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Many thanks to the person who captured this streaming file and shared it :D

+ Panic At The Disco - Live at Hove Festival Norway, 24th June 08 - 339 meg
Please don't link to my files or journal on communities, message boards, forums etc, thank you. I'd appreciate if you comment when you download, helps me keep track of things.

Haven't watched it yet, but it sounds packed full o' goodness! Panic come on about 8 minutes into the file, it's about a 60-70 minute set, and at the end, there's the beginning of an interview with Brendon and Ryan. The full version of that is here, and is interesting, as the interviewer asks them about religion (and specifically, asks Brendon about being raised a Mormon and leaving the church).
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Just felt like posting some stuff. Please don't link to my files or journal on communities, message boards, forums etc, thank you. I'd appreciate if you comment when you download, helps me keep track of things.

+ MCR - Welcome to the Black Parade (live) - 54 meg
I've heard them sound better (the mix sounds a bit off or something, idk), but it's a gorgeously shot live performance music video of it (from here).

String Quartet Tribute albums - I really like these, though I haven't listened to all the Panic one yet.
+ My Chemical Romance - Bullets and Three Cheers - 53 meg
+ Fall Out Boy - TTTYG and FUCT - 36 meg
+ Panic at the Disco - Pretty. Odd. - 52 meg

KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas 2004 (though they really aren't almost acoustic) - fun performances, pro filmed. Gerard's wearing tinsel at the start, Mikey's got a cute beanie, Frank's in the pink hair phase.
+ Helena - 48 meg
+ Thank You for the Venom - 45 meg
+ Honey this mirror isn't big enough for the both of us - 41 meg
+ You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison (with Bert) - 37 meg
It's at the end of this that Gerard starts asking if the crowd has done all their Chrismas shopping yet, and if they get something for him, to not spend more than 25 bucks, cause you'll get a blowjob anyway.
+ Give Em Hell Kid - 25 meg
+ I'm Not Okay - 35 meg
Gerard sings a bit of We Wish You a Merry Christmas at the beginning. I could watch Frank on the floor from 3:08-3:12 over and over and over.

I was checking the setlist against this complete file at youtube (crappy quality, sound out of synch), but discovered that sadly, whoever shared the mpgs/made separate files of them cut Gerard introducing You Know What They Do (its from 13:23 at youtube).

He beckons Bert onstage, and says "We're gonna sing a song together about getting sodomised in jail if you guys are into that". When he's starting to tell the audience to snap along, Bert is all "Happy Holidays Gerard!" and Gerard stops and pats Bert on the head and wishes him happy holidays, and says he got Bert a present, though Bert's tone when he says he got Gerard a present too is weird. So doooooooomed. Bert's hair is really long here.
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I finally got a reply from them about my new order that hadn't got processed - somehow, a payment method wasn't selected (I'm pretty sure that I filled everything in, but ok). They told me:

If you'd still like the order, you can log in to your webstore account and resubmit a new payment.

Um, how? I can see how to update payment details, but not how to select a payment method for a specific order. I've emailed them back, but that'll probably take another week. Half the stuff I was ordering was on sale, it's probably fucking sold out now :( I'd cancel the order, but there's no easy way to do that online, and I still really want the Cobra hoodie.

Also, how come I can get shirts from Threadless in a week (yay!) but it's gonna take them forever to get the Panic boxset to me? I guess I may as well ask why not everyone in the US has got their order yet. Fuckers.
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Whoops? Advertising got ahead of any other announcements - Panic is bringing The Academy Is... and COBRA STARSHIP with them! \o/

Three bands I like totally justifies three concerts, yes? I'm thinking I might buy for a third, even with things being so uncertain (I can always sell it if I can't make it). Auckland is the best in terms of timing (a weekend), but worst in terms of cost of plane tickets. So it's probably Brisbane or Adelaide (sorry Perth, I don't hate you or anything). But seats or front floor, for which shows? Ack, too many decisions.

Question: I've got an order of the FBR store which, days later, is still marked as pending. I've doublechecked my payment details. I'm sure they've been busy with Panic pre-order stuff, but how long should I wait before contacting them?
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Yay, didn't need to wait til after uni tonight to find out, there was an email from Frontier Touring (embedded music at linked page) when I woke up, announcing the tour.

And the support act - The Academy Is...! I'm so happy (apart from the awkwardness of role reversal). Wonder if they'll be missing the last show(s) on Warped, since it doesn't end til the 17th?

