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yo, here be massive spoilers for the mid-season finale of Teen Wolf that leaked.

well, that was an appropriate way to end this season/half-season/whatever. that is, it had some good moments, but overall, was a load of steaming crap.

Let's see - the female villains have to die (Kali (though seriously, we've seen werewolves recover from worse, so who knows) and Jennifer) while the male villains (Deucalion and the Wonder Twins) get to survive, and some are even embraced into the fold. FUCK YOU JEFF DAVIS. Oh, that's right, even fucking Grandpa Argent is still alive. And Peter.

I was only glad to see the twins survive in that they died really easily for supercharged alphas. Though more importantly, did the Jeep survive??? Wow, Stiles got fuckall to do in this episode, apart from show up with a bat. That opening where it established all 3 of them being near the tree stump in the pilot was done ok, but also kind of a waste of time.

Oh joy, Lydia's best apparently is her screaming. What a thing to reduce her to narratively. and fuck Jeff Davis again - in last week's ep, the actors had to remind him of Lydia and Peter's traumatic history to get even any sort of reaction to them meeting, and the show fucking put comedy music underneath it. RAGE.

I did like Alison taking charge of Argent family business and giving them a new Code to follow - we might finally see the matriarchal family we were promised but not really shown. Alison's stuff this season has been among the least rage-inducing, actually. Along with Stiles and Lydia being mystery solving bros.

Is every season going to end with Scott having a secret plan (to fight inflation)? Cause that's some lazy ass storytelling.

How did Scott being an alpha enable him to break the circle/become an Alpha by breaking the circle? even by Teen Wolf standards, THIS MAKES NO SENSE.

I was glad to see Derek get his pretty blue eyes back. But now he and Cora are two Alpha-less betas (does that make them omegas) off wandering. Better than Scott being his Alpha though. Where the fuck was Scott-the-great-and-powerful-and-good-and-special when Derek was fighting with Jennifer and losing? I really don't like the whole Scott is super special and destined to become a magic Alpha plot, if you can't tell. The fact that he's never been called out narratively for his sketchy/dubious behaviour and choices (while everything is Derek's fault and he is nothing but punished) pisses me off.

And still one of the things I'm maddest about - WHY WAS CORA WRITTEN INTO THIS SEASON? HOW DID HER PRESENCE CHANGE ANYTHING OR DEVELOP ANY STORYLINES OR PROMPT CHARACTER GROWTH? Jeff skipped showing us any interesting/emotional reunion scenes between the siblings, and never answered onscreen how she survived the fire or where the fuck shes been. I spent the entire season waiting for there to be a point, maybe for her to be a secret ally to Alpha pack or something, and nothing.

God, I hope Tyler Hoechlin could get a job on Arrow and not come back to this show. Especially since I don't know if I'm interested in hatewatching season 3B, which is what I'm pretty much reduced to with this show.

At this point, I kind of want Peter Hale to kill many people, before being taken down by Lydia (without screaming). I mean, that's what I've wanted all this season, but now I want him to kill of some other bad guys first.
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