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Yay, [ profile] sperrywink has finished her wonderful Pete/Mikey series (though also, booo, she's finished it, there's not gonna be more). If you haven't read it, it starts with Fumbling with the Blues.

From today's Sun Herald: He's super...naturally
Deliciously handsome Jensen Ackles gets the award for yummiest Yank visiting Sydney last week. And also the most down-to-earth.
The Channel Ten star of Supernatural was far from star-like during his stay, even catching the bus to Bondi to do the cliff walk.
Yes, that's right - he caught the bus.
He was travelling with his girlfriend (insert disappointed sigh here) and took her on low-key but romantic dates, such as catching the ferry to Manly, heading out to Watson's Bay for fish and chips and visiting Taronga Zoo.
His girlfriend had to return to the US early so he used the time to shop secretly for a magnificent opal for her as a gift to commemorate their trip. Awwwwww.
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Some more stuff that I remembered about Jensen at the GNW filming (I've edited into main post, but in case you don't want to plow through again):

unlikely to be in GNW, but cut in case )

> Cute Panic interview from pre-Grammys stuff - no one else had candy for them! Brendon sharing a seat with Jon! Them not knowing if tickets are on-sale (clearly the HCT ticketing has baffled them too)!

For the "Things that make me happy" file: this Gabe/William manifesto by [ profile] airgiodslv.

Uploaded by request, I figure I'll link in case anyone else wants it.
+ Nick Carter on Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Sept 2002 - 176 meg
Nick doesn't say a lot, but is having a fun time, sings a little and looks GREAT.
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::flails:: JENSEN IS SO FUCKING GORGEOUS!!!1! I've made two almost-identical phone posts about this (unlocked the first one rather than deleting, what the hell), but here's a few more details (some stolen from here).

A couple of weeks ago it was announced the Channel Ten was reviving Good News Week, and I obtained some tickets for the first taping (my sister, [ profile] calemiri, [ profile] engenda, [ profile] iibnf, [ profile] edgehd and I went together, and met up with [ profile] melpemone, [ profile] madslasher, [ profile] nolseygnu and a token male). Yesterday, it was being discussed that Jensen would be appearing, as he's out here doing promo for Supernatural, which is on Channel Ten, after GNW. This rather heightened our excitement :)

spoilers for GNW, but I should just cut my babbling anyway )

Pity the weather has been so unseasonable and shitty - Jensen needs to have a good time and get a good impression of Sydney so he'll come back again :)

PS - so unbelievably attractive! And he was all smiley and amused and looking at us at times. ::flails again::
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(If any local MCR fans who don't own Life on the Murder Scene are interested - my JB HiFi has it for only $17.)

Only worked half a day, I totally over-estimated my own stamina post-exams. I did the important stuff, everything else is so boring and ongoing that I just couldn't cope. I need the money, but wasn't accomplishing anything.

Came home to the news that my cousin D is gonna be a dad! I'm so happy for him and his wife!

But then I went out to the shops - got something to make for dinner, failed to find a birthday present for my sister, bought Viva La Cobra! (I gave the copy I bought from the US away as a present), failed to find some casual pants for myself, and ran into my cousin D and his wife, so I got to congratulate them (ie squee in public) in person *g*.

I can't remember with whom I discussed this, but I remember wishing for a big plotty case-file-esque Supernatural/Criminal Minds crossover a little while back.

>>> Defect, by [ profile] kikkimax is just that, and more. So good.

Speaking of Criminal Minds - need. new. episode. NOW!!!


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