May. 19th, 2012 11:05 am
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Stayed up til 1am cause I was half-watching a crappy telemovie with Joel Morrow as a widower raising a daughter, who has to battle her wealthy biological father for custody. And I was so let down by the ending, cause BioFather eventually just gave in to RealDad, and I wanted to see him be humiliated in court.

And then I woke up before 6am. It's a weekend, gimme a break, body.

Last weekend was very rugby-heavy. Went out to a Super Rugby (big international comp between state/provincial teams) game on Friday night, and my team lost in a close game :( Then had a lovely Saturday afternoon out at a Sydney club game (crowd in the hundreds rather than 18,000 the night before) where my team won! And then Sunday night we watched an awesome Super Rugby game on tv where the Aussie team I was going for unexpectedly won. So much footy in 3 days.

At the club game, they had to repeat their page to a Robert Frost, asking him to come to the announcers booth. I told my dad "maybe he's taking the road less traveled by, and it's longer" and made my father groan, which is always a victory.

Saturday evening I damaged my car through stupidity, blargh. But turns out I won't lose my no-claim bonus insurance discount, I've just got to pay the excess, so kinda yay?

New job continues ok, though I'm not really looking forward to the office move we're making at the end of June.

My sister and I have been swimming 5 times in last 2 weeks, and we increased our distance swum (by a little) each time.

I need to pick up Adam Lambert's new album, I've only heard the singles. And I'm seeing NKOTBSB next weeked! Though I don't know if I know more than 1 NKOTB song, so that'll be interesting. Better pick up tix this week. I think this will be my 8th time seeing the Boys?

I've done a couple of loads of laundry, cleared out the fridge, watched the season finale of Criminal Minds (best it's been this season, and maybe last season too). And now I'm procrastinating about trying to make something for Sinpozium (only 2 weeks people!). I've got some more video editing software, lets see if this stuff will work.
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