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2003-08-06 05:35 pm
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I'm ready to fucking give up

Ever since we had to reinstall Windows, we haven't had sound on the computer, and we haven't had a chance to take it back to the shop (plus, they haven't sounded very enthusiastic about looking at it). I just uninstalled the Soundblaster software, and as soon as I'd rebooted the computer, we had sound! It detected the sound card hardware, and without the Soundblaster cd, automatically said that the hardware and necessary software was installed, and that the computer needs to reboot. So reboot I do, and now we don't have sound again. WTF? I mean seriously. what the fuck?

And why isn't baffled on the mood list?
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2003-07-18 11:24 pm
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Rec rec rec

Jane St Clair does Fastlane. This is mostly for my own bookmarking purposes, but I do recommend it.

Computer update: we kind of have our original WinXP working again. Kind of, in that most of the programs are not, and will need reinstalling. We're torn between attempting to get this working, or whether to wipe and start again. The fact that neither of us has ever installed Windows from scratch after reformatting a drive is kind of intimidating (we've never had this kind of issue, on the Win 3.11 or Win95 computers, ah the good old days).

I really need to go to bed now.

Oh yes, I managed to get the cable modem working :) Go Team Dad and Me!
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2003-07-18 09:17 am
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In a swimming cap and goggles, I'm dead sexy

Either that, or swimming in lane 7 on a deserted Thursday night is the equivalent of saying, I'm desperate, please hit on me and ask me out to "coffee" while I'm trying to swim. No thanks, even if you were 15 years younger.

Went swimming last night, and it was great, there was no one there. And by no one, I mean that the only other person got out as I got in, and I'd done about 8 laps before someone else got in. I was glad, I was kinda getting creeped out swimming in such a big pool by myself. I was pretty happy, I did 1100m (44 laps), 100 metres more than last time :)

I've now backed up my video files, and have checked that we have all the installation cds that we need (I hope). Our big concern is the cable modem, we have no idea about it (though we have a cd), and the Optus website is no help. And as long as we can get it running, we can download any other drivers or stuff we need. We're going to attempt to reinstall our original WinXP installation. If that doesn't work, we're wiping the hard drive and starting from scratch, which is a bit scary.
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2003-07-17 08:33 am
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Computer update (as there is nothing else to speak of in my life *g*)

We did another installation of WinXP, so there's now two on the computer, installing it to winnew rather than windows. It took a while, but we eventually could log on, and were very happy to discover that we were able to access all our files from the other installation! So we've quickly backed up the important stuff (though not all of my video files, because I can't be assed), but am now not sure what to do. Try and get this installation up and running? Try and fix the old one (which we'd prefer to do, because setting up again will be a bitch)? I'm not even sure how you delete a Windows installation :)

All the program files and drivers are there, but not working really since they aren't actually installed on this new installation. Time to google and/or bother the IT manager for some hints *g*.

Thanks for the well-wishing and advice! :)
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2003-07-16 09:10 am
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No computer and no internet access make Erilyn something something

My home computer remains dead. Weep for me!

We managed to make the changes in the BIOS and boot from the WinXP cd-rom, and go in to make repairs (because a file is corruped, ntfs.sys or something), but then we get asked for the Administrator password. We almost certainly wouldn't have set a password, but null doesn't work. Nor does everything else we've tried - spaces, admin, password, administrator, people's names, pet's names, default, passwords I tend to use - nothing.

Our IT manager has suggested a few things, but we're going to have to take it out to the supplier, which we probably won't do til Friday. So if you need to contact me, I'll be checking lj and email only while I'm at work.

Grrr...really not happy :(
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2003-07-15 02:23 pm
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Toasty warm

Sat in the sun and had lunch with [ profile] meelie today. We've both worked around here for a while, but this is the first time we've actually gotten organised and had lunch. Maybe next time we'll go to Subway and lure [ profile] eponymous here too, and soon! *g*

It was damn warm in the sun, and I'm half convinced my ear is sunburnt now...

And in far more distressing news that I've been trying not to think about, our home computer has died.

