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I've been on livejournal six years tonight. Six years since I gave in to this new-fangled fad and got a code from someone in IRC on Squidge.

Livejournal really changed the way I participated in fandom. While I'm not saying it is superior in every way to mailing lists and usenet, I've found myself far more personally involved and connected than I did on them (though how much of that is lj and how much is me is debateable, of course. IRC played quite a role in that before lj for me).

Of course, I've tracked good points in my life, and not so good (and overall, how little I've managed to progress my life in important ways, whoops).

I've been through a bunch of fandoms in those six years, though pop has been the dominant one, as I got into that in late 2002. (If you'd told me that six years ago, how important an RPF fandom would be for me, I wouldn't have believed you.)

But of course it's the people who've made lj special, the people I've gotten to know and the friends I've made, all around the world.

Journal entries: 2,162
Comments - Posted: 26,848

[The only other time I've remembered to note the anniversary was after two years. At which point I was at 565 journal entries, and posted 3,599 comments.]

Gotta use this icon, it's been my default for about half the time I've had my journal - I made it in January 2005, and it became my default a little while after that. I've never had the heart to rotate it out :)
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I'm so tired. I blame this not on work, but on my fabulous two hour chatfest with [ profile] lemmealone at lunchtime (I get paid per hour, I can skive off for once if I like, normally I barely take a lunchbreak *g*). The topic ranged over every topic under the sun (including kneeling before Zod, paddling in the shallow squee end of the fandom pool, the MCR kid!fic, the taxation of trusts, how frustrating certain writing styles are, and WIPs of fandoms past that we're still bitter were never finished).

Actually, I should probably more blame it on staying up too late last night poking at my semi-defunct dvd drive. But I totally had no motivation for work after forcing myself back there instead of continuing lunch until cocktail hour.

Yesterday morning (it was a public holiday here), my sister and I saw the documentary "In the Shadow of the Moon", about the Apollo program of moon missions. It was breath-taking and gorgeous and awe-inspiring. Belated rec, I know, I think it's been out so long it's already available on dvd overseas, but if you get a chance to see it, it's so worth it. Hopefully you won't have an old couple behind you providing a non-stop commentary of INANITY (with bonus reading of on-screen text) like I did. I had to freaking shush them eventually, when my passive-aggressive glares failed. Let me bask in the wonder, annoying people.

Sunday afternoon, I got to catch-up with [ profile] jocondite, which was fantastic. Much band squee, with diversions (especially into Heyer and other books, once I'd lured her into our study *waggles eyebrows suggestively*). We also watched some Panic interviews - she hadn't seen Spencer wander off in the middle of an interview! - and squeed some more. And look at stuff we wanted to buy online. And squeed some more. And I dumped a pile of emo-wangst on her, sorry! Remember the squee instead ;)

There was also watching of awfulbadwrongaddictive stuff with [ profile] iibnf during the weekend. America's Next Top Model, why can't I quit you? Thank god this season of Make Me A Supermodel is almost over. Oh wait, Australia's Next Top Model starts up again next month. Why yes, I will be watching I HAVE NO SHAME. ::headdesk::

I'm still loving on Pretty. Odd. And I need to catch up on the media from AJ's solo concert!

Secret plan for future: coincide a trip to US (cause hey, I'd love to visit New York and Boston and nearby areas) with this if it happens. Note to self: also win lotto.
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Uploaded for [ profile] turloughishere, so might as well post here.

+ MCR - I Don't Love You music video - 34.6 meg

Yes, it's incredibly dodgy that LJ are censoring the list of most popular interests. However, looking at the list of most popular interests, I discovered something interesting (to me): Taking Back Sunday are the most popular band on livejournal! More people list them as an interest than Nirvana or The Beatles. Brand New is about 30,000 behind, but still up there on the list, and ahead of MCR (but The Used beat them both).