Wed 20th August - Brisbane Entertainment Center
Friday 22nd August - Acer Arena Sydney
Saturday 23rd August - Rod Laver Arena
Monday 25th August - Adelaide Entertainment Center
Wednesday 27th August - Burswood Dome Perth
Saturday 30th August - Vector Arena Auckland

Prices are tending to be about $76 for GA and reserved seating, and $88 for "Panic Pit" (which I cannot find an explanation for - anyone? I'm guessing they mean front section of floor, at venues which can be split, and the whole floor at other venues). Pity the Sydney venue is Acer and not Ent Centre.

So, Sydney and Melbourne, yes! I'm not sure about any other shows, my work situation then is completely unknown. Adelaide is tempting, but I'd have to have Monday and Tuesday off. Maybe Brisbane, I could fly up late Wed afternoon and come back first thing in the morning, if I do have a new job and getting time off is tricky.

Presale through Frontier Touring - Thursday 10th April midday (fuck, I have a tutorial then)
Presale through Visa Entertainment - Monday 7th April 9am

Please take note the following ticket limits apply:
Panic Pit - 2 per person
General Admission - 4 per person
Reserved Seating - 6 per person
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I forgot an important birthday wish - HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] canadiankracka! Have a lovely day :D

Supposed Panic tour dates for Australia and NZ have been posted, but the source is a Panic Aussie street team myspace, so I'm kinda skeptical (which is sad, because the reaction when [ profile] jocondite and I saw them? It was impressive *g*).

ETA: dates are false, apparently the dates will be announced on Thursday?
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please don't link to the files, or link to my journal in communities/message boards. please comment if you download, I appreciate it and it helps me know what interest there is for footage.

+ Panic - FUSE Celebrity Playlist June 06 - 33 meg
The boys look good, and are kind of giggly and flirty.

+ Travis sings "But It's Better If You Do" - 17 meg
Complete with awesome dancing.

My Chemical Romance
+ MTV Diary - 158 meg
Fantastic behind-the-scenes of Warped 05 (including blink-and-you'll-miss-them cameos by some of FOB). So many great moments, it's some of my favourite MCR footage.

+ Channel 4 Music Presents My Chemical Romance - 170 meg
Four gorgeous black and white performances, interspersed with cute interview clips.

+ Under Pressure (live) - 42 meg
+ Under Pressure (mp3) - 4.5 meg
I'm picky about covers of Queen, but I enjoy this one. The live performance is all kinds of wonderful - including watching Bert and Gerard together (and mournfully saying DOOOOOMED periodically, as one does when seeing pictures or footage from this era) but Mikeyway rocking the fuck out on THE TAMBOURINE is one of my favourite things ever.

+ Welcome to the Black Parade music video - 150 meg
+ Teenagers music video - 41 meg
+ Famous Last Words music video - 66 meg
+ Famous Last Words alternate music video - 47 meg
The second FLW is the version where you see Bob run away from the fire once the pain has gotten too much. Oh Bob.

+ Gerard and Ray singing Thanks for the Venom - 300 kb
Audio rip of the a cappella snippet in LOTMS.

+ On the Spot - 2.7 meg
Day or night? Vampires or werewolves? Cats or dogs?

Fall Out Boy
+ Pete's FAVE band - 1 meg
For popslash people especially ;)

+ Hollister special - 102 meg
late 2004/early 2005? Interviews, photoshoot, tiny instore performance - much much goodness. Including tales of Pete and his brother jumping off the roof (not too long before this was filmed) and their mum's reaction. Pete's tiara is modelled, and his unfortunate bout of leprosy explained.

+ Making the Video - Sugar We're Going Down - 101 meg
Patrick wears a pith helmet. Pete demolishes a fence with a golfcart. Andy throws a hissy fit at wardrobe. Good times.

+ Exposed - 58 meg
Interview in Mall of America. Andy is a pussy about feeding sharks. They lose Patrick. They need a block to stand on to be regular height. Possibly Joe is actually the furry of the group.

+ FOE Atlanta pt 1 - 18 meg
+ FOE Atlanta pt 2 - 19 meg
+ FOE Atlanta pt 3 - 17 meg
So much good stuff, from last year. Including debating the ethics of downloading your own leaked album. Pete v Charlie over whether something is vegan or not. Clearly that's Hemingway's stunt double (or Patrick's) since you see them together. Discussion about the fake stuff for Pete's Cribs episode. Patrick warming up before the show = some of my favourite footage :)
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Well, damn.

