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I really thought Mama Argent would turn out not to be wolfing out, or something would prevent her death, but I guess not!

So glad to see Matt the creepy photographer guy being called out for being a creeper - and he's controlling the kanima! I'm assuming the swim team and Isaac's dad were somehow involved in the death of an older sibling of his?

OMG Stiles - he's vision of his dad being drunk and blaming him. It sounded like his mother died of a slow illness - wonder how Stiles manages to make this his fault? (of course, such things generally aren't rational)

Also, at what point did Stiles exchange contact details with the drag queens at the gay club?

Well, if Peter weren't dead, I'd have to say good on him for being the first person to give Lydia some answers? Perhaps the others could have been more concerned with that and less with ensuring her party was a success.

Thank you Derek for expositioning during the episode that Alphas can fall to Beta, and even Omega - here's hoping you don't become a full example. Shallow thought - I always liked it better when his eyes would flash bright blue in season 1, rather than the Alpha red. Not sure why it was such a struggle for him to control the betas - he growled Isaac into submission on his first full moon, and in several episodes has swatted them and Scott away like flies. Let alone how easily Lydia got to him (and how the hell did she drag his werewolf ass from the underground lair to the Hale house?)

Derek's been rather a shocker as Alpha, so if it weren't Peter taking it from him, I might think it was a good move. Oooh, I wonder if Peter still wants to bite Stiles?

While I'm nitpicking, I still enjoyed this episode, and can't wait for next week. With Peter back, it's kind of amazing that there's still 3 episodes to go...

ETA: almost forgot - during Lydia's dream at the beginning of the episode, where she goes from the shower to the football field, there's a woman crying/screaming in the stands, no cheering or staring like the others. Is that Laura Hale?
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