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Whoops? Advertising got ahead of any other announcements - Panic is bringing The Academy Is... and COBRA STARSHIP with them! \o/

Three bands I like totally justifies three concerts, yes? I'm thinking I might buy for a third, even with things being so uncertain (I can always sell it if I can't make it). Auckland is the best in terms of timing (a weekend), but worst in terms of cost of plane tickets. So it's probably Brisbane or Adelaide (sorry Perth, I don't hate you or anything). But seats or front floor, for which shows? Ack, too many decisions.

Question: I've got an order of the FBR store which, days later, is still marked as pending. I've doublechecked my payment details. I'm sure they've been busy with Panic pre-order stuff, but how long should I wait before contacting them?
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Panic are performing on SNL on April 5th, which is pretty cool. Christopher Walken is the host. Ahahahahahahahahaha, that's ridiculously awesome.

Here's a bunch of various footage and audio that I've enjoyed and thought I'd share, especially as there's a least a few of you who are also relative newcomers to the bands, so might not have seen some of them.

please don't link to the files, or link to my journal in communities/message boards. Commenting if you download is much appreciated.

+ MCR - the Attic Demos - 17.4 meg
+ MCR - Astro Zombies (Misfits cover) - 3 meg

+ Crossover Interview of Awesomeness - 43 meg
Alex Suarez, Ryan Ross, Travis McCoy and Mike Carden. Together. Being awesome. Talking about underage fans, their future offspring forming bands, and Gabe's nipples (amongst other things).

+ Gerard impersonating Ray - 4 meg
Gerard tries his best mockery. Mikey reacts with an eyebrow raise.

+ Gabe and Travis - 2.7 meg
Hanging out in Gabe's place, mocking Fall Out Boy.

+ Pete on FUSE - 45 meg
from early 2006. Steven's interviews are always worth watching.

+ FOB Rock Sound TV Part 1 - 40 meg
+ FOB Rock Sound TV Part 2 - 11 meg
Some good one-on-one stuff with Patrick and Joe (who gets to draw stuff). I'm guessing they realised Andy doesn't say much, as they interview him and Pete together.

+ FOB Rolling Stone covershoot - 7 meg
footage of the photoshoot (boys playing with lightsabres *g*) and some interview bits (including Patrick singing "Almost Like Being In Love").

+ TAI - Slow Down (live, with bonus Pete) - 39 meg
Pretty good quality, from Warped 06. Pete comes out to sing (that should possibly be "sing") with William.

+ Panic - Rolling Stone interview - 36 meg
one of the first Panic interviews I ever saw, so much good stuff (including Ryan and Spencer's childhood misadventures). You'll probably need to turn your speakers up.

+ Panic - Live105Q&A - 15 meg
It's funny - as I've become more familiar with Panic, I'm reminded less strongly of Emmett (from QAF US) by Brendon here. Good interview from late 2006. The fan questions aren't too annoying, lots of fun stuff.

+ Panic - live concert from KROQ - 70 meg
Panic performing at KROQ's Almost Acoustic 2006.

Some radio interviews (most are from Nov/Dec 07, except the last two)
+ Pete on NPR - 8 meg
+ NZ interview with Ray - 7 meg
+ Hilarious Aussie interview with Frank and Mikey - 9 meg
+ Aussie interview with Gerard - 8 meg
+ Very funny NZ interview with Gerard - 11.5 meg
+ Bob and Gerard on KROQ - 4.5 meg
+ Singer and Cash from The Cab being their own karaoke party - 8.5 meg

end of tour

Mar. 9th, 2008 09:49 pm
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So, I'm guessing that a significant portion of the internet is dead from squee today, looking at the shenanigans that were going on last night for the last of the RRRGT shows :D I do hope some of the blowjob offers were actually followed through on.

::waits for any survivors to surface with reports and hopefully more video of semi-naked Ian::
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Booo-yah! First off, my boys didn't disappoint - NSW beat the Hurricanes, 20-3, in their first round of the Super 14 \o/ My rugby boyfriend, Lachie Turner, scored two tries and prevented a certain Hurricanes try. My condolences to the Hurricanes fans on my f-list.