I contacted the FBR store about whether international orders can be tracked (there's a link, but it doesn't work), and the answer is no (which I expected). But the email also said:

"Your order should arrive in 2-4 weeks from March 20th. That's when the box sets are shipping. I hope this helps!"

But in my order info it already says shipped. I'd hoped this would mean that it would arrive pretty close to March 25th, but I guess not.
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It appears that my Panic deluxe edition has shipped from FBR (was I supposed to get an email notification?), yay! But the tracking number doesn't work yet, I want to be able to track it's movements obsessively.

Why hasn't a release date been announced for MCR's dvd? I covet it ::grabby hands::

I deleted a comment to my SOMH (Melbourne) video on youtube from bambistarlight. If you're reading this, sorry, but didn't want people to come looking for my lj. Sure, the usernames are the same, I'm not exactly hiding, but it just made me uncomfortable.

The Waratahs somehow managed to beat the Brumbies last night. I was at the game, and I'm still not sure how. Fortunately our seats are undercover, because it was raining for a lot of the game, including ABSOLUTELY POURING during the last part.
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I've been having a shit of a day (mostly my own fault, since I'm pathetic), but my mood has evened out a bit since earlier, so we're all spared me actually writing some massively emo post about my-life-so-hard. Whatever. Let's all be grateful for that, cause no one, least of me, wants to read that.

>> New dvd footage from Panic (set to 9itA) - I'm so glad I've ordered the special edition, though it'll probably be online before I receive mine *g*. SO ADORABLE!!!

>> tour update from THE CAB - Speaking of adorable...though they're ON NOTICE given their scandalous mocking of Galaxy Quest.

>> Gerard mocking Panic - days later, I'm still laughing about this.

Earlier in the week, I finally got around to listening to the Empires tracks that were posted a little while back, and I really liked them. I'm a post-Tomrad fan of TAI, and have no feelngs towards him one way or another, so it took me a while to get around to it. Me, so slow.
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From the random fact generator: One time, at band camp, Spencer ate a percussionist.

Happy Birthday [ profile] not_nele and [ profile] sinden! Hope you both had have a good day tomorrow :)
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Let me try this again:
+ Nick Carter on Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Sept 2002 - 176 meg
Nick doesn't say a lot, but is having a fun time, sings a little and looks GREAT.

The rest of Ryan and Jon's NME interview has been posted :)
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Some more stuff that I remembered about Jensen at the GNW filming (I've edited into main post, but in case you don't want to plow through again):

unlikely to be in GNW, but cut in case )

> Cute Panic interview from pre-Grammys stuff - no one else had candy for them! Brendon sharing a seat with Jon! Them not knowing if tickets are on-sale (clearly the HCT ticketing has baffled them too)!

For the "Things that make me happy" file: this Gabe/William manifesto by [ profile] airgiodslv.

Uploaded by request, I figure I'll link in case anyone else wants it.
+ Nick Carter on Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Sept 2002 - 176 meg
Nick doesn't say a lot, but is having a fun time, sings a little and looks GREAT.
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I'm considering getting a new camera for my 30th (which is approaching far too rapidly). Does anyone have recs/anti-recs for a compact or ultra-compact? What do you have, how have you found it? I currently have a three year old Canon A85.

I've been going through a few sites (like Digital Photography Review - very useful for feature search and side-by-side comparisons) but am feeling overwhelmed by choices and options. Good video is essential (especially for concerts *g*).

Speaking of concerts - my photos are often very hit and miss (with greater emphasis towards miss). If you take photos at concerts, what settings do yo tend to use? Fully auto, a specific mode, or do you manually adjust aperture and ISO speed etc?

* ** *** * *** ** *

Thanks to very useful info from [ profile] babygotbass (eg the sold out message is an error, and check your order history when it times out during processing), I have conquered the FBR store and ordered the deluxe edition of Pretty. Odd. \o/

I really need to make a proper To Do list for February. I don't have uni for the next 3 1/2 weeks, and I'll be working a bit but not full-time (afaik), so it is Time To Get Shit Done.

Also, the mystery of Pete and Patrick's apparent trip to Europe and Russia is solved! I hope they go to Paris a lot "".
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I'm seriously thinking about buying the deluxe edition of Pretty. Odd. Someone come and talk me out of it. Though since the FBR store won't let me access the deluxe edition, I may be saved already. Nope, seems they do want me to take my money. ARGH, decisions. ETA: store still dead. LET ME MAKE AN IMPULSE BUY!

