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Dec. 20th, 2015 06:01 pm
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Um, so yeah, I'm still around, hi!

I don't have a terribly appropriate icon at the moment for this. But I need to record my reactions a little. I saw The Force Awakens this morning with my sister and [ profile] iibnf (and many children, it was a 9:30am session, but pretty well-behaved, thankfully). Haven't really read any reviews/discussions yet, so this might be totally repetitive to what everyone is saying. And my thoughts are very scattered, if I try to make them coherent I'll never get around to posting.

I'm not really sure how I feel? I went in very unspoiled, and I'm mostly glad about that. I think?

It was entertaining. Much better than the prequels (setting a low bar, with apologies to the one prequels fan I know *g*).

But I'm jealous of people who loved it, because I didn't really. The first half was better than the second, when it became inescapable that they weren't just mirroring/paying homage, they were basically remaking the plot of A New Hope (well, and Return of the Jedi, but there was a lot of overlap there anyway). The secret message on the droid found in the desert was one thing, but did it have to be a bigger, badder Death Star attacked by X-Wings and a ground force? After visiting a cantina? And all the other plot beats they hit?

I don't understand why it is Resistance (allied with the Republic) v the First Order, and not the Republic v the First Order? And was that Coruscant that got exploded?

Wait, Lupita Nyong'o was playing Maz? I liked the character but that seems a bit of a waste of casting her. Speaking of female characters, why would Han and Finn leave Captain Phasma alive (by chucking her down a garbage chute) when they have no qualms about killing any other First Order soldiers? Seems like a cheap way of keeping her around til we can actually see Gwendolen Christie at some point.

And did they cast someone unattractive who looks nothing like Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher to throw people off about him being their son? Early on I was wondering if Kylo Ren was going to be Luke (and map to find him was actually going to be something about rescuing him from Darkside) but decided that was too obvious. ETA: remembered another funny moment - the two storm troopers backing away and going the other direction to get away from his tempter tantrum.

Anyway, being very negative but I didn't hate it. I like Rey and Finn. I could believe their interactions and motivations (yep, more shade being thrown at prequels). I liked how she kept rescuing herself, and when I was going to be mad about her being knocked out of fight with Kylo Ren, it was her fight that was the big one.

I like Poe Dameron (pity his last name wasn't Antilles). I liked cameos from old friends like Nien Nunb (or someone of same species) and Admiral Ackbar! (Meanwhile, the Greg Grunberg cameo had me rolling my eyes.) I am vaguely intrigued to find out more about Kylo Ren's turn to darkside (seemed like they were worried about him even before Luke started training him?)

But really, my negative reactions are really about the big three - Luke, Leia and Han. I was worried that Han and Leia were gonna be separated, though at least the loss of their son was a decent reason for that. But Luke being like every other Jedi and becoming a hermit and letting the galaxy burn after fucking up? And abandoning his sister? Not happy, I hope the next movies come up with a better reason than he was moping.

And I just knew that Han would die once he confronted his son, and my biggest indictment about my reaction to this movie - I didn't cry. Though thinking about how there won't be anymore Han/Leia scenes, and we'll never see Luke and Han interact? I'm pretty fucking bummed.

(Sorry, it has to be said - Leia only lost her ex. Chewbacca lost his life-partner.)

Argh, I dunno, when I look at what I've written, it sounds way more negative than I thought I felt. I'm planning on seeing the other movies (disgusted to hear that Ep 8 is 18 months away? Fuck off Abrams, Peter Jackson wrote the rules for trilogy movies now, stick to it), but I'm not sure I'll rush to see this one again at cinema.

Now, is there any Finn/Poe fic? What? I'm asking for a friend...I'm seriously thinking of pulling out the first Timothy Zahn trilogy though.
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