I'm pouting that due to Easter and my not being organised, I'm going to be at work tomorrow. Sometimes, I'm home on Tuesdays, SO I COULD HAVE BEEN HERE FOR THE "LEAK" OF PRETTY. ODD. ON MTV. But no, I'll be at work for at least half a day. Then I need to come home and finish some tute questions and completely rewrite my resume.
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Hallelujah, my Firefox has decided to start displaying LJ again correctly (it wasn't threading comments properly, which made them virtually unreadable). I don't mind occasionally using IE, but I'm so glad to switch back.

Another interesting quirk my Firefox has (or my lj layout, I don't know) is with embedded videos. I often have to go into someone's post to see what video they're actually trying to link to, because in my friendspage view, it'll display a video that someone else posted and I watched. A week ago. And since then, every video will display as that one. So for ages, I was getting cognitive dissonance everytime because it appeared that non-pop people kept posting baby BSB footage. But no, they were posting something else, but it'd display as that.

So this afternoon, I was very confused (but amused!) that Travis was posting that a typical Saturday for him was...a video of The Cab from SXSW. Of course, it turns out that a typical Saturday is actually watching Eddie Murphy with Hemingway, so that's sweet too. I'm a little confused by his post before that - was the fire in his room in Pete's place? Is Pete a pyro who tries to lure friends into having to share his bed by setting fire to the guest room?

Watching behind-the-scenes videos from FOB tours often makes me feel like I'm watching the sado-masochistic love affair of Charlie and Dirty. "C'mon, just one punch".

Today, [ profile] iibnf and I checked out a cool little exhibit about the poorly-named Rum Rebellion against Governor Bligh. Why that gets the focus, when the trigger was actually about property rights (an even more quintessentially Sydney obsession than booze), escapes me. The Moran Portrait Prize and Photographic Prize exhibits were pretty good too. Then we visited [ profile] tapedeck, and then had a little yum cha. Oh, and we accidentally ended up in a St Patricks Day picnic area (we were so confused why we had to have our bags checked just to walk through Hyde Park).
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Yay, Frank and Jamia got married on the weekend :D

In cute-but-confusing news, Joe Trohman has a gorgeous ginger cat but no dog. So who the pug (from his episode of Cribs) belongs to is anyone's guess.

Does anyone know where I could find photos/video of Cash showing off the tattoo on his chest? I was trying to describe it to [ profile] katienyc, and couldn't find where I'd seen it. ETA: got it :)

I'm so tempted to go to the beach, it's supposed to get to 27 today (80, for backwards fahrenheit people). Maybe if I get a lot (like most) of my tutorial work done.
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Discovered that there was a Paul's Warehouse not too far from me, especially given I was going that way to my brother's place (bbq for my sister-in-law's birthday), so could not resist detouring to check out their two-for-one shoe sale. Left with two pairs of hightop chucks - green, and red plaid. Hurrah! ([ profile] sinden: I don't remember seeing anything particularly good in your size, because a) a lot of what they had there wasn't very interesting (so much beige-and-olive anarchy), and b) didn't seem to be a lot of 9s. [ profile] alasen: I don't know your size.)

Gacked from mcee: amazing video of Famous Last Words from the UK tour last year - for 3:45 onwards, when RAY THROWS HIS GUITAR DOWN AND SINGS HIS MOTHERFUCKING ASS OFF! I think I need a cigarette now.

First result when I plugged Pete into the random fact generator: A picture is worth a thousand words. A Pete is worth 1 billion words.

Also, one of the first when I tried Gabe: Once a cobra bit Gabe's leg. After five days of excruciating pain, the cobra died. [Gabe would be distraught!]
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I've been having a shit of a day (mostly my own fault, since I'm pathetic), but my mood has evened out a bit since earlier, so we're all spared me actually writing some massively emo post about my-life-so-hard. Whatever. Let's all be grateful for that, cause no one, least of me, wants to read that.

>> New dvd footage from Panic (set to 9itA) - I'm so glad I've ordered the special edition, though it'll probably be online before I receive mine *g*. SO ADORABLE!!!

>> tour update from THE CAB - Speaking of adorable...though they're ON NOTICE given their scandalous mocking of Galaxy Quest.

>> Gerard mocking Panic - days later, I'm still laughing about this.

