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Just found this - very clear video of Howie slipping over and almost falling off the stage in Melbourne :D

I especially love watching him and the bodyguards (Marcus and Q, I think) crack up afterwards.
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Rod Laver Arena, Saturday 23rd February.

concert babbling )
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Acer Arena, Friday 22nd February.

lots of videos, some babbling )

I have compressed the files, reducing the size to about an 1/8 of the original. If there's footage you particularly want the better quality original .mov files of, just let me know (but each concert was 1.5 gig in that format, which is why I compressed).
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I LOVE THE BACKSTREET BOYS SO MUCH! And Melbourne concert >>> Sydney concert, due to better sound, better seats, and a better crowd. I've had so much fun in the last few days. Details and video to come in the next few days.

Hmmm, there is one thing I want to say about the concerts, and I might as well get it out of the way. my confession - relates to Kevin )

Shit. I have 50 tabs open in Firefox.

I just found this thread in a Love meme, and it practically made me cry (in a good way). I love you guys.
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\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

Very very very awesome (though someone had the bass turned WAY TOO HIGH), and very very gay.

I love my Boys so much :D

PS - [ profile] indybrat watched Life on the Murder Scene for the first time, and is in love with Brian Schechter.
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Tonight, we're off to watch the mighty NSW Waratahs defeat the Hurricanes. And yes, I'm going out on a limb here, being positive, and risking epic mocking from [ profile] morebliss and others if my prediction is wrong :D

*** * *** * *** * ***

Soon I will stop posting about the upcoming bsb concerts, I promise.

There's a girl at WW who needs to sell third-row floor tickets to the Sydney and Melbourne shows. The problem is that they've got to be picked up at the venue by a friend of hers (and hence, not easy to sell). They would have cost her about $108 with fees. So if anyone knows of someone who'd be interested, I'll get contact details.

It's probably not very nice of me to suggest this, but she's getting pretty desperate. She might have to accept any offer she receives, if someone is interested but not at full price.

ETA: and I know another person who has four 12th row floor seats for Melbourne to sell, price very negotiable.
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No soundcheck passes for me - I wasn't one of the 21 winners for Sydney (and how unlucky do you have to be to not win with them giving away that many *g*), and turns out, oh whoops, they aren't having a soundcheck party for Melbourne!

This was only discovered because we pushed for them to post a complete list of winners, since they said all had been notified and no one was saying they'd won for Melbourne. I'm more annoyed by this typical lack of organisation (and that we won't have a chance to try and get [ profile] notyourfriend in, than I am about missing out. Though, at least they didn't announce winners, then not hold it (like the second London soundcheck last tour).

Of course, the Fall Out Boy meet and greet still makes this look well-run, after they almost didn't let OCK winners bring their +1 in with them. That took special skill at screwing up by someone *g*.
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The BSB fanclub continue their long tradition for being pretty damn useless - they notified a few Aussie soundcheck winners today, the rest should hear tomorrow. Of course, this wasn't made clear, so when one person popped up on the fanclub saying "I won soundcheck passes!!!", it was practically ::cricket cricket cricket:: as everyone wondered why no one else at WW, LiveDaily or the Aussie mailing list was saying they'd won too.

It sounds like a bit of an upgrade - you're allowed to take photos *and* video (last time video had to be done discreetly), have have a group photo with the guys (and get a signed photo). However, the group photo part to me sound like the practice of letting extra people in to the soundchecks probably won't happen this time around. I could be wrong, but that's my gut feeling on seeing that, given the extra organisation that'll be needed.

Which is a problem if I *do* win, cause I don't want to leave [ profile] not_nele or [ profile] indybrat waiting by themself. And if I don't win, which is the more likely outcome, we'll have to see what the reports are from the Brisbane concert as to whether we want to try our luck of going along without passes (it worked last tour).

But the important is - eight days til concert fun! \o/
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Let me try this again:
+ Nick Carter on Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Sept 2002 - 176 meg
Nick doesn't say a lot, but is having a fun time, sings a little and looks GREAT.

The rest of Ryan and Jon's NME interview has been posted :)
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Some more stuff that I remembered about Jensen at the GNW filming (I've edited into main post, but in case you don't want to plow through again):

unlikely to be in GNW, but cut in case )

> Cute Panic interview from pre-Grammys stuff - no one else had candy for them! Brendon sharing a seat with Jon! Them not knowing if tickets are on-sale (clearly the HCT ticketing has baffled them too)!

For the "Things that make me happy" file: this Gabe/William manifesto by [ profile] airgiodslv.

Uploaded by request, I figure I'll link in case anyone else wants it.
+ Nick Carter on Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Sept 2002 - 176 meg
Nick doesn't say a lot, but is having a fun time, sings a little and looks GREAT.
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Thank you for the birthday wishes, and to [ profile] breny and [ profile] fadedsouls for the adorable virtual gifts :) I had a good day, nothing major - work was fine, and I went to the rugby in the evening with my dad, brother and sister-in-law. And NSW must have known it was my birthday, as they beat the Crusaders! \o/ Winning, plus getting to perve on Daniel Carter. Now, if only they could keep this up during the actual season (this was a pre-season game), and not make it an anomaly.

My parents gave me the new digital camera I picked out, so now I need to learn how to use it, in the next fortnight. Because...