Speaking of Panic, I'm hoping that y'all have as non-stressful and successful ticket-buying experiences as possible. Abusing alcohol will not help - it'll just slow you down when you're trying to buy.

My exam this morning went...adequately. I'll be surprised if I fail, will be surprised if I do better than a pass.

Excuse me while I go listen to Nine in the Afternoon again. And again.
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Ok, in my defense, I was REALLY INCREDIBLY bored at work today.

I'd been talking about names, and the meaning of names with someone, just joking around. So a bit later, I started looking up the meanings of a couple that we were talking about, and one of the names was Ryan. According to the site I looked at: Ryan = king

So I got curious (and was bored): Brendon = prince. (Which made me grin and think of jokes about the king and the prince consort).

Spencer: steward, administrator (which is when I started to almost giggle out loud, cause how perfect! Spencer is the one who actually get things done while the royalty faffs about!)

Jon: God has given (awwwwww). Except...his middle name Jacob = SUPPLANTER, which is when I gave in and was actually giggling out loud.

ETA: it only just occurred to me to look up Brent. First meaning I find = burnt (or steep hill).

And then I eventually went back to reading the paper online, cover to cover. I WISH I HAD LJ ACCESS FROM WORK ON DAYS LIKE THIS.

(PS - Gerard means "brave with spear")
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I had a revelation at work today, connecting Panic dropping the ! to Nsync changing from * to ' (eta: hah, apparently it was the other way around). Then I realised that even after all these years, I can't remember whether the official spelling was 'Nsync or 'N Sync or N'sync or whatever.

Yeah, it was a slow day. And I didn't say it was a good revelation. Stay tuned for my pictorial comparison essay: Who Has Had The Worst Hair?

Dear [ profile] turps33, I don't want to distract you from My Chem, but after admitting weakness here, you just know I have to post something! That being, a score of Panic pictures :)

little picspam )
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Everyone who might be interested in these probably already has them, but just in case...
Don't direct link to the files, and please don't link to my journal from communities/message boards/forums etc.

Cobra Starship music videos
+ Cobra Starship - Snakes on a Plane music video - 28 meg
+ Making of Snakes on a Plane music video - 45 meg
+ Church Of Hot Addiction - 47.4 meg
+ Send My Love To The Dancefloor, I'll See You In Hell (Hey Mister DJ) - 40.1 meg
On the off-chance someone hasn't seen these, watch Church before Dancefloor!

The Academy Is... music videos
+ Weve Got A Big Mess On Our Hands - 40.4 meg
+ Neighbors - 32.1 meg
+ Everything We Had - 37 meg

Loveline radio show
+ Fall Out Boy (Pete and Joe) - 43 meg
+ Cobra Starship (supergroup) - 42 meg
+ My Chemical Romance (Gerard, Mikey and Frank - they don't get there til after 25 min or so into it) - 47 meg
I only just downloaded these, haven't had a chance to listen, but the descriptions sound hilarious. It's a sex/relationship advice show.

Fall Out Boy - MTV Diary
+ part 1 - 36.9 meg
+ part 2 - 38.4 meg
So much good stuff (is it creepy that footage of Patrick shoe shopping is fascinating? Actually, don't answer that). I love them bitching about stupid interviews, and Pete indulging his furry kink (and scaring small children in my city).

+ Andy and Travis beatboxing - 5.9 meg
nervous!Andy is really rather adorable

+ Patrick performs acoustic This Aint a Scene 16 meg
belt it, Patrick!

+ Thriller (live on Carson) - 14.1 meg
fun performance.

+ Panic interview - 93.5 meg
Not sure of source - English guy asking questions sent in by fans. Axl Rose complimented Spencer and Brendon secretly loves Nsync.
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Exams are over, woot \o_ (can't manage a two arm salute, things aren't that exciting).

Heroes watched - want more of the song, dammit!!!

Watching new House on tv before having time to download, bizarre...

Panic pic

Nov. 17th, 2007 09:08 am
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I need to post this, to record a group photo of Panic where I find Ryan the most attractive member (it doesn't happen often).
Dear Spencer, just because you can grow a beard, doesn't mean you should, especially that beard (though, it's still not nearly as bad as Justin's hideous neckbeards). From Guitar Centre opening in Vegas.

click for full size

If I won lotto, I think I'd come follow Cobra around on tour (a couple of dates are available) for a while, and see a lot of you guys at the same time.


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