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I finally got a reply from them about my new order that hadn't got processed - somehow, a payment method wasn't selected (I'm pretty sure that I filled everything in, but ok). They told me:

If you'd still like the order, you can log in to your webstore account and resubmit a new payment.

Um, how? I can see how to update payment details, but not how to select a payment method for a specific order. I've emailed them back, but that'll probably take another week. Half the stuff I was ordering was on sale, it's probably fucking sold out now :( I'd cancel the order, but there's no easy way to do that online, and I still really want the Cobra hoodie.

Also, how come I can get shirts from Threadless in a week (yay!) but it's gonna take them forever to get the Panic boxset to me? I guess I may as well ask why not everyone in the US has got their order yet. Fuckers.
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I've been having a shit of a day (mostly my own fault, since I'm pathetic), but my mood has evened out a bit since earlier, so we're all spared me actually writing some massively emo post about my-life-so-hard. Whatever. Let's all be grateful for that, cause no one, least of me, wants to read that.

>> New dvd footage from Panic (set to 9itA) - I'm so glad I've ordered the special edition, though it'll probably be online before I receive mine *g*. SO ADORABLE!!!

>> tour update from THE CAB - Speaking of adorable...though they're ON NOTICE given their scandalous mocking of Galaxy Quest.

>> Gerard mocking Panic - days later, I'm still laughing about this.

Earlier in the week, I finally got around to listening to the Empires tracks that were posted a little while back, and I really liked them. I'm a post-Tomrad fan of TAI, and have no feelngs towards him one way or another, so it took me a while to get around to it. Me, so slow.
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A self-portrait at this particular moment in time, through the medium of cat macros.

Anyone want to write me 1-2 pages on the significance, reasoning behind and design of the Simplified Tax System for small businesses? No? Eh, can't blame you.

It's due Monday, but I'm trying to make myself get it done today so I've got tomorrow for general study for this subject.

Well, fuck

May. 7th, 2003 10:19 pm
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I'm packed and ready for the con (Brisbane, here I come).

Well, except for the small matter of a skirt I wanted to take with me, and I was giving it a quick iron, and suddenly there are marks on the front. Now we haven't had any problems with the iron, but I swear they weren't there before I started ironing it. Grrrrr. We're washing it and seeing if we can get it clean, otherwise, what the hell else am I gonna take. Hmmm....

I'm not really that involved in Highlander fandom, but hopefully this should be as much fun as the other HLDU cons I've been to, and will have lots of partying time with cool people :) Plus, am helping run two vidshows, one all fandom and one HL, which hopefully will go well.
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Had this damn bug for over 2 weeks now, and am officially tired of it. Would like to stop coughing up mucus any time now :) Wanted to work back a couple of hours tonight, to help out and get some extra money, but I don't feel up to it. Probably for the best, I've still got a 'To do' list a mile long at home :)

So not in the mood for work today, I wanna scream at stupid people and really really really want to kill the phone. New ad campaign, so it's been quite busy, and, as always it seems lately, we're understaffed.

Hmm, I hereby declare myself Little Miss Grumblebum.

Still sick

Apr. 18th, 2003 12:37 pm
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Am curently trying to cough up both lungs at once.

Um, why when I'm trying to save a picture does Internet Explorer default to untitled for the name and bmp for the format? It didn't use to do this? Am so not in mood to deal with this shit.

Well, shit

Apr. 11th, 2003 10:06 pm
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My only-one-year-old ughboots are falling apart.

Iprimus have charged me $80 instead of $15, despite me switching plans well before the next billing period began.

The washing machine has blown up and died.
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Was in a pissy pissy mood earliar, for various reasons. Did the math, and realised that I was (barely) pms-ing. Some chocolate, and watching Parent Trap (the original with Hayley Mills, natch) with the family have cheered me up somewhat.

I mean, it's not like the things I was annoyed about weren't real or bad, but slightly out of proportion reactions to them.

Now I need some sweet fluffy happily-ever-after fic (that's also raunchy and hot preferably) before bed.

