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2008-03-25 08:26 pm
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there really is no substitute for hanging out with fannish friends

I'm so tired. I blame this not on work, but on my fabulous two hour chatfest with [ profile] lemmealone at lunchtime (I get paid per hour, I can skive off for once if I like, normally I barely take a lunchbreak *g*). The topic ranged over every topic under the sun (including kneeling before Zod, paddling in the shallow squee end of the fandom pool, the MCR kid!fic, the taxation of trusts, how frustrating certain writing styles are, and WIPs of fandoms past that we're still bitter were never finished).

Actually, I should probably more blame it on staying up too late last night poking at my semi-defunct dvd drive. But I totally had no motivation for work after forcing myself back there instead of continuing lunch until cocktail hour.

Yesterday morning (it was a public holiday here), my sister and I saw the documentary "In the Shadow of the Moon", about the Apollo program of moon missions. It was breath-taking and gorgeous and awe-inspiring. Belated rec, I know, I think it's been out so long it's already available on dvd overseas, but if you get a chance to see it, it's so worth it. Hopefully you won't have an old couple behind you providing a non-stop commentary of INANITY (with bonus reading of on-screen text) like I did. I had to freaking shush them eventually, when my passive-aggressive glares failed. Let me bask in the wonder, annoying people.

Sunday afternoon, I got to catch-up with [ profile] jocondite, which was fantastic. Much band squee, with diversions (especially into Heyer and other books, once I'd lured her into our study *waggles eyebrows suggestively*). We also watched some Panic interviews - she hadn't seen Spencer wander off in the middle of an interview! - and squeed some more. And look at stuff we wanted to buy online. And squeed some more. And I dumped a pile of emo-wangst on her, sorry! Remember the squee instead ;)

There was also watching of awfulbadwrongaddictive stuff with [ profile] iibnf during the weekend. America's Next Top Model, why can't I quit you? Thank god this season of Make Me A Supermodel is almost over. Oh wait, Australia's Next Top Model starts up again next month. Why yes, I will be watching I HAVE NO SHAME. ::headdesk::

I'm still loving on Pretty. Odd. And I need to catch up on the media from AJ's solo concert!

Secret plan for future: coincide a trip to US (cause hey, I'd love to visit New York and Boston and nearby areas) with this if it happens. Note to self: also win lotto.
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2007-12-23 10:07 pm
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six pairings I haven't mentioned lately

You know, just because I haven't mentioned some of my past fandoms/OTPs recently, doesn't mean I don't love them anymore (though it might mean I don't have good pictures saved).

pictures of six that I haven't mentioned lately, but do love )
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2007-11-16 10:17 am
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(no subject)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] iibnf!!!

Travis uses video-calling to "catch up" with William and Gabe on-tour, y/y?

Fuck, why can't people keep Torchwood spoilers behind cuts!!! *sigh* This doesn't apply to y'all, but I know way more about a character appearing in next season than I wanted to, thanks to various assholes.
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2003-05-15 08:46 pm
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I wish I could say I didn't just check iMesh for the Dawson's Creek finale, but I totally did. I haven't watched the show in years, but the finale has dragged everyone back in, kicking and bawling, and I want to see it *pout*.

Makes my ebay shopping look mature...ok, it really doesn't
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2003-04-19 05:29 pm

Last night I had the strangest dream

Well, no, I didn't. But I did have another dream involving stressful packing for the Highlander con. WTF?

Regarding my cough, it has now moved further into my chest and I am now nicely congested, so rather than hacking at people, I've got that lovely deep phlegmy cough going on. But I am starting to feel better, honest :) Still tire easily though, so two hours at the hairdresser was a trial. I would have postponed and spared him exposure to my germs, but mum was getting all wistful that it'd be nice for it to be done before Tuesday.

Phlegmy really should be on the mood list, yo.

M&Ms are really good.

Many, many fans are great people and make fandom a wonderful place. However, there are always a few assholes who want to ruin it for everyone else. And this doth suck the big one.
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2003-04-16 07:18 am
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Am feeling worse so am not going to make it to work today. Shall curl up in bed and watch things on mum's laptop, I think.

You know, I think I'll use the current music box to list what music I've had stuck in my head, rather than the rarer occasions that I'm actually listening to something when I post.

Fandom-related thought for the day - do not feed the trolls, and accept that there will always be assholes. Rules to live by, yo.
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2003-04-10 01:36 pm
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tshirts I want

I feel the need for more fannish tshirts, especially with the con coming up.

There's a place a few blocks from here that does printing onto shirts for $16, so I must ask the girl who does the South Park-esque SV cartoons if I can put one on a tshirt. Maybe with a "Every story has a beginning" caption...or an appropriate Omar-ism.

I'd also love a Pervy Elf Fancier or Pervy Hobbit Fancier shirt :)

Embroided ones...still like a FKA and maybe a trickyfish one too. Oooh, mustn't forget the "Joss + Tim 4 eva!!!" *g*.

Must pop down to places like Target and see what I can get by way of inexpensive tshirts and tops to play with :)
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2003-02-03 08:07 pm
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TV stuff

Taken from the Sydney Morning Herald and TV Week, with no
promise of accuracy or completeness, particularly outside Sydney :)

24 - Ch7 - 8:30pm - season 2 starts next week
Secret Life of Us - Ch10 - 8:30pm - new eps start next week
Queer As Folk - SBS - 10pm
Buffy - Ch7 - 10:30pm - season 7 starts next week

The Bill - Ch2 - 8:30pm
Living with Michael Jackson - Ch7 - 8:30pm - inside look and interview (special)
The Guardian - Ch10 - 8:30pm - new eps start next week
Rove Live - Ch10 - 9:30pm - resumes next week
Angel - Ch7 - 10:30pm - season 4 starts next week

The Simpsons - Ch10 - 7:30pm - new episodes start next week
Boomtown - Ch7 - 9:30pm - new cop show, supposed to be good - starts next week

Charmed - Ch10 - 7:30pm - new episodes start this week
Scrubs - Ch7 - 8pm
ER - Ch9 - 8:30pm - new episodes start this week
The Dead Zone - Ch9 - 9:30pm - new timeslot starts this week

League of Gentlemen - Ch2 - 10:20pm - new episodes start this week

The Bill - Ch2 - 8:30pm
7 Days - Ch10 - around 11/11:30pm (depends on running time of movie)

Gladiator - Ch10 - 8:30pm (this week)
Hornblower - Ch2 - 8:30pm - repeats, with new episodes soon

No sign of Smallville or Fastlane (very slashy and deeply silly new buddy cop show). Ratings
season officially starts next Sunday, so more new and returning shows will
probably pop up in the coming weeks, especially on Nine which has lots of cricket
for a while.
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2002-12-24 08:38 am
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The problem with fandom... nearly always the fans.

Why would someone think it was a good idea to show a Theban Band Merry/Pippin manip to Dom and Billy? And no, while this probably isn't going to bring about the end of the world, it's still fucking rude.