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Starting less than a week ago, I've run into big problems burning data to dvd, using Nero 7 (specifically, Nero Express) and my LG drive. Burning to dvd-rw has continued to work fine though.

details about problem )

ETA: I've downloaded some other burning software that I found a good rec for (BurnAware Free Edition) and the maximum average speed it can apparently manage to burn an audio cd on mine at the moment = 1.1x

I'm beginning to think that this is a hardware problem. Ack, I don't know if we're gonna be comfortable replacing the drive ourself, and our old main computer place (where we bought this machine 15 months ago) has closed down after many many years. I don't even know where around here to go. Phooey.

ETA(2): The new software just managed to burn a data cd at about 6x. Still very slow though. And the fastest it's currently managing with a data dvd is 1x.
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I took quite a lot of video at the two BSB concerts. Like, 50+ clips of varying length (about 18-20 minutes in total) at each. But they're in quite large .mov format - about 3 gig in total, which is ridiculously large for sharing, obviously.

I'm trying to find a good format/setting to compress them (I'm using Ulead VideoStudio at the moment) without losing too much quality, but it's kind of trial and error at this stage. Any suggestions or advice are eagerly welcomed.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Of course, that it's not helping that my brain has been fried by the presence of both Lance Bass and Pete Wentz in the same video, singing about fucking Ben Affleck. Let alone all the other people in it too.



Feb. 12th, 2008 10:15 pm
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[ profile] trumpeterofdoom and I have been with Servage for almost year now, and they've been adequate but not brilliant. Downloads are very slow at times, and the lack of useful stats on downloads etc is frustrating. Customer service has been very good at times, but crappy a couple of times.

Does anyone have any reasonably-priced webhost recommendations? We're coming up for renewal, and just thought we'd check. Obviously, not caring too much about what we're hosting is a must ;)


Aug. 16th, 2003 03:59 pm
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I need to reinstall this. Is the current version ok (I've got Spybot to remove the junk that comes with iMesh) or should I try and get hold of an older version? I seem to recall hearing that one of the newer versions was less stable or something.
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Ever since we had to reinstall Windows, we haven't had sound on the computer, and we haven't had a chance to take it back to the shop (plus, they haven't sounded very enthusiastic about looking at it). I just uninstalled the Soundblaster software, and as soon as I'd rebooted the computer, we had sound! It detected the sound card hardware, and without the Soundblaster cd, automatically said that the hardware and necessary software was installed, and that the computer needs to reboot. So reboot I do, and now we don't have sound again. WTF? I mean seriously. what the fuck?

And why isn't baffled on the mood list?
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We did another installation of WinXP, so there's now two on the computer, installing it to winnew rather than windows. It took a while, but we eventually could log on, and were very happy to discover that we were able to access all our files from the other installation! So we've quickly backed up the important stuff (though not all of my video files, because I can't be assed), but am now not sure what to do. Try and get this installation up and running? Try and fix the old one (which we'd prefer to do, because setting up again will be a bitch)? I'm not even sure how you delete a Windows installation :)

All the program files and drivers are there, but not working really since they aren't actually installed on this new installation. Time to google and/or bother the IT manager for some hints *g*.

Thanks for the well-wishing and advice! :)
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Dad and I were looking at dvd players (and tvs) in Harvey Norman today. I'm quite interested in the Pioneer DV-344 (or nearest model) since I think [ profile] hnix, [ profile] lydia_petze, [ profile] veronamay and [ profile] bluecrane all have it, and haven't had problems with it, and it comes all-region.

Anyone else got suggestions, recs or anti-recs? We're also either gonna have to get a new tv, or a converter to run the dvd player through, as our 20+ year old tv isn't really set up for the modern contraptions *g*. We quite liked the widescreen Grundig tvs they had, though I seem to be the only one who likes the flat screen type.

So, dvd player looking fairly likely, tv is a maybe ;)
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But I really shouldn't. But I really want Quicktime Pro.

Oh, the indecision.
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The links in those emails should work if you copy them into the browser rather than clicking on them.

Still sick

Apr. 18th, 2003 12:37 pm
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Am curently trying to cough up both lungs at once.

Um, why when I'm trying to save a picture does Internet Explorer default to untitled for the name and bmp for the format? It didn't use to do this? Am so not in mood to deal with this shit.


Mar. 17th, 2003 02:33 pm
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Had lunch yesterday with the lovely and generous [ profile] eponymous. Talked her ear off (bad me *g*), and in return, she shared some of the most wonderful sparkly stuff. Thank you :)

And hnix was right - I've upgraded divx and the Angel ep plays!

Read another book at work today - I wish they'd either give me more to do, or that I had net access *yawn*.
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Grrrr. Have been doing a whole bunch of cds of popstuff for people, and somehow, during this, I managed to delete two songvids (and hopefully nothing else, but I can't be sure). Luckily, other people will have these, but I thought I'd be able to restore at least the older one from the backup I did in February.

I pop in the cd that is labeled as having my media files.

Nothing. Zip. Nada. Nothing on it.

Check a few others. Nope.

So did I not back them up? Did I label the wrong one? Did it not work, and didn't I check it? I nearly always do as our cd burner is a prima donna with issues (I've been tempted to name it Justin).

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You used to be so useful and speedy, and now you suck ass, especially with livejournal, and force me to use IE, and look into Opera. What did I do to deserve this?
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I think it was [ profile] jackdanielson who mentioned a program that would rip and convert files, rather than using a bunch of different ones? Just wondering what it was called.
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Sadly, I'm talking about the weather forecast.

Must go over to House o' Slash at some point and dub. Don't know what everyone else is doing this weekend, apart from retreating to the cool of the mountains (which sounds like a good idea *g*).

So tired. Have been all day. Got ironing done though, capped MSG some more, and got a finickity video tape to play (hurrah for ancient tv!)
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Thanks to [ profile] syxer7 and this site, I've managed to make a cd-sized avi file of a dvd. Not bad quality image, either :)
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For I can now hook mum's work laptop up to the tv, and watch even grainer versions of stuff, on a bigger screen!

OK, so I managed to get the cable (on the second go, but I hadn't left the shopping centre before discovering that shop assistant #1 didn't know what he'd been talking about, and went back and found #2, who actually did).

It was my sister who remembered the actual thing you have to do to switch the display from screen to tv (something not mentioned in the laptops instruction manual). And it's only video that gets put through, audio is still from the laptop. But still, could be useful, especially as it has a dvd drive, and we don't have a dvd player.


Dec. 1st, 2002 09:54 pm
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Well, sort of success. I can get files from dvds to my hard disk. I can convert them into *huge* divx avi files. Still trying to get them into mpeg-1 format so I can try making it into a vcd.


Dec. 1st, 2002 04:31 pm
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Ok, anyone got recs for download tools that aren't adware/spyware?

How about good free screen capture programs?

Me confused

Dec. 1st, 2002 03:37 pm
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Trying to figure out how to rip from dvds. My brain hurts.

And my sister wants to know why I'm suddenly listening to nsync.


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