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I've booked a 5pm flight from Melbourne back to Sydney the day after the BSB concert in February (Sunday 24th). Gives me time to do stuff in Melbourne on the Sunday, but not get home too late. Hopefully people might be free for lunch or something? Will try and plot something closer to the time :)

I finally watched the Las Vegas episode with JC ♥ He was adorable, and I want to hear more of the songs!!! It must have been a while since I've seen any Las Vegas, since there's been some MAJOR cast changes and plot development.

I also downloaded (since I've got spare bandwidth this month) and watched a recent episode of the Simpsons, about the presidential primaries. Funny, but abrupt and bizarre ending *g*.

Dinner was so yum. Leftover roast lamb on top of udon noodles, with tomato, semidried tomatoes, spring onion and capsicum, with a dressing of soy sauce, lemon juice, sweet chilli sauce, honey and chives. And a dollop of tzatziki on top. Not the most well-balanced meal in the world, but I was feeling lazy (plus, there are cherries, grapes and mango in the fridge for dessert).

My parents are out, since it is their 40th anniversary. Wow. We're all going out to dinner tomorrow night, but I bullied them into going out tonight as well, just the two of them.
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Awwww, six days out of seven, I'm normally being rude about my brother or bitching about him. Not today. Cause he picked me up from the airport, which wasn't what we'd arranged. He really should have been on his way to work instead, but after nearly 24 hours in transit, I was *very* happy to see him :) Flight went smoothly enough, but damn I'm glad to be home.

Have sort of unpacked, done a couple of loads of washing, fed the cat (who was flatteringly glad to see me, if I overlook the cupboard love nature of her welcome), watered some of the garden (you should see the lengthy list of daily watering I have to do while the parents are absent), staggered up to supermarket to stock up on essentials (managing to remember every ingredient for faux-Mexican tortillas except the mince), and went to the hairdresser (by which time I'd seriously hit a wall, and dozed off when they washed my hair!)

Picked up some dinner on the way home, and sat on the front steps in the afternoon sun, reading a Pros zine that arrived while I was away, and my cat came and kept me company.

It's good to be home :)


Sep. 26th, 2002 03:44 pm
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Having a lovely relaxing time along the Amalfi coast, both here and earliar in the week in Positano. We would have been more active, but the weather has been very unsettled (watched a lovely storm over the water on Monday night). Eating lots (yummy).

Sydneysiders, a favour please :) If you see any photo developers advertising 2 for 1 deals, let me know. Sam and I will have to get 2 copies of everything, as most of the time we've only carried one camera at a time. And there's already 15 rolls of film!

We're back to Rome tomorrow (long day travelling), then I fly out on Sunday night. Will be bothering you all on a even more regular basis from Tuesday :)


Sep. 20th, 2002 09:31 pm
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It is very touristy, but much nicer than Naples. Except we got screwed over by the hostel we'd booked at, and only had one night (last night) there, instead of 4. However, am sharing a room tonight with a uni friend of Sam's (and her mum) who we ran into yesterday (insert comment about insane smallness of world here) tonight, and have found a hotel room for Sat and Sun nights.

Went to Capri today, and it was very nice. The Blue Grotto was gorgeous, and I'm so glad we went. Am hopefully climbing Mt Vesuvius tomorrow, and going to Herculaneum as well.

Am rather drunk, and had a delicious white chocolate mousse for dessert. See you all soon :)
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Grrr, lj just ate this post. Let's try again.

Am in Naples, came down by train from Rome yesterday. Sam and I both took a near-instant dislike to this dirty, polluted, unfriendly and simply yucky city. At that was before I was spat on by some local teenagers.

Turns out we can do some of our planned activities from Sorrento, which was our next stop, so we're going there two days early (thankfully the hostel had beds free). I think we need a break from big cities, and Sorrento is basically a resort town, as far as I understand. Shame in a way, our hostel room here has it's own bathroom (the luxury!).