And then, I came home to the amazing miss [ profile] katienyc proving that I didn't dream up Gabe in a dress (though subconscious, if you're taking requests for later tonight...)

It's from the Cobra Tour Diary (part 3) and it can be watched here or downloaded from here \o/ It's only a couple of seconds early on, but worth it.

And if you haven't seen Travis with Patrick's adorable dog (and Patrick, but who cares about him *g*), rush off to
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Okay, please tell me I'm not crazy (...regarding this particular item, not a blanket disclaimer).

There is a video, possibly from FOE, of Gabe wearing one of VickyT's dresses, right? I think they're on a bus, and she's doesn't look that impressed by him modelling her dress. I mentioned it to [ profile] gigantic and now can't find it. And while Gabe-in-a-dress is possibly the sort of thing I'd dream up (in a good way), I did think this existed.

Someone left me a lovely message at [ profile] svmadelyn's Valentine's Day Game. Thank you so much :)
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I haven't been posting much cause I've got nothing to say really. Have an exam on Tuesday for the summer session subject I've been doing for last couple of weeks. Study is only going so-so. Kill me now etc etc.

Thought for the day: in the making of The City is at War video (and photos and other stuff), Gabe is seen licking at the pies. I bet those things aren't vegan. Naughty Gabe.
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From the info post about [ profile] bandombigbang (which all you writerly types should sign up for *g*): or Pete Wentz/Rodney McKay, whatever floats your boat)

Oh god, I really really want to read this now. And not like in [ profile] skoosiepants's Supersaturation 'verse (though their interaction in that is awesomely funny), I want Pete Wentz the rockstar, meets Rodney McKay, scientist. I have no idea how or why, but my brain has seized on this image with glee. It wouldn't even have to be pairing them up. ::boggles::

Of course, no sga/musician pairing can supplant my true otp of Sheppard/Nick Carter, as written by [ profile] coreopsis.

*** ** * ** ***

In other news-about-me, I think I really really want the tour tshirt from the Cobra tour, despite, you know, not going to it. And some of the other merch. ::craves::

And now it is time to Torchwood! ...well, it can be a verb, can't it? Though it'd probably mean to have sex with an alien or something.
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All credit to [ profile] psychodragon82 for sharing these files originally :)

+ avi - 10.7 meg
+ mp4 - 11.8 meg

I this band SO MUCH :D
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This thread (well, the whole post about Mikey, Alicia and Pete is great but especially this part) about the Brothers Way and their matching sets of spouses is one of the best things I've read in this fandom *g*.

The worst thing about giving in to a craving for melodrama and angst and general over-the-top-ness is when you find yourself getting caught up in a not-really-badfic-but-still-kinda-bad epics that turn out to be incomplete! Frank is pregnant, I need to know what happens next!

I'm so sad that Gizmo won't be going along on Cobra's tour next year - I loved watching them play with Gizmo in the videos *g*.

I have a long 'to do' list, but was very slack yesterday. Consoled myself with the thought that I could get lots done today.

Twenty minutes ago, work rang and asked me to come in. I can't say no to money!
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Everyone who might be interested in these probably already has them, but just in case...
Don't direct link to the files, and please don't link to my journal from communities/message boards/forums etc.

Cobra Starship music videos
+ Cobra Starship - Snakes on a Plane music video - 28 meg
+ Making of Snakes on a Plane music video - 45 meg
+ Church Of Hot Addiction - 47.4 meg
+ Send My Love To The Dancefloor, I'll See You In Hell (Hey Mister DJ) - 40.1 meg
On the off-chance someone hasn't seen these, watch Church before Dancefloor!

