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It seriously amazes me how quickly time goes between my posts here, it never feels like its been weeks (or months).

Not-so-new-anymore job is proceeding well, though we'll have to see once they double my responsibilites.

The weekend before last was Sinpozium, the annual (well, that's been 2 years in a row since the hiatus, so I guess its safe to call it that) Sydney slash gathering, which I help organise with [ profile] alasen, and I think it went pretty well. It's a small party of about twenty slashers this time (including a number of Kiwi visitors from across the ditch), hanging out, pimping fandoms and pairings, watching vids, reccing books and tech gadgets (and learning how to use the Tumblr thingy, for those of us a-scared of it) and eating and drinking. I had fun, and things went fairly smoothly (apart from scary adventures in the Carpark From Hell - no seriously, it looks like the setting for tortureporn movies).

Thank you so much to everyone who did pimps and talks and prepared games and participated and made it so great (aka EVERYONE). Thanks to everyone who helped me prepare my last-minute crowdsourced McKay/Sheppard nostalgia presentation. Clips from all 5 seasons, ran for about 15 minutes, and I nearly pimped myself back into rewatching the show making it :) I also did a little pimp on the Don Strachey movies + Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with RDJ and Val Kilmer (if you've never seen it, WHY NOT?)

My apologies to [ profile] arysteia and [ profile] blademistress for enduring my theories on the Sunday night whereby I made many Steve Rogers pairings into surprise!incest. [ profile] arysteia and I almost made it through the weekend without watching any Smallville (a minor miracle, as we always manage to end up watching it together, which generally results in yelling at Clarke and throwing things at the tv). But [ profile] blademistress said something about "at least they weren't soulbonded as babies" (context is unknown) so we just had to force her to watch Lineage from season 2, when wee!Clarke and newlybald!Lex meet for the first time!

I took Monday morning off work, and leaving 6 fans hanging out in my place without me at lunchtime was so hard. Why is being a grownup so sucky?

Last weekend was the long weekend, and Sunday/Monday were pefect staying home weather (cold and very very wet). [ profile] iibnf came over Sunday arvo/evening, and my sister hung out for half of Monday while we watched the first half of season 2 of Game of Thrones (really, my only problem with this show is the boring gratuitous sex - the relevant sex I don't mind, but there is some truly pointless stuff too). Saturday was a glorious winter's day though, sunny and mild. Family birthday lunch at a beach restaurant, where the view looked like this. I ate goat’s milk ricotta ravioli, and then dad and I had roasted suckling pig, with the most divine crackling I've ever had in my life (and I'm normally not a big fan). Afterwards, I vege'd at my parents place in the evening, napping a bit during the NZ/Ireland rugby game (we'd had some excellent Italian wine at lunch), and enjoying watching Australia win over Wales.

Fandom-wise: I've made my declaration that I will not be watching Glee next season, not whole episodes unspoiled. I just can't take being so angry and/or disappointed so often, and friends don't deserve to hear my constant ranting. I adore the cast (I would watch a show about them in a heartbeat) and still have love for some of the characters (and Kurt/Blaine), but no, I just can't do it. So I will wait for fandom to watch the episodes for me, and then check out performances/scenes (if any) that are deemed worthwhile (cause I'd be lying if I said I was leaving the whole fandom cold-turkey at this time). And if I start to feel tempted to actually watch it, simply reading an interview with Ryan Murphy will quickly put me right again.

I've seen Avengers twice, and love it. I'm desperately hoping the rumour about them releasing a director's cut of the film at cinemas in August is true. LET ME GIVE YOU MY MONEY. Reading a bit of fic, especially Tony/Steve, because THEIR LOVE STOPS CIVIL WARS (aka I've been learned in the comics highlights by [ profile] arysteia).

And thanks to the evil wiles of [ profile] meelie, and me having a day off work sick in the week after Sinpozium, and not feeling like watching any of the gazillion shows I need to catch up on, I watched the entire first season of Teen Wolf + first 2 episodes of season two. In a single day. 14 episodes of shirtless guys being frequently homoerotic at each other. It doesn't take as long as it sounds when you ffwd most of the scenes of the lead couple alone together (no one cares!). And now I have feelings about this frequently incoherently written show, which might get their own post! DAMN YOU MEELIE!!!1! And is it next Tuesday yet? There's a certain scene I'm greatly looking forward too...
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