Went to Pompeii this morning. It was very hot, very sunny, and very very interesting. Couldn't get near the brothel with intact fresco advertising, due to huge crowds :)

Thanks for the cds, [ profile] hnix, been meaning to say that. But they've been especially useful, as Sam and I have been making up new lyrics to "Ontario Sucks", about Naples :)
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Hmmm, this got a little long. Today )
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Hi, I'm Erilyn, and I'm a net junkie. I went a week between sessions *shakes* ;)

Anyway, first off, an apology. I was going to be organised and send lots of postcards while I was away, but it just doesn't look like that's going to happen. I'll bring some home as presents instead. Cheap ass present I know, but I'm poor (especially with the Aussie dollar only buying half a Euro), and have limited bagspace. I only have one postcard of Michelangelo's David's ass to give, though ;)

Anyway, last detailed update I did was from Florence. Since then... )

Hope everyone is well, and will see you soon! (Only 16 nights, 16 days and a plane flight till I'm home)


Sep. 7th, 2002 04:09 pm
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It is very lovely here, apart from lack of signposting, drivers who don't know what indicators are for, and my uncomfortable, extremely creaky bed (am putting mattress on floor tonight).

We don't have accommodation for the next 4 nights yet. Ooops.


Sep. 4th, 2002 05:06 pm
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Florence is lovely, apart from thunderstorms when we're trying to enjoy the Boboli Gardens :) Been to the Duomo, Duomo museum, Baptistry, Uffizi Gallery (glad we booked for that, avoided the long queues), Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio, Boboli Gardens, Museo Bargello, Basicila de Sante Croce, Basilica de Sante Maria Nouvelle. And yes, my feet hurt :) Tomorrow we're going up to a lookout over city, then the Galleria dell Academie, and then we'll wander and take photos of some of the nice squares and windy little streets we've been through over the past few days. Picking up a car on Friday morning for 6 days, to drive about Tuscany and Umbria a bit.
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Am sitting in dodgy little cafe in Como. Been on the road for the week, and it feels like its been both longer and shorter than that.

Had one day in London after we flew in - went to Kew Gardens and it was relaxing after usual 22 hours of hell.

Eurostar to Lille the next day was fast, and Lille is a handsome city, especially the old parts. Our hotel was well situated, but the floodlights outside the window (and the drummer, one night) were a bit annoying. We hired a car and drove around the Somme WWI memorial and graveyards, which was fascinating. The Canadian memorial at Vimy Ridge is excellent, with the trenches and craters left intact (well, not quite as intact as they were after Sam almost fell in one). The Australian sites were very moving.

Train trip to Lyon on Thursday wasn't too long, and it is a beautiful city. We walked around it, and took a funiculaire up to the basilica and Roman ruins that are perched above the city.

Train trip to Milan on Friday was longer, and it was stinking hot in Milan. Stayed in a large impersonal hostel, felt like we'd been instutionalised. Saw the Last Supper (wow!) and the Duomo (scaffolding, sob!) and the Castello Sforza (interesting, relaxing and free!)

Took the train up to Como today (at base of Lake Como) and took a couple of hour ferry ride up lake, as far as Bellagio, which was lovely. It rained a bit on way back, but it is a beautiful area. Apparently we cruised past some of the places the interminable love scenes in Attack of the Clones were filmed.

Off to Florence tomorrow, where I fear I will become churched and museumed out. After melting, it's going to be 32 degrees!

Hope everyone is good!
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The thing I'd forgotten about long plane flights wasn't the boredom or seeming endlessness or the lack of sleep or lack of comfort or truly bad food. It was how fucking noisy the airconditioning/circulating system is.

Sam and I got three seats to the two of us for the Sydney to Bangkok leg, which was nice, but then a nice, good looking, gay physics teacher was seated with us for Bangkok to London.

It's grey and overcast in London today. Landed about 9:30 am, checked into hotel about midday (after delays with getting luggage off plane, and delays with train as someone went under one further along the line). We went down to Kew Gardens after lunch in a greasy diner, which is a lovely spot which I'd made it to in my one visit to London, but my sister hadn't been there in eighteen months of living here :) It was very nice to just walk amongst all the lovely plants and enjoy being out of a flying box.
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Am still waiting to leave on a jet plane.

Qantas called at about 11am, to tell us our flight had been postponed from 4:55pm departure to 8:30pm departure. Welcome news if we'd been running late (and I'm glad we found out before leaving for airpirt), but we were already packed, so have spent extra hours twiddling thumbs (and, in my case, watching Mag 7 eps interspersed with "Meet Me in St Louis").

Just want to get started :)

PS - my iprimus accounts will be checked regularly from home, so feel free to send stuff to them for me to see when I get back, they won't just build up on server.


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