Earlier in the week, I finally got around to listening to the Empires tracks that were posted a little while back, and I really liked them. I'm a post-Tomrad fan of TAI, and have no feelngs towards him one way or another, so it took me a while to get around to it. Me, so slow.
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I suck, as I have not thanked the marvellous [ profile] morebliss for the rugby calendar she sent me! Not my team, but hot rugby boys are always welcome :D Thank you so much!

Have some songs I've uploaded for various people.
+ Kanye West - Stronger
+ Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
+ Backstreet Boys - Panic
Because even if I didn't love the song, picturing Ryan and Spencer when Backstreet put out a song called Panic makes me happy everytime ;)
+ Purple Haze - Toxic
AWESOME a capella cover of Britney.
+ Julie Brown - I Like 'em Big and Stupid
+ Weird Al - Polka Power (medley)
Cause sometimes you just want some fun music

Gacked this Gerard interview (from late last year) from [ profile] missmollyetc, I hadn't seen it before. I don't know which I love more: his previously well thought-out answer about what animal he'd like to turn into, his basfulness at talking about what he does that's romantic, or HIS OUTRAGE at the plot of Bridge to Terabithia and it's misleading advertising (and the accompanying head movements).

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I LOVE THE BACKSTREET BOYS SO MUCH! And Melbourne concert >>> Sydney concert, due to better sound, better seats, and a better crowd. I've had so much fun in the last few days. Details and video to come in the next few days.

Hmmm, there is one thing I want to say about the concerts, and I might as well get it out of the way. my confession - relates to Kevin )

Shit. I have 50 tabs open in Firefox.

I just found this thread in a Love meme, and it practically made me cry (in a good way). I love you guys.
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I haz a [ profile] not_nele!
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Thank goodness for [ profile] indybrat and [ profile] not_nele coming to visit later in the week - it's made me get off my butt and do some cleaning and tidying. Except I probably shouldn't mention that I've done a bunch, cause it's still not that tidy! Especially since I've just moved some of the worst of the clutter, rather than actually sorting it out. And yet, I'm feeling accomplished about it anyway.

I've two episodes behind in Primeval and haven't watched this week's SGA yet. But my sister and I are gonna go see "The Jane Austen Book Club" tonight, in part to use up some free movie tickets that are about to expire, so tv will have to wait.

Hah, TAI boys again gather to watch Jason Siska on Survivor. Chiz's hair still looks odd to me, but the Butcher looks good with his new buzzcut!

Happy Birthday, [ profile] divafits and [ profile] jewelianna! Hope you have great days :)
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I thought the day was gonna be pretty horrible after how it started. I was coming back from dropping dad at the station, and as I came around a bend, I didn't spot a roll of chicken wire lying in the middle of the road quickly enough to not run over it (grey on grey - didn't really stand out til too late).

And it got wedged under my car. Which I couldn't drive without the most horrible screeching sounds and huge amounts of worry about what damage it was doing under there. Pulled over to the side of the road and parked illegally (it's a quiet enough street that I wasn't too worried about that aspect), and walked the five minutes home. (Thank goodness I'd actually put a tshirt on instead staying in my pyjama top like I was tempted. Wish I'd put a bra on too.) However, I had to get going to work myself in about 45 minutes, and hadn't showered/washed my hair yet. So, I had to abandon mum and my sister to look after my car (which they did, but it wasn't easy apparently), and get ready and go to work. [Could have been worse I guess - could have swerved, driven off a bridge and run over a superpowered teen.]

First day working in the call centre in eleven months - it wasn't nearly as bad as I feared (though when the db we use the most crashed during one of the busiest periods, it was kinda sucky). So on the whole, I rate Wednesday as just a little crappy. Give me a couple more days and I'll totally be over it and dying to be back in publishing instead.

Random things - My firefox tabs are down to 15 14 (which is v v good - though if I had everything tagged unread in open, it'd be way way worse). My inbox is a mess though, yikes. No lj access at work still makes me sad. There are some great photos of BSB on NYE at [ profile] backstreetmedia. And [ profile] katienyc posted some awesome photos of Cobra from NYE. I love these dorks so so much!