Though it looks like all we have to do is re-install Windows, so fingers crossed
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2003-03-05 10:49 am
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Just had a five minute blackout. Computer seems to have recovered from this unexpected shut down, now we've gotta reset every clock in the house. Oh, yay.
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2003-03-04 10:24 am
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I'm a moron, yes I am

Grrrr. Have been doing a whole bunch of cds of popstuff for people, and somehow, during this, I managed to delete two songvids (and hopefully nothing else, but I can't be sure). Luckily, other people will have these, but I thought I'd be able to restore at least the older one from the backup I did in February.

I pop in the cd that is labeled as having my media files.

Nothing. Zip. Nada. Nothing on it.

Check a few others. Nope.

So did I not back them up? Did I label the wrong one? Did it not work, and didn't I check it? I nearly always do as our cd burner is a prima donna with issues (I've been tempted to name it Justin).

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2003-01-30 08:39 pm
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I rule (but only after being an idiot)

The cd burner is again (mostly) working. This is situation normal.

Last night, I poked. I prodded. I wandered around in the system settings for a while. I reinstalled software. I swore. I poked some more. I gave up, and decided that I'd have to call and ask in the morning (today). This morning, I'm having one last half-hearted fiddle. I look at the properties of the CD-RW drive. I notice the sixth and last tab is titled "Recording". Hmmm, I think. Oh look, a little box labeled "Enable CD Recording on this drive" and it isn't checked.

How this happened, I don't know. Still don't know what the initial problem is. But it's working as well as ever.
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2003-01-29 08:57 pm
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My cd-rw drive is not working. Well, half working. It will read cds, but will not burn them, and has a massive dummy spit if you try. It doesn't respond when a cd-r or cd-rw is inserted; if you try to drag files onto it, it gives an error message. This all started last night when inCD wanted to reformat a CD-RW disc, and had problems doing so.

So very, very annoyed.
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2002-12-03 09:14 pm
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Big Blue has been fixed!

Poor [ profile] hnix has already heard all this, since I knew she might be home and rang her about 4 times with frustrated updates on the situation. Plus, I'm stalking her. Though not in a creepy jilted popidol way. Anyhoo...

So after getting home, and setting the computer back up (too many fucking cables! I shall dream of cables!), I discovered that poor 'puter wasn't working. I wondered what could be different at home, so I spent a while on the phone with their technician, then took computer and monitor back to them. And this place isn't just down the road. It's about a 35 minute drive. They spent a while fiddling, while I baked in the non-airconditioned, western facing, opendoored reception area. Then they demonstrated to me that it was working fine (and that the problem they think they might have found, would have also been related to the startup problem).

So I happily drove home (there was a really interesting guy on ABC radio, talking about the bible, and homosexuality, and bunch of other stuff. Like, why do gays bug the church so much, when there's a few things in the bible against it (and less when you look at a lot of them in context), when they don't protest the entire banking system, which is based on usury, a major major sin?) and set up the computer again (ok, so dad did a fair bit of the actual hooking and unhooking, but I helped), so more cables.

And it wasn't working again! Waaaaaaah!

So we knew there was a problem *here*, so we started unhooking peripherals. Speakers,no. Scanner (which we still haven't got properly installed), no. Zip drive, bing bing bing! The way the computer died when we uninstalled it was kind of a sign, and then once it was up again...perfectly fine video and graphics. No more jerkiness. Bliss!

But what they did was also probably useful. I'm gonna keep telling myself that so that the 4 hours I spent driving and over there weren't a *complete waste*.

Wow, 148 journal entries, and I can still screw up lj tags
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2002-12-03 01:58 pm
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Not happy Jan

They looked at the computer while I waited, and claimed to have fixed the startup problem, and said they couldn't see a display problem, and that I should change the refresh rate to fix it. I have done so, and the problem remains unchanged. Plus, after a powersurge, the startup problem reappeared.

Fuckers (and considering I normally regard this place quite highly, I'm really pissed off).
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2002-12-03 07:45 am
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May be offline for a couple of days

Taking Big Blue into the shop. Less than a month old, and there's two issues I want them to look at: a) why we get a primary slave hard drive error half the time when we start up and b) what is wrong with the graphics? I thought at first it was just a dvd playback problem, then we realised that other video files aren't great, and oh, look at the jerkiness of the screensaver, and hey, when you're playing solitaire and drag the cards, they're a bit jerky too.