TWO WEEKS TIL BSB \o/ And getting to catch up with and hang out with [ profile] indybrat and [ profile] not_nele :D

Speaking of which, turns out my dream opening act for BSB (JC *sigh*) didn't come true, but we are getting a different boyband alumni. Brian McFadden (formerly of Westlife and the future Mr Delta Goodrem) is opening for them in Australia.

>> photos of Joey celebrating his birthday by experiencing weightlessness. I'm so jealous, I'd love to do that :)

I'm skeptical about watching the Life on Mars spinoff, Ashes to Ashes, I shall have to wait and see what the reactions are to it.

I almost posted that meme asking for people to give me subjects/questions for the Five Favourite thingy, but then remembered, I'm terrible at picking favourites of things. Seriously. I'd get caught in some sort of infinite loop of uncertainty until someone slapped me like a skipping record.
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From Ok!'s website. click for larger, uncropped versions

I'm trying to download the little Ent Tonight piece about the wedding, but sendspace is being a bitch. ETA: got the wmv file *sigh*, but it's better than nothing.

+ Ent Tonight - wedding - 4.2 meg
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Things Howie D and Ray Toro have in common:

- fans have spent a lot of time talking about their hair
- Puerto Rican
- um, I've spoken to both of them at airports

but really, this is what made me think of it...

- Howie got married yesterday and Ray is engaged, awww :)

BSB tour

Dec. 8th, 2007 12:07 pm
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German tour dates seem to be floating around, including links to buy tickets.

Naturally, there's nothing on the fanclub about this.
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The fanclub presale was an absolute debacle, AGAIN, as the system was broken at first and wouldn’t accept anyones credit cards. Then they sold out, but added more tickets randomly during the day.

But...[ profile] indybrat, [ profile] not_nele (if she can make it) and I have third row (to the side) in Sydney! And a smattering of tickets in Melbourne – 1 x 2nd row (to the side, actually gotten from Ticketek), 2 x 4th row centre-ish, and 1 x 5th row centre-ish (virtually right behind).

::does happy dance::

I'm feeling way too lucky lately. Big fall coming I suspect - oh look, uni results due out in a week.

The only concern I have now is finding homes for my spare tickets from Ticketek (and being able to pay off my credit card). Hopefully I'll be able to convince some more friends to come to the concerts! :)


Dec. 2nd, 2007 12:20 pm
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So tired, but two concerts, much socialising and completely awesome fannish times are totally worth it :D I must try and write some stuff down about the concerts before I forget. I've completely got everyone's that I was hanging out with names/lj names mixed up, so I need [ profile] not_nele to get home so I can double-check with her who all the wonderful people were.

Am now starting to plot what the hell I'm gonna do about Backstreet tickets. Have rejoined fanclub, which may be pointless. It appears the presale on Wednesday is being done through Ticketek, for fanclub, Sony and My Ticketek members (aka everybody). There is still no info on or Weird World about the Aussie dates, or whether the fanclub has a specific allocation for the presale. But I joined anyway. If I get too narked at them, I may cancel membership in the first ten days and try for a refund.

But currently, I'm thinking that I'll go to the Sydney and Melbourne shows. Who else is interested? Only price being listed is for Sydney ($99 for A Reserve, $87.50 for B Reserve).

I mentioned the other week that one of my cousin's is expecting his first child next year. We found out yesterday that his younger brother (two months younger than me, we spent a lot of time together growing up) is also gonna be a dad for the first time soon after his brother! The eldest of the three of them already has four kids. I'm so happy for him and his wife, but damn, I wish my brother or sister would have kids for my parents to fuss over :( It'd reduce my irrational guilt about not reproducing.

Thing achieved today so far:
- laundry
- joining fanclub

Things to do:
- watch many episodes of tv shows
- make sandwiches (we freeze them for taking to work)
- make a cake (not sure why, I think just to use up overripe bananas)
- concert reports

Eating at some point might be a plan. My eating habits have gotten really screwed up this week.
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Thanks to the Aussie list. From

Wednesday February 20th
Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Friday February 22nd
Acer Arena, Sydney

Saturday February 23rd
Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

Well, I'll definitely at least want to see them in Sydney. Anyone else interested? :)

I totally didn't think we'd get a tour, given the way the album has flopped here
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Ahahahahahahaha! Fall Out Boy and Backstreet Boys are both playing Jingle Ball in NY this year. I'm gonna be so sad when no videos of Nick Carter singing William's part in Sophomore Slump (and smooching Patrick) appear. Because [ profile] nafs's Moments When You Can't Deny It's True owns my heart :D

Awesome collection of Cobra Starship pre-order polaroids - she's found 143 of them so far.
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As requested by [ profile] madame_d - Backstreet performing at "Men Strike Back" in 2000 (aka as The Manskirt version 1). Lovely performances, and they all look really good (when I ignore Howie's pants).

+ Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely - 16 meg
+ I Want It That Way (with Sting) - 18 meg
+ The One - 19 meg
+ Every Breath You Take - 21 meg
Sting, Backstreet, Enrique Iglesias, Sisqo, Tom Jones, D'Angelo and Christina Aguilera.

As always, no hotlinking to the files or linking to my journal on message boards or communities, thanks!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

OK, all of them (well, you can't see much of Brian) look damn fine in these pictures. Glasses-wearing AJ looks so young! And Howie has clearly been bathing in the fountain of youth again.

Boys...what a big snake you have...

I thought this might interest some people around here - a small LD thread of pictures of the Boys in pink :)


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