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I saw Prince Caspian last night with [ profile] iibnf and [ profile] hnix. spoilers )

Also, Caspian's resemblance to William Beckett (with a touch of Mike Carden, especially the hair) was amusing. (Speaking of which, I am still lol-ing about the song title from the upcoming TAI album, After The Last Midtown Show. If that isn't about sex with Gabe...I have no way of finishing that sentence, because honestly, whatever the lyrical content turns out to be, I will almost certainly believe it's sex with Gabe :D

Afterwards, we had pizza and [ profile] hnix cried until they changed their mind about being out of bananas for the dessert (ok, she was just laughing really hard, but [ profile] iibnf told the waiter he'd made her cry, and they somehow miraculously turned out to have banana. Coincidence? we don't think so).

I really want to make cupcakes. Maybe chocolate ones. But am going to go back to tidying up my wardrobe instead.
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I'm so tired. I blame this not on work, but on my fabulous two hour chatfest with [ profile] lemmealone at lunchtime (I get paid per hour, I can skive off for once if I like, normally I barely take a lunchbreak *g*). The topic ranged over every topic under the sun (including kneeling before Zod, paddling in the shallow squee end of the fandom pool, the MCR kid!fic, the taxation of trusts, how frustrating certain writing styles are, and WIPs of fandoms past that we're still bitter were never finished).

Actually, I should probably more blame it on staying up too late last night poking at my semi-defunct dvd drive. But I totally had no motivation for work after forcing myself back there instead of continuing lunch until cocktail hour.

Yesterday morning (it was a public holiday here), my sister and I saw the documentary "In the Shadow of the Moon", about the Apollo program of moon missions. It was breath-taking and gorgeous and awe-inspiring. Belated rec, I know, I think it's been out so long it's already available on dvd overseas, but if you get a chance to see it, it's so worth it. Hopefully you won't have an old couple behind you providing a non-stop commentary of INANITY (with bonus reading of on-screen text) like I did. I had to freaking shush them eventually, when my passive-aggressive glares failed. Let me bask in the wonder, annoying people.

Sunday afternoon, I got to catch-up with [ profile] jocondite, which was fantastic. Much band squee, with diversions (especially into Heyer and other books, once I'd lured her into our study *waggles eyebrows suggestively*). We also watched some Panic interviews - she hadn't seen Spencer wander off in the middle of an interview! - and squeed some more. And look at stuff we wanted to buy online. And squeed some more. And I dumped a pile of emo-wangst on her, sorry! Remember the squee instead ;)

There was also watching of awfulbadwrongaddictive stuff with [ profile] iibnf during the weekend. America's Next Top Model, why can't I quit you? Thank god this season of Make Me A Supermodel is almost over. Oh wait, Australia's Next Top Model starts up again next month. Why yes, I will be watching I HAVE NO SHAME. ::headdesk::

I'm still loving on Pretty. Odd. And I need to catch up on the media from AJ's solo concert!

Secret plan for future: coincide a trip to US (cause hey, I'd love to visit New York and Boston and nearby areas) with this if it happens. Note to self: also win lotto.
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Thank goodness for [ profile] indybrat and [ profile] not_nele coming to visit later in the week - it's made me get off my butt and do some cleaning and tidying. Except I probably shouldn't mention that I've done a bunch, cause it's still not that tidy! Especially since I've just moved some of the worst of the clutter, rather than actually sorting it out. And yet, I'm feeling accomplished about it anyway.

I've two episodes behind in Primeval and haven't watched this week's SGA yet. But my sister and I are gonna go see "The Jane Austen Book Club" tonight, in part to use up some free movie tickets that are about to expire, so tv will have to wait.

Hah, TAI boys again gather to watch Jason Siska on Survivor. Chiz's hair still looks odd to me, but the Butcher looks good with his new buzzcut!

Happy Birthday, [ profile] divafits and [ profile] jewelianna! Hope you have great days :)
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They've finished production on two more Donald Strachey films, yay!

Sisky (with Chiz and Mike) watching his brother on Survivor = very cute. Apart from Chiz's hair. Step away from the straightener. Were William and Jason friends at high school? That's how Sisky met William? ::pokes around youtube:: Ah, they mention him in this video.