Edited to add: Yahoo finally, after over a week of trying (the bastards), let me verify my new optus email address so I can switch yahoo groups over. Yes!!!!!
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Grrrr. Have been doing a whole bunch of cds of popstuff for people, and somehow, during this, I managed to delete two songvids (and hopefully nothing else, but I can't be sure). Luckily, other people will have these, but I thought I'd be able to restore at least the older one from the backup I did in February.

I pop in the cd that is labeled as having my media files.

Nothing. Zip. Nada. Nothing on it.

Check a few others. Nope.

So did I not back them up? Did I label the wrong one? Did it not work, and didn't I check it? I nearly always do as our cd burner is a prima donna with issues (I've been tempted to name it Justin).

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Have been trying for a couple of days to change my yahoo groups to my new email, but it won't let me verify the address. Keeps claiming that I'm being sent the confirmation emails, but they haven't shown up.

::kicks things::
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The fact that I'm supposed to be going out to a rugby match tonight.

Why yes, the universe does revolve around me and my convenience, why do you ask?

Optus tech is supposed to be coming out here today, to see why we can get a better picture through our crappy bunny-ears aerial then we can through the expensive cable connection. I continue to love the cable modem though.

LJ withdrawal bad.

Well, fuck

Jan. 20th, 2003 08:18 am
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The American Music Awards aired late last night on Seven. Didn't know this until this morning. Wanted to see more of JC's Harry Potter outfit :)


Nov. 28th, 2002 08:28 am
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Item the first: majorly pissed off about a parking ticket that I got on Tuesday. It alleges that I was in a half hour spot in Gordon from 9:55 to 10:55 am. Let's see, I left the house shortly before 10am to go to Lindfield library. On the way, I paid our account at the newsagent, drove over to Franklins supermarket (and also stopped by the video store), then drove to the library. Upon discovering that the catalogue computer was down there, I drove up to Gordon library. Amazing how I did all this in less than ten minutes. Oh wait, I didn't, cause I didn't get to Gordon until well after 10:30. Fuckers. I have written a letter about this (though it probably won't do any good).

Item the second: I got my tax refund yesterday, which was of a goodly size (hardly surprising given that I was only working part-time last year, and it wasn't even all year). This made up for the evil parking ticket.

Item the third: sparkly dancing boys are evil and addictive.

Item the fourth: new icons!
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Am attempting to write cover letters for job applications for jobs that I am woefully unqualified for. Am not feeling creative today, so am finding it very hard to find anything to put in these letters that would justify these people considering hiring me. For at least one of them, I don't really want them to consider me, as while I'd love the job, I *couldn't* do it. Argh. Grrrr.

Anyone want to do something this weekend?

I've got a bridal shower Sat afternoon, for a neighbour I've known my whole life, but apart from that are footloose and plan-free. Well, except for relatives coming over on Sunday afternoon, but I'd prefer to miss that if possible.


Oct. 21st, 2002 10:51 am
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Will be offline this week probably. Noise on phoneline has gotten worse, and I can't seem to log on at the moment (I'm temping today at WW, so email deprivation is temporarily relieved). Telstra will be out by Saturday supposedly, but given how long it took them to fix the problem when we completely lost our phoneline earlier in the year, I ain't holding my breathe.

Well, it's not like I'm trying search for jobs or computer prices online at the moment. Oh wait, I totally am. Grrrr.
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How I'd like to have some tonight (sleep, that is). SleepDeprived!Erilyn is even less fun than the regular variety.

And whatever gremlin is finding it fun to hide my video tapes and steal my favourite bra - stop it. Grrrrrrrr.
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Have to cut way back on any recreational computer use. College, and study at home (particularly for the group project from hell), is taking it's toll on my eyes, and they've been sore for the past couple of days. Can't even read much for fun. Good thing there is less than two weeks of college left.

Meanwhile, mum has spring cleaning fever, so instead of playing with Windows, I'm cleaning 'em :)
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Sounds like a good way to open a rant on why Buffy and Angel sucked this week, and why the gravitational pull of Aaron Sorkin's enormous ego dragged down what could otherwise be a good ep of West Wing.

But I literally am sick and tired, and don't have the energy. Am going back to bed to watch good Angel from last season, where even Happy Anniversary had better characterisation than the recent episodes.


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