Iron Man 3

Apr. 25th, 2013 08:41 pm
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These are possibly incoherent thoughts, with all the spoilers in the world. DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE. I'M SERIOUS. Trust me, ok?

I mean it, if you haven't seen, go away, it rewards being as unspoiled as possible.

OH MY GOD, THAT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD. Possibly better than Iron Man 1. Tough call, 1 is an excellent origin story, 3 is an excellent non-origin story, which seems to be where more of the franchises struggle. Incomparably better than X3 or Spiderman 3, for example.

Also, totally not what I was expecting with the Extremis storyline. Kept waiting for Tony to use it on himself (either due to life-threatening injuries or cause of how traumatised he was by New York), it threw me when it didn't happen. Am sad that Pepper will not be staying superpowered. Their relationship was much more Avengers-style good rather than IM2 trainwreck, fortunately :)

Speaking of New York, I loved that this was a direct followon from Avengers, I wasn't sure if they'd reference it as much as they did.

I liked Don Cheadle much more than in IM2.

When they were about to film the Mandarin's next video, I did start to wonder if he was just someone playing role for Guy Pearce (who was a decent villain, though one with strangely non-specific goals), then I didn't think so as much, but the actual reveal about the actor was hilarious. All the awards for Ben Kingsley.

When Harley the cute small child started helping Tony out, I was like "really? cause that's what this film was missing?" but it was hilarious how it played with expectations, and how Tony called the kid out for trying to guilt trip him etc. "Are you going to leave me like my dad did?" "Yup"

Yinsin being in the 1999 flashback was a goddamn gift. I physically flailed.

SHERIFF STILNSKI!! Linden Ashby has a very brief (blink and you'll miss him) appearance, in uniform :) It was particularly funny cause we had trailer for The Internship or whatever its called, with Dylan O'Brien (and not even for him will I see that shit).

Moment in film that got to me the most, and inspired actual hand-over-mouth reaction: the shot of Dummy(?) sinking in the water. Thank god we saw it on Tony's trailer at end of film. I was pretty worried about Happy, but once he survived actual blast I knew he'd wake up. The Downton Abbey gag was great.

Actually, whole movie was damn funny. Tony's flinch when the botanist ex-gf played along with the unknown kid gag was brilliant.

If the suits were a cocoon, is Tony now a beautiful butterfly or a moth?

In terms of making a clean sweep and destroying suits, I saw that more as clearing out his obsessive PTSD-inspired projects. I mean, he's still Iron Man, right? I did think that fixing his heart came a bit out of nowhere. [ profile] arysteia posited to me that he used some form of extremis to make it happen, so we might still get extremis-enhanced Tony in next Avengers, which I guess is possible, but would they have been more explicit? Hmmm, still pondering.

Tony throwing himself in and out of various suits during the final battle sequence was almost sexually awesome. Thought RDJ looked great in general.

And this is getting long, so I shall stop. Except for the bit after credits (damn, that was a long wait). SCIENCE BROS! I wonder where they were? So good, I love Tony and Bruce friendship.
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