Jul. 18th, 2003

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Either that, or swimming in lane 7 on a deserted Thursday night is the equivalent of saying, I'm desperate, please hit on me and ask me out to "coffee" while I'm trying to swim. No thanks, even if you were 15 years younger.

Went swimming last night, and it was great, there was no one there. And by no one, I mean that the only other person got out as I got in, and I'd done about 8 laps before someone else got in. I was glad, I was kinda getting creeped out swimming in such a big pool by myself. I was pretty happy, I did 1100m (44 laps), 100 metres more than last time :)

I've now backed up my video files, and have checked that we have all the installation cds that we need (I hope). Our big concern is the cable modem, we have no idea about it (though we have a cd), and the Optus website is no help. And as long as we can get it running, we can download any other drivers or stuff we need. We're going to attempt to reinstall our original WinXP installation. If that doesn't work, we're wiping the hard drive and starting from scratch, which is a bit scary.
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Jane St Clair does Fastlane. This is mostly for my own bookmarking purposes, but I do recommend it.

Computer update: we kind of have our original WinXP working again. Kind of, in that most of the programs are not, and will need reinstalling. We're torn between attempting to get this working, or whether to wipe and start again. The fact that neither of us has ever installed Windows from scratch after reformatting a drive is kind of intimidating (we've never had this kind of issue, on the Win 3.11 or Win95 computers, ah the good old days).

I really need to go to bed now.

Oh yes, I managed to get the cable modem working :) Go Team Dad and Me!


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