I'm such a fucking hoarder, but at least I just chucked out a bunch of old makeup that I haven't used in ages. Now I just need to do that like 100 times over.

Off to the taping off Good News Week, am looking forward to it, especially as I've never been to the taping of a show before. Will be even more excited if the rumoured guest does appear.


Jun. 26th, 2003 07:45 pm
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Saw Russian Ark last night with K. It's a Russian movie, filmed in one take in the Winter Palace (Hermitage Museum) in St Petersburg. Sadly, it was very boring (though K enjoyed it more than I did). It could have been a good movie, but the director was a wanker who was too absorbed in his own cleverness. That's my theory anyway.
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Ok, I was going to rave about how fantastic "Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra" was, which I saw last night as part of the French Film Festival.

But I'm getting more than a little distracted by how everything has gained a weird reverby/echoy quality to it. Haven't had ear problems in years, but have made a doctor's appointment for later, cause it could be middle ear problems. Will probably have to miss the rugby later, as I don't think I could cope with screaming crowds like this *pout*.


Feb. 24th, 2003 07:03 pm
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Just saw the XMen 2 preview on E!News.

Bring. It. On :)

And [ profile] sinbrat - Nightcrawler looks good.

Had an job interview today, went for about 75 minutes. Now I'm not sure I really want *this* job, but the truth is, I want any job, so maybe I'll have good news to celebrate on Friday.


Jan. 29th, 2003 09:22 am
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I saw this on Monday with K, and it is fantastic. I saw it a few years ago on stage (with Caroline O'Connor as Velma), but they do an amazing job of bringing it to the screen without losing the energy. Well-cast (even if I still don't like Renee Zellweger), and well-made.

LJ has been being a bitch, so I haven't replied to everyone's posts about Sinpoz. Might just do a new post, and explain what I saw the problems as being.
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While we were watching Chamber of Secrets, the sound flickered and jumped a couple of times. We were gonna complain, but right at the end it happened again when the lights were on, and we noticed that the lights flickered too. We asked when we left, and they told us that there were lots of power surges due to bushfires. When we got outside, there were masses of thick, dark smoke clouds in a couple of directions, that definitely hadn't been there when we went in.

Excuse me? I know it's a long movie, but how frigging long were we in there for? And of course, there's always that first paranoid thought that it might be local. (And according to today's paper, there was a fire in Lindfield, which is the first we've heard of this, and there's no details, so we're a mite confused.)

A number of houses were lost yesterday, particularly up around Glenorie. Fucking awful.

On top of all this, some fucker tried to run our neighbour off the road in front of us as we drove home. He was stopped illegally, then started to pull out right in front of her without indicating, she beeped her horn and kept going, so he pulled out and tailgated her so badly that she pulled over and let him past. It happened so quickly, and was a bit of a scare. We got his numberplate, but she's decided not to pursue it.

Listened to the radio lots, since you get more up to date and varied coverage, not just what the tv stations have footage of. So many people were ringing in with complaints about people throwing cigarette butts from cars. One guy had to pull over and put out a fire that someone ahead of him started. There are no words strong enough for those people.
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Went to a free screening last night of "The Banger Sisters", starring Goldie Hawn, Susan Sarandon and Geoffrey Rush. They are all very good in it (and I'm way jealous of Goldie and Susan's figures *g*), and there's some very funny parts (though I hated one scene - vomiting doesn't need to be seen), but overall, the movie was rather disappointing. It lacked direction and focus, and I suspect there was a lot of stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor. So I wouldn't really recommend seeing it at the cinema, unless you are a huge fan of the actors involved.

In more exciting news (for me, anyway), we ordered our new computer yesterday! So I should have it by early next week!

Oh My God!

Jul. 25th, 2002 12:21 pm
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They've made a movie of "PS Your Cat is Dead". It's supposedly quite good, despite being directed by, and starring, Steve Guttenberg!!!
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Rented "Moulin Rouge" today so my parents and sister could finally see it, and they're watching it at the moment. Had somehow completely repressed any memory of the Duke and Harry singing "Like A Virgin".

I ::heart:: Ewan. I'm such a teenage girl at times.

Monday must be musical day. An hour and a half to Buffy!


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