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Seems we're changing government. This is probably for the best (my lack of enthusiasm might get me defriended, but I just don't really like any of the major political parties in Australia that much).

Didn't make it to work on Friday, but I figured going with my sister (and dad) to check out a unit was a pretty good excuse, and this was her second look and she made an offer. They didn't accept her first go, and she's upped it a bit (the place hasn't been on the market long). Apart from the fact that this means she'll move out *sad face*, I'm hopeful for her. But it's only two suburbs away.

I'm typing suprisingly well, given the amount of wine I've drunk. [ profile] iibnf and I watched the new Futurama movie this afternoon and it was goooooood. Then she came out to dinner with my family, to the local Lebanese restaurant, which was also very good. So full of food still.

Partially because I've eaten three cupcakes today - [ profile] iibnf baked (chocolately goodness to the max!), and while my old primary school failed to have a sausage sizzle [1] going at lunch when I voted, there was a cake stall when my parents went up early, and they bought the richest butteriest cupcakes I've ever eaten. Mmmm.

Things I am grateful for: I live in a country which makes us vote, and apart from running the gauntlet of people handing out how to vote cards (I'm not rude, I just don't want them), no one threatens me, or coerces me, or denies me the right to vote. I'm so lucky, and I just want to acknowledge that. The biggest hassle I face is parking.

[1] I nearly rioted on the spot. Voting without a sausage sizzle is undemocratic!!!

O Canada!

Jun. 18th, 2003 10:38 am
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They are legalising same-sex marriage, only the third country to do so.
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The stuff I'm most likely to take (Panadol or Herron's paracetamol, Nurofen, Sudafed or Chemists Own pseudoephedrine) are all unaffected by the Pan Pharmaceuticals situation :) We're not big takers of vitamins and stuff, so I don't think we've got any affected products, but a complete list is supposed to be available this afternoon.
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Tomorrow night will be the six month anniversary of the bombings at Kuta, Bali. More than 180 people were murdered, including 88 Australians. Many more were injured or left grieving for those lost. The Balinese economy and way of life was devastated.

In Memory
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Had only just got up this morning when dad told us about the shuttle disaster. I wanted to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head. It's a feeling I've been having a lot lately.

Have changed icons. Am now all SDB, all the time, thanks to [ profile] hnix!
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At least 8 people have been killed when the 6:42am Central to Port Kembla train derailed in a cutting just south of Waterfall station, at about 7:30 this morning. At least 16 injured have been taken to hospital, some in critical condition, and up to about 20 people remain trapped. Rescue efforts are being hampered by the inaccessible location of the accident. It's in steep bush, and they are having to use dirt fire trails.
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My thoughts are definitely with all of Canberra tonight. I can only pray that the weather forecast for the next few days improves.

I'm distracting myself by capping the Madison Square Garden concert dvd (thanks to [ profile] alasen). 100 caps already (over 12 meg), and I'm only doing certain bits and pieces (like Chris's Clockwork Orange-esque eye makeup, mmmmmm). Think I'm gonna have to look into the Photoshop batch actions that [ profile] syxer7 mentioned.
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Fingers crossed that no one we know is among the dead or missing.

One (of many) awful aspect of this? It'll wreck the Bali economy, and the terrorists were probably not even locals.
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Interesting little piece in the gossip/celebrity/society centre page in the Sun-Herald today. And no, I don't make a habit of reading the 'society' pages ;)

"Ever the elegant young man, there has been plenty of talk about who Ian Thorpe's lucky date will be for the Autore Ball on Friday night. not likely to take his real-life partner, we're informed. Why take an unknown when you can have your pick of two of Australia's most beautiful women?"

(I'll skip the stuff about Sarah O'Hare and Elle, to get too...)

"While we admire Thorpe's ability to squire some of the world's most beautiful women to these glittering events, we think it is high time he finally introduced the actual object of his affections."

Hoo boy! I have never seen Ian Thorpe's sexuality so obviously mentioned in mainstream media. Nice example of the pronoun game, Herald.

He's not really closeted, he doesn't seem to do the fake girlfriend routine, it seems to be something lots of people know, and of course, I'm don't belive he has to make an issue of his sexuality. He shouldn't have to, and really, it just shouldn't matter.

But wouldn't it be awesome if he did come out?
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"Sorority Boys" was the highest-rated movie on this week's "The Movie Show", on SBS. As they said, this reflected the appalling movies they reviewed this week. However, they didn't think it was really bad, Margaret winning my devotion by being embarrassed by how entertained she was by it, and giving kudos to the actors, and I liked David's quip of calling it "Some Like It Lukewarm".

This also tied in with them mentioning the passing of Billy Wilder, who made "Some Like It Hot", amongst other films. I didn't hear about that on the weekend. I actually thought he was already dead, but still sad to hear.
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Just heard from my dad that the Queen Mother died last night, peacefully in her sleep. She had a good innings, at almost 102. Pity she outlived one of her daughters though.


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