Grrrr. Not Impressed.

Oh well, might actually get some stuff done

(Though really I'm hoping they'll fix it while I wait *g*)
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2002-11-16 11:31 am

First posting...

...from Big Blue, that is :)

Still trying to move files across from old computer, and don't have email set up here yet (hopefully today).

Had a bizarre dream the other night. Amongst the only stuff that I could really remember after waking, was that [ profile] hnix went to the US for a day, to see Tom Welling at some public appearance. And if that wasn't odd enough (cause surely she'd only go all that way if it was Michael Rosenbaum *g*), a bunch of us were then at some kind of fan event, and I was going through artwork for sale, and there was a small MUNCLE drawing, which featured Napoleon as a cat, with a sheathed penis tail.

Bastards alert - apparently Channel 7 showed an ep of "Sports Night" after the tennis last night. And it was ep 16, when the last ep they showed (that we know of) was ep 11. Grrrrrrr.
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2002-11-13 10:28 pm
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New computer! New computer! Cables Everywhere!

I can't properly introduce y'all, since I'm still using the old machine at the moment, but next to me is our new pride and joy - Big Blue (from the blue stripe down the front, and the size increase). When I told my sister that I'd christened it, she just said "Not Lex?" in a disgusted tone of voice. To which I told her what an idiot she was (that was only if I got the purple case I'd seen at one site *g*).

Anyone ever used direct serial cable connection to move files from one computer to another? Cause we can get the connection set up, and we specify which folder we want to move, but then the wizard goes through checking every folder on both hard drives, and compressing everything it wants to anyway (and this takes forever, so we give up). Can't find anything in Knowledge Base about this either.

We could use the zip drive to move the files, but it'd be convenient if we could get this direct cable thing working.
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2002-11-13 01:57 pm
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Off to pick up new computer! So I'll probably be offline for a bit while we get it hooked up and running. But yippee! More speed, more power, more memory, more screen!
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2002-11-07 09:27 am
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Movie review

Went to a free screening last night of "The Banger Sisters", starring Goldie Hawn, Susan Sarandon and Geoffrey Rush. They are all very good in it (and I'm way jealous of Goldie and Susan's figures *g*), and there's some very funny parts (though I hated one scene - vomiting doesn't need to be seen), but overall, the movie was rather disappointing. It lacked direction and focus, and I suspect there was a lot of stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor. So I wouldn't really recommend seeing it at the cinema, unless you are a huge fan of the actors involved.

In more exciting news (for me, anyway), we ordered our new computer yesterday! So I should have it by early next week!
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2002-10-31 12:44 pm
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New computer specs

This is the specs for the computer we're probably going to buy (hopefully very soon). The quote is for about $2500. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the components, had experience (good/bad) with the brands, things like that.

Intel 845G motherboard
Pentium 4 2.0 GHz CPU with 512KB L2 cache
60 GB 7200 RPM hard drive (either Seagate or Maxtor)
17 inch Samsung 753S CRT monitor
64MB graphics card (GeForce 2)
SoundBlasterLive sound card
Windows XP
Office XP Pro
Mitsubishi Diamond CD-RW 40x12x48
optical wheel mouse
floppy disk drive
serial, parallel, USB 2.0, firewire ports
room for another hard drive and more RAM
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2002-04-28 09:08 pm
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I'm not just saying this to make you work... stupid piece of antiqated circuits whose only useful purpose might be as a boat anchor!

So, anyone have any suggestions about what I should be looking for in a new computer. It'll probably be a desktop, not a laptop. We're getting really fed up with the current 4.5 year pile of garbage, whose floppy disk drive is no longer working. No big deal? This is a domino effect, causing other things to have problems. And everytime a program tries to access the a: drive to see if there's something there, the computer freezes. Hence, incentive to get around to buying new one sooner rather than later.

But I really am seeking suggestions :)