Jul. 31st, 2003 06:32 pm
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Ended up spending a significant proportion of the day tramping around supermarkets, writing down nutritional information off the sides of packets. My job - different day to day *g*. Sadly, tomorrow is more of the same. Combined with not-quite-enough sleep last night, I'm a bit more tired than usual tonight.

So it's good I went swimming last night! I did 44 laps again, 1100m, but in about half an hour this time. I tried to take less breaks and to push it a bit harder. I should probably get serious about this exercise thing, and try and lose some weight too.

There was something else I was going to ramble about, but it must have been extra boring, as I've already forgotten what it was.
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I am hereby declaring myself Queen of Photoshop (for this afternoon). I finally used my brain and managed to do something I spent half of yesterday half-heartedly poking at, then whining to myself "why won't it do what it did last time?".

But today, the coupon is conquered and made! And looks damn good, if I do say so myself. And J in Marketing isn't here to get official feedback from, so I'll just sit here and gloat over it in ignorant bliss :)

Note to self: do not jog on hard surfaces. My hip is aching today. The fanboy also continues to annoy. It is probably significant that as soon as someone might be showing interest in me, my opinion of them drops, but whatever *g*.
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Either that, or swimming in lane 7 on a deserted Thursday night is the equivalent of saying, I'm desperate, please hit on me and ask me out to "coffee" while I'm trying to swim. No thanks, even if you were 15 years younger.

Went swimming last night, and it was great, there was no one there. And by no one, I mean that the only other person got out as I got in, and I'd done about 8 laps before someone else got in. I was glad, I was kinda getting creeped out swimming in such a big pool by myself. I was pretty happy, I did 1100m (44 laps), 100 metres more than last time :)

I've now backed up my video files, and have checked that we have all the installation cds that we need (I hope). Our big concern is the cable modem, we have no idea about it (though we have a cd), and the Optus website is no help. And as long as we can get it running, we can download any other drivers or stuff we need. We're going to attempt to reinstall our original WinXP installation. If that doesn't work, we're wiping the hard drive and starting from scratch, which is a bit scary.
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I didn't feel so well this morning, slight loss of equilibrium and felt very cotton wool headed (not a hangover). Maybe I didn't sleep well, I had very strange yet lucid dreams that involved (amongst others) Smallville stuff, bodyswitching, a friend asking me how I like some plants, and my grandmother's jewellery.

However, I made it up to my relatives place for a bit, then went for a swim. 1 kilometre today, 40 laps! And I had a very nice chat with a guy (older than my dad) who is doing some swimming to get fit as he's heading up to do some diving up at Port Douglas (Great Barrier Reef). So jealous, I love it up there *g*.

Now I'm stuck at home, as parents are still at rels and my sister is off to babysit for my cousins (the babysitter cancelled on short notice). Wonder if there's anything edible that I can be bothered to cook. Someone, bring me some pre-prepared food! My kingdom for some...hmmm...pizza from GPK!
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The wonderful [livejournal.com profile] adelate has made a gorgeous sparkly boys (all ten!) mood theme.

So [livejournal.com profile] hnix's wonderful Invisible Man theme will have to go on hiatus. It has served well, and will be back :)

Got a lift home from work from my boss tonight. Will hopefully go swimming in an hour. Went swimming twice last week, doing 2 more laps the second time (750m the first time, 800m the second). Keeping my fingers crossed that I can buy a pair of goggles tonight, was nearly blind from the chlorine after both swims.

Seem to have lost some of my pronouns. Will probably be using semi-random moods to show off pretty pictures, for a while *g*.


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