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Dec. 10th, 2011 11:47 am
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A request for help - I'm looking for (especially from Aussies) recs/anti-recs/suggestions/must-have-features about televisions?

I'm looking around the 42-46 inch size, probably LCD (though I don't have strong LCD v Plasma feelings), preferably not 3D (cause I can't be bothered to pay for a feature I won't use).

As an example of things I've been looking at, the Panasonic TH-L42E30A looks interesting (and is available well below the price listed there).


Sep. 9th, 2008 10:14 pm
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I'm thinking of finally getting a real phone plan (I've only ever used prepaid) and a decent phone. I'm not looking at spending big amounts per month, so am checking out some of the cheaper caps.

Does anyone have network and/or plan recs (or anti-recs), or tips on things I should be on the lookout for? Ditto for phones, my current one is an el cheapo since I bought it upfront :)
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Starting less than a week ago, I've run into big problems burning data to dvd, using Nero 7 (specifically, Nero Express) and my LG drive. Burning to dvd-rw has continued to work fine though.

details about problem )

ETA: I've downloaded some other burning software that I found a good rec for (BurnAware Free Edition) and the maximum average speed it can apparently manage to burn an audio cd on mine at the moment = 1.1x

I'm beginning to think that this is a hardware problem. Ack, I don't know if we're gonna be comfortable replacing the drive ourself, and our old main computer place (where we bought this machine 15 months ago) has closed down after many many years. I don't even know where around here to go. Phooey.

ETA(2): The new software just managed to burn a data cd at about 6x. Still very slow though. And the fastest it's currently managing with a data dvd is 1x.
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I took quite a lot of video at the two BSB concerts. Like, 50+ clips of varying length (about 18-20 minutes in total) at each. But they're in quite large .mov format - about 3 gig in total, which is ridiculously large for sharing, obviously.

I'm trying to find a good format/setting to compress them (I'm using Ulead VideoStudio at the moment) without losing too much quality, but it's kind of trial and error at this stage. Any suggestions or advice are eagerly welcomed.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Of course, that it's not helping that my brain has been fried by the presence of both Lance Bass and Pete Wentz in the same video, singing about fucking Ben Affleck. Let alone all the other people in it too.



Feb. 12th, 2008 10:15 pm
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[ profile] trumpeterofdoom and I have been with Servage for almost year now, and they've been adequate but not brilliant. Downloads are very slow at times, and the lack of useful stats on downloads etc is frustrating. Customer service has been very good at times, but crappy a couple of times.

Does anyone have any reasonably-priced webhost recommendations? We're coming up for renewal, and just thought we'd check. Obviously, not caring too much about what we're hosting is a must ;)
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I'm considering getting a new camera for my 30th (which is approaching far too rapidly). Does anyone have recs/anti-recs for a compact or ultra-compact? What do you have, how have you found it? I currently have a three year old Canon A85.

I've been going through a few sites (like Digital Photography Review - very useful for feature search and side-by-side comparisons) but am feeling overwhelmed by choices and options. Good video is essential (especially for concerts *g*).

Speaking of concerts - my photos are often very hit and miss (with greater emphasis towards miss). If you take photos at concerts, what settings do yo tend to use? Fully auto, a specific mode, or do you manually adjust aperture and ISO speed etc?

* ** *** * *** ** *

Thanks to very useful info from [ profile] babygotbass (eg the sold out message is an error, and check your order history when it times out during processing), I have conquered the FBR store and ordered the deluxe edition of Pretty. Odd. \o/

I really need to make a proper To Do list for February. I don't have uni for the next 3 1/2 weeks, and I'll be working a bit but not full-time (afaik), so it is Time To Get Shit Done.

Also, the mystery of Pete and Patrick's apparent trip to Europe and Russia is solved! I hope they go to Paris a lot "".
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Ahem. Those various online stores where you can buy not-so-legal dvds of shows that are not available on proper dvds - anyone bought from any lately, and have a rec (or anti-rec)? Co-worker T is checking them out for some stuff that's too hard to find for download.

