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May. 2nd, 2012 08:27 pm
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Ok, it's not just me, right? Darren Criss really does look like Rachel Maddow at times, I mean, look!

(also, if I were sitting next to Chris Colfer, I know I'd be chinhanding, but you'd think his co-star wouldn't be affected like that)

Oooh, a Sydney reading of 8 (the play about Prop 8) is on the June long weekend (Saturday 9th). I need to figure out if I'm gonna be booked up for a family birthday, but is anyone interested? Proceeds go to Australian Marriage Equality. There's also a Melbourne reading on 8th June.
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My sister-in-law is thinking of buying my brother a Kindle, and asked me about the current models, but I'm only really familiar with the one I have (Kindle Keyboard).

Does anyone have any thoughts on Kindle Touch v Kindle v Kindle Keyboard?
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Eli Gold has a tumblr dedicated solely to to reblogging any Peter/Alicia pictures he can find with tags like "a love for the ages" and "made for each other".

You know it's true.
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Aparently my body has given up sleep for Lent *le sigh*. But I'm getting started on my to-do list for the day, especially as I want to be free (though who knows if I'll be awake) at 2:30pm today.

Because they are livestreaming the special one-off reading of '8' from Los Angeles - it is the play by Dustin Lance Black (who wrote Milk and J Edgar) about the Prop 8 trial. The cast is amazing and includes:
George Clooney
Brad Pitt
Martin Sheen
Jamie Lee Curtis
Christine Lahti
Jane Lynch
Matthew Morrison
John C. Reilly
Kevin Bacon
James Pickens Jr
Chris Colfer
Matt Bomer
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Yeardley Smith
and George Takei

It's on from 7:30pm Pacific Time, which is 2:30pm in Sydney (curtain at 2:45pm). or for more info or to see the livestream.
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Ok, sad confession - I've never actually watched A Very Potter Musical or A Very Potter Sequel. Despite liking HP and Darren Criss. I've started to a couple of times, but watching long things on computer = me inevitably distracted.

So I was wondering if anyone could hook me up with them in single files, for watching on my tv?

Also, I've had Daydream Believer in my head all day. RIP Davy Jones.
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I think I'd want to see this even if I wasn't a huge Chris Colfer fan. As it is, I NEED to see more of him and Allison Janney together :D
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Ugh, still no home phone or internet, was supposed to be connected on Friday but the Telstra technician screwed me over (couldn't complete job on Friday due to rain, promised to come both Sat morning and afternoon to finish it and never showed up).

Ended up missing a lot of work this week, thanks to bronchitis. It would have been nicer to be home watching tv if I had a couch to lie on - fuck you very much, Freedom. Though the couple of hundred dollars store credit in apology is a slight amelioration.

I moved!

Jan. 30th, 2012 07:21 pm
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Hopefully I'll have internet and home phone by the end of the week (posting from ex-home), if all goes well, but I've officially moved. Most things have gone well, except didn't get quite as much done as we hoped (mostly that the laundry cupboards aren't assembled, dryer isn't wall-mounted yet etc), the guttering is more fucked up than I realised, and I've been royally screwed by Freedom Furniture. It's gone from my couch was "ready for delivery" and they were just holding it for me, to "we're out of stock in whole of Australia of half of it and you won't get it til April, but we'll loan you a smaller thing in the meantime...once it is in stock, that is..."

My letter of complaint is a thing of beauty, I must say, and I'm campaigning for a signficant partial refund (I have no idea if I'll be successful, but I'm motivated to keep harassing them for a while).

And as soon as I'm living on my own, I get sick, hah. Thought I was having a reaction to my new bed (the smell or something), but its continued all day, and some of the symptoms seem far more like a virus or something.
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Holy fuck that was fucking amazing. Big Day Out yesterday was good but this was GREAT :D
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Am packing up the computer tonight to take to new place tomorrow, but won't have internet there for up to a week or two. Will check in when I can, but if people need to get in touch, phone is best option.

Why do I have so much stuff??? Ugh, I hate packing.
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So, on Friday I officially became a homeowner, and am now in more debt than I want to think about (omg mortgage!!1!)

Saturday and Sunday have been spent at the unit, cleaning ALL THE THINGS (plus taking some stuff over and installing/fixing stuff), and I owe a lot to my family for their help, plus [ profile] iibnf, whom I lured over to check the place out, but she then got roped into lining shelves and doing a large amount of washing up.

Tomorrow, the carpets are being cleaned, and Wednesday, I'm getting a small movers truck (plus the new bed and dryer are being delivered). Friday, my couch is delivered. I've got Tuesday-Friday off work work (well, Thursday is a public holiday). I hope to be living in the unit by the end of next week.

Plus, Thursday and Friday I'm seeing MCR, at Big Day Out and their sideshow, so I've got to fit that in too, oy.
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Does anyone have recs (or anti-recs) for ISPs? Planning ahead for my move, and I might be interested in not just phone/internet, but also bundling my mobile too, if the deal is good (I'm off-contract).
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MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope all of you and your loved ones have a happy (and safe) time these holidays.

Sending lots of love especially to Christchurch - so not fair getting more significant quakes, let alone two days before Christmas :(

Wow, it's sunny and blue skies here today - that's been a rariety this month. It might end up feeling Christmassy after all/

TV recs

Dec. 10th, 2011 11:47 am
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A request for help - I'm looking for (especially from Aussies) recs/anti-recs/suggestions/must-have-features about televisions?

I'm looking around the 42-46 inch size, probably LCD (though I don't have strong LCD v Plasma feelings), preferably not 3D (cause I can't be bothered to pay for a feature I won't use).

As an example of things I've been looking at, the Panasonic TH-L42E30A looks interesting (and is available well below the price listed there).
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Now I have to see the new Kristen Wiig movie, Imogene, when it comes out. It hadn't been on my must-see list because I just couldn't get into Bridesmaids (watched the first 30 minutes or so on a flight).

But one still of Darren Criss's role has probably changed my mind. spoilers for Imogene )

[ profile] trumpeterofdoom needs to see this. Actually, anyone into (past or present tense) popfandom and/or Glee should check it out :)
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OMG watching The Good Wife is torture.

Because as soon as I finish an episode, I want to watch another (which is how I devoured most of season 1 in two flights). Now I'm a couple of eps into second season, but am forcing myself to go to bed rather than start another. Cause I was at work all day (yay for unpaid overtime), and I know I'm gonna need sleep to get through this week intact.

But Alicia! Kalinda! Diane! Will! Cary! Peter! The kids (who keep making stupid mistakes but you can see why they're being so stupid)! Eli! Peter's mother! I love all the characters, even the ones I hate!

Watched the first two episodes of both Grimm and Once Upon A Time with [ profile] iibnf last night. I'm officially intrigued...


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