The Academy Is... music videos
+ Weve Got A Big Mess On Our Hands - 40.4 meg
+ Neighbors - 32.1 meg
+ Everything We Had - 37 meg

Loveline radio show
+ Fall Out Boy (Pete and Joe) - 43 meg
+ Cobra Starship (supergroup) - 42 meg
+ My Chemical Romance (Gerard, Mikey and Frank - they don't get there til after 25 min or so into it) - 47 meg
I only just downloaded these, haven't had a chance to listen, but the descriptions sound hilarious. It's a sex/relationship advice show.

Fall Out Boy - MTV Diary
+ part 1 - 36.9 meg
+ part 2 - 38.4 meg
So much good stuff (is it creepy that footage of Patrick shoe shopping is fascinating? Actually, don't answer that). I love them bitching about stupid interviews, and Pete indulging his furry kink (and scaring small children in my city).

+ Andy and Travis beatboxing - 5.9 meg
nervous!Andy is really rather adorable

+ Patrick performs acoustic This Aint a Scene 16 meg
belt it, Patrick!

+ Thriller (live on Carson) - 14.1 meg
fun performance.

+ Panic interview - 93.5 meg
Not sure of source - English guy asking questions sent in by fans. Axl Rose complimented Spencer and Brendon secretly loves Nsync.
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I'd seen photos of the Butcher, well, butchering Nate at Halloween, but didn't realise the context til now. It was a fight to the death over who got to play drums for Snakes on a Plane (video) :)

According to Sisky's journal, Mike Carden went to Vegas with Gabe for his birthday and to see his boyfriend Ryan Ross. Hmpf. Is Mike too good to eat fan's leftovers? And Sisky's worry about leaving his cats when he goes on tour is just too adorable.

ETA: ah, photos with Travis and Ryan.

I really kind of want to lick Gabe's back in this video. I've never been so jealous of a little dog ;)
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Ahahahahahahaha! Fall Out Boy and Backstreet Boys are both playing Jingle Ball in NY this year. I'm gonna be so sad when no videos of Nick Carter singing William's part in Sophomore Slump (and smooching Patrick) appear. Because [ profile] nafs's Moments When You Can't Deny It's True owns my heart :D

Awesome collection of Cobra Starship pre-order polaroids - she's found 143 of them so far.
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I must join in the fandom-wide posting about this *g*, especially as it's mostly been the Friday night file I've seen linked to.

>> Friday night

>>> Saturday night (thanks to [ profile] femmequixotic)

I'm loving on this picture (click for bigger) of William and Gabe (from here), not just for the snuggliness, but for the hole in William's shirt. Perhaps this will become the stomach equivalent of his old nipple-flashing top?

After just one week, Unbreakable has fallen outside the top 50 albums on the Aussie charts :(
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Dude, it's like someone saw the pairing bickering that was going on, and decided a motherlode of awesome pictures was needed to distract Panic fans. (links from [ profile] _lolapalooza)

> Panic! at Erns House, June 2005 (babies at a slumber party with bed sharing and porn on the tv - the inappropriate older guy is not a relative of Lou Pearlman, but their merch guy apparently)
> Panic! at the Ogden, March 2006
> Panic! at Magness, November 2006

Detail about Bob's wrist problems :(

¡Viva La Cobra! is being released in Australia later this month. And JB Hi-Fi are so excited about it, they have the album listed twice on the pre-orders page :)

Wow, fact checker needed. According the Sanity (music chain) website, The Academy Is... was founded by Fall Out Boy while on tour.


Nov. 9th, 2007 01:27 pm
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Yay, 50 people have already signed up for Make the Yuletide Gay (the new popslash secret santa) \o/

I haven't seen [ profile] canadiankracka post, and there's news that Cobra Starship are touring with The Cab (and Metro Station and We The Kings, who I'm not familiar with) early next year. Lex, please let us know that you're okay ;)

Huh, didn't beckettbabygate break like two or three days ago, and there's been some TAI concerts since then? And I haven't seen a single report of someone throwing little pink booties at William or worse? I'm not sure if my expectations of fandom (and fans' behaviour) have been disappointed or exceeded. So confused.

Also, my Viva La Cobra cd finally arrived. So shiny and pretty!


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