Just had to freak out at [ profile] iibnf, as the first thing I've attempted to sell on ebay was bought, and I didn't know what to do!!!1! I only listed the Backstreet tickets yesterday, I totally thought it'd take longer (and was worried about them selling, even though they're decent seats). But someone chose the Buy Now option, and as long as this goes smoothly, ::crosses fingers and toes::, I'll have gotten rid of all my spares (3 for Melbourne and 2 for Sydney), at maybe a loss of about $10-15 in total (fees and stuff). Which is great, cause they were bought just-in-case, and I totally think that's a fair trade since we ended up getting great seats through the fanclub.

I keep thinking that the title of last week's SGA episode, Be All My Sins Remember'd, is a Star Trek (original series) episode title. It isn't, but sounds like it should be.

This MCR picture cracks me up.

I keep wondering what they could be looking at. Because Gerard is OMG SO EXCITED WITH GLEE!!!, Frank happy, but Mikeyway looks hungry, Bob seems very suspicious of whatever it is and Ray...well, honestly Ray looks a bit like a sad clown (it's the droopy hair and splayed out feet). Cheer up, emo!Ray.

::hides from Torchwood spoilers and pictures floating around the interwebs::
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We don't have gas, but my sister will have a gas stove in her new unit. This leaves us unable to decide which is better - an electric kettle, or one you use on the gas stove?

Has anyone had both who could advise? *g*

ETA: Thank you - she read the advice so far, and has decided on an electric kettle :)
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Dad and I were looking at dvd players (and tvs) in Harvey Norman today. I'm quite interested in the Pioneer DV-344 (or nearest model) since I think [ profile] hnix, [ profile] lydia_petze, [ profile] veronamay and [ profile] bluecrane all have it, and haven't had problems with it, and it comes all-region.

Anyone else got suggestions, recs or anti-recs? We're also either gonna have to get a new tv, or a converter to run the dvd player through, as our 20+ year old tv isn't really set up for the modern contraptions *g*. We quite liked the widescreen Grundig tvs they had, though I seem to be the only one who likes the flat screen type.

So, dvd player looking fairly likely, tv is a maybe ;)
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Have you received the magazine guide for March yet? Should I be asking where mine is, or do they not arrive until March is actually here?


Dec. 1st, 2002 09:54 pm
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Well, sort of success. I can get files from dvds to my hard disk. I can convert them into *huge* divx avi files. Still trying to get them into mpeg-1 format so I can try making it into a vcd.


Dec. 1st, 2002 04:31 pm
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Ok, anyone got recs for download tools that aren't adware/spyware?

How about good free screen capture programs?
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This is the specs for the computer we're probably going to buy (hopefully very soon). The quote is for about $2500. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the components, had experience (good/bad) with the brands, things like that.

Intel 845G motherboard
Pentium 4 2.0 GHz CPU with 512KB L2 cache
60 GB 7200 RPM hard drive (either Seagate or Maxtor)
17 inch Samsung 753S CRT monitor
64MB graphics card (GeForce 2)
SoundBlasterLive sound card
Windows XP
Office XP Pro
Mitsubishi Diamond CD-RW 40x12x48
optical wheel mouse
floppy disk drive
serial, parallel, USB 2.0, firewire ports
room for another hard drive and more RAM
erilyn: gabe and mikey's hips (Default) stupid piece of antiqated circuits whose only useful purpose might be as a boat anchor!

So, anyone have any suggestions about what I should be looking for in a new computer. It'll probably be a desktop, not a laptop. We're getting really fed up with the current 4.5 year pile of garbage, whose floppy disk drive is no longer working. No big deal? This is a domino effect, causing other things to have problems. And everytime a program tries to access the a: drive to see if there's something there, the computer freezes. Hence, incentive to get around to buying new one sooner rather than later.

But I really am seeking suggestions :)


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