Dec. 31st, 2007 02:37 pm
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Hope you all have a good New Years Eve, whether you're having a quiet one or partying hard! Even those of you who are still on Dec 30th (poor backwards people - how do you cope, living in the past all the time? The future is much cooler *g*).

Fellow Due South fans - I finally took a picture of the intersection that's been amusing me for a while.

See you next year!
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Back from the first day of post-Christmas sales in the city. We only did David Jones (plus a shoe store - where I got a pair, sadly not reduced), but this still meant about a dozen bags in two hours. We did well! My sister bought me two handbags (one black, one brown) for a Christmas present.

I hope everyone had a lovely December 25th (and/or 24th, for those whom the Eve is the big day), whether that meant Christmas or whatever :) We had my uncle and brother and sister-in-law over during the morning, then it was just the four of us for lunch (at about 3pm). The bbq marinated lamb with herb sauce was just delicious, with salads and a very nice Tyrrells semillon. Dessert didn't happen til after 6pm, as mum had a nap and dad, my sister and I watched White Christmas (which I then spent a while recasting with bandom people [1]). Mmmm, chocolate mousse. [ profile] iibnf wandered over in the evening for a while. All in all, a very relaxing day.


Apart from waiting for that, got nothing else planned today. Maybe I'll dive into the pop secret santa, or poke around Yuletide some more...

And thank you again to [ profile] _lolapalooza for the christmasified icons that I've been using for the past couple of weeks :D

[1] C'mon, just picture Gerard and Mikey doing the Sisters routine - even funnier than Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye's performance ;) So Way Brothers instead of Haines sisters, but I kept getting stuck on the Bing and Danny roles - I was going with Ray and Frank, but I think brash, annoying writer Pete saving musician Patrick's life during the war and guilting him into a partnership works even better (and leads to Patrick/Gerard and Pete/Mikey).
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I got the most awesome Christmas card from [ profile] madame_d today ♥ Thank you so much! My dad and sister were very impressed by it as well :D

Picture of the day: I love this Dr Who cartoon so much, but sadly I don't know where credit belongs - it's by Click for the full (and BIG) cartoon.

Got a $50 Myers gift voucher from work, sweet :)
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My mood-swings (between depressed and apathetic) are so fast it's practically making me dizzy, I'm 95% sure I failed my Accounting 310 exam (the other 5% is stupid naivety), and things are just generally pretty fucked up in my head at the moment. I've got a post half-written going into more detail about this, but a) I'm an emotional coward, don't think I can actually bring myself to post it, and b) depending on my mood, I want to punch myself in the head when I read it.

One more exam to go - corporations law, tomorrow afternoon. At least I don't think I failed micro economics.

The one bright spot this morning - Forever, Now is finished. If you haven't been reading this amazing AU (Brian takes in a couple of kids, Gerard and Mikey, who he finds living on the streets), now is the time to rectify this. I'm so ridiculously in love with this universe and the way [ profile] harriet_vane writes everyone, especially the kids and most especially tiny Frank.
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And [ profile] iibnf, it has crumpet control!!! *g*
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The toaster is dead. And I did it!

I was having a late night muffin, and it was cooking very slowly, so I was toasting it for the third time, when there was spark and crack from within the toaster, and we blew a fuse. We've had that toaster for as long as I can remember, it was pretty good, and certainly lasted.

Australia vs Sth Africa on tv tempts, but I suspect I won't watch much. Still haven't quite cleared my head from this morning.


Jun. 22nd, 2003 07:38 pm
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Had a fine morning, tidied room a bit, washed car, read reactions to book, other odds and ends. Had sudden whelm of hatred towards other people and unusually large amounts of depression about myself, hopefully mostly attributable to pms (which I don't get often). Visited [ profile] iibnf for a couple of hours to discuss book, and to get away from my pity party, table of one.

I'd like to apologise for 93% of the nasty things I thought about some people over the past half a day ;)

Well, shit

Jun. 20th, 2003 11:42 pm
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I have to go make my bed now, and the soup hasn't sobered me up that much.

Wish me luck.


I mean, Fuck.


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