355. It's not working terribly well yet, and we're running it through a converter, so I need to fiddle and experiment. And we got 5 free dvds with it, including Lilo and Stitch! The other 4 aren't that good, though I've never seen Quiz Show.

"The Block", the combo renovation/competition show, is surprisingly addictive. And the taller member of the gay couple (not sure if that is Gavin or Warren) is adorable in his bounciness and enthusiasm.

Current affairs programs like Today, Tonight and A Current Affair have gotten crappier than they used to be.

Everyone who disagrees with my opinions is wrong, and when I rule the world, it shall be better! And sparklier!

And I have a long, thoughtful post in my head about warnings and classifications on media, especially as related to children, but I don't have the coherence to expound on it at the length I really should. Inspired by an interesting and rambling (in ground covered) debate/conversation with [ profile] eponymous.

In short, a) I'm against homosexuality being acceptable as a category along sex, violence, drugs, language that shows have warnings for, even though there is a segment of the community that would like it, as it would say that it is unacceptable to simply be gay, and all other warnings relate to actions or happenings, not people, so I don't feel that legally-mandated media content warnings can instutionalise prejudice against one segment of population;

b) I'm all for informing parents about content to help them, though this should not be taken as reducing their role in being ultimately responsible for what their children watch. Current classifications aren't terribly good in some ways (re: Jurassic Park being PG, while even the director admitted he wouldn't let his young children see it) and perhaps parents (and others) need to have access to more detailed information about content. There are organisations, normally right wing religious types who do this kind of review. Perhaps there should be a way though of helping inform parents on content without being pejorative about what is being listed. However, I'm not sure of an effective way to do this, and who would decide what needs to be warned for. The last thing I'd want is more censorship.

For instance, when I was babysitting, I watched a kids movie on tv with the two girls, about 10 and 7. Nice movie, "Little Princess" or something, where the kid's dad dies and so there's no money for her education, so the school teacher makes her a servant. Kids are fine with the not-nice stuff happening to kid, nothing too bad, everything's going ok, but in the middle of the movie, not-too-graphic scene of soldiers being gassed in trenches in WWI. That took some explaining, and the girls were quite unsettled by it.

Opinions welcome, particularly from people with kids, on classifications and warnings and stuff in media. (Personally, I'd like a product placement warning, a degrading-to-humanity-reality-show warning, and an Eddie McGuire warning.)

But for now, I'm going to go read the